INTERVIEW: Scott Ritter 6th December 2022
Ukraine is suppressing the true number of its dead soldiers, says Scott ritter.....Ursula VonDerLeyen let slip it was 100,000. The true number is closer to a quarter of a million

Genre: Action, Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi
The entire planet is thrown into mayhem when millions of people disappear without a trace -- all that remains are their clothes and belongings. Unmanned vehicles crash and planes fall from the sky, overwhelming emergency forces and causing massive gridlock, riots and chaos. Airline pilot Ray Steele (Nicolas Cage) struggles to save the lives of the passengers who remain on his flight, while his daughter (Cassi Thomson) races to find her brother and mother, both of whom have disappeared.

STEW PETERS: December 5, 2022
Now, close to two years ago, Roker got vaccinated live, on the Today show. He bragged that he was so excited to be vaccinated that he went to the website for booking an appointment online and was spamming the “Refresh” button. We think it’s safe to assume that a person that excited about the vaccine made sure to get both shots, and has kept up with at least some of the recommended boosters, maybe all of them.
Turns out that it didn’t work.

Maria Zeee : DEC 2, 2022
Maria Zeee breaks down the Satanic 10 Commandments the Globalists declared at COP27, aiming to replace God’s commandments and infiltrate religious institutions with their false religion of universalism.

Zeee Media: DEC 6, 2022
Dr. Li-Meng Yan joins us to expose what is really happening in China and draw clear comparisons between the complete control the CCP has over Chinese citizens through systems that have been in place for years, and the systems being implemented in Australia as we speak.
She sounds the alarm that the tactics being exercised by our government are exactly like what the CCP did to Chinese citizens in previous times, and Australia must pay attention immediately.

STEW PETERS: December 5, 2022
A great awakening is happening all across the planet. It’s an awakening to the truth about the pandemic and the fake, deadly "vaccine" they have forced onto the population in order to “treat” it.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's news programme from the UK Column.

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com - December 3, 2022
Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines. Kingston has uncovered documents that prove everybody knew or should have known the deadly effects of these criminal injections. Kingston says documents with the drug makers, FDA and CDC listed the deadly and debilitating “side effects” of the injections. Kinston shows that vaccine makers gave a list to the FDA of “side effects” or “possible adverse event outcomes” from the injections. Kinston says, “Common side effects should be muscle aches, headaches, fever and pain. With these injections, common side effects are Guillain-Barre, . . . inflammation of your brain and your spinal cord, meningitis, stroke, narcolepsy, anaphylaxis, heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis, auto immune disease, death, pregnancy and birth outcomes, fetal injuries, fetal mutations, spontaneous abortion. . . and vaccine enhanced disease. . . . So, they knew this was not mild side effects. . . . This is not me speaking. This is literally their documents. . . .This information is just the tip of the iceberg, which show how really sick and perverse these CV19 injections are.”

Zeee Media: November 30, 2022
This week we dig deeper into election results worldwide, where clear infiltration from the World Economic Forum is seeing leaders who the majority of people do not want in leadership “elected”.
We also discuss the steps the WEF is taking to turn every country into a complete dictatorship like China, combining surveillance, punishing and detaining dissenting citizens, and letting them die inside of government-run facilities and their homes.
We are also joined by special guests Darren Bergwerf and Topher Field to discuss their views on elections, and democracy as a whole.

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.

From the peak of fitness to struggling for breath, thanks to following the science. Sports physiotherapist Adam Rowland's horrible adverse reactions to a Covid injection got him ridiculed and called a drug addict.
UK Column has been humbled and honoured to talk to many of those who are suffering from vaccine injury as a result of trusting the science. They have done nothing wrong—on the contrary, they have done what the propaganda told them was the decent thing to do—yet find themselves abandoned and ignored by the very people they trusted in the first place to keep them safe.
Adam Rowland MSc CSCS, from the North West of England, tells his story with fortitude despite being very gravely ill indeed, on oxygen and in intense pain throughout the whole interview.

The man whose very grave Covid vaccine damage was declared “medical misinformation” by YouTube and whose story was spiked by the BBC speaks.
Tony Shingler did what the UK Government encouraged him to do to protect himself and his family. He accepted an AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, believing any possible side effects to be minor.
The reality was he then spent months paralysed in hospital, diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Together with his wife Nicola, Tony tells his story of vaccine injury and a changed life.
It was our 2021 interview with Nicola that got the UK Column banned by YouTube, less than three months before the Daily Mail published a feature on the very same case with no consequences.

Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.

Zeee Media: 28th Nov 2022
Embalmer Richard Hirschman and Funeral Director, Coroner and Embalmer Wallace Hooker from the ‘Died Suddenly’ documentary join us to discuss how more and more embalmers and funeral directors around the United States and the whole world are witnessing the strange clots appearing in injected people, with a colossal rise in baby and young adult deaths.

Zeee Media: 28th Nov 2022
Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea:
Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston and Dr. Ana Mihalcea join us for a deeper discussion into COVID being a technological and biological hybrid that serves to introduce mind control through the nanotech in the injections.

Taken from an In Depth Interview by David Aldous of GOD-TV. with (David Pawson 2000) on The New Heaven and The New Earth.

Klaus Schwab associate Yuval Noah Harari says Jesus is fake news. Gabriel and McKibben push back and say Harari's claim to be Hebrew is fake news.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.

The Cabal’s torture strategy had worked brilliantly. People had become lethargic and simply failed to notice the insane amount of cases of thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, serious heart problems, and miscarriages. People dropped dead live on TV, but all that was taken in was the ever repeating slogan: “The Covid vaccines are safe and effective…” In reality, the Covid vaccines contained a deadly poison, killing some people immediately, others within weeks or months. The combination of graphene, spike proteins, and nano-bots had been perfectly adjusted to kill millions of people, as confirmed by international tenders, alarming VAERS predictions, and the Liquefying “Bio-Sludge” Bill, legalising the spreading of human remains over crops as fertilizer.
In this final episode about the Covid tragedy, we wrap up what will referred to (in future times) as the most heinous genocide in the history of mankind. Can mankind be saved? Of course! But first, let’s take a look at the shocking facts as presented in this final Covid episode...


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