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Persian Gulf War Vaporwave remix

Footage from the Falklands War over some vaporwave music.

Song: Foster the People - Helena Beat (Com Truise Remix)

On the 20th of April, 1968, Conservative MP, John Enoch Powell gave his "Rivers of Blood Speech" in Birmingham on the dangers of mass immigration.

Polish Nationalist Rapper, Bujak, raps this ode to the Polish sokker hooligan.

Polish rapper Bujak honours the memory of the Yotvingians, a Pre-Christian Baltic Tribe living in the Prussian Wilderness. Polish language rap song.

Trigger warning: references to paganism

An absurd skit mocking Mazda Miata drivers by the folks from the Million Dollar Extreme troupe.

Slightly cut down version of my previous Hydewave with a new song.

Song: Com Truise - VHS Sex

Just a little bit of vaporwave music over some footage from the South African Border War.

To find out what's really going on in South Africa, go to The Kaaplander on YT:


A nice clip from our favourite 3rd positionist Afrikaaner on Youtube, The Kaaplander:

Former leader of South Africa under Apartheid says that South Africa will defend Christianity and freedom to the last man at a National Party rally in Pietermaritzburg, 1977.

In a 1976 interview, Sir Enoch Powell proposes a solution to the question repatriation and immigration.

Sir Oswald Mosley discusses how an ideal government should be formed, the need for personal liberty and immigration in this 1975 interview.

In a 1975 interview with Thames Television, Sir Oswald Mosley defends himself against accusations of Anti-Semetism and reaffirms his support for non-interventionism.

Excellent speech by Oswald Mosley on global capitalism in its nascent stages.

Just a compilation of MDE clips over some vaporwave music. Enjoy!


Various bants from Nick Rochefort and Sam Hyde on the Portuguese.

Clips taken from Hyde Wars - subscribe on Gumroad for more MDE content.

In this video, Rabbi Shmuel Heid goes over the meaning of true love and how you can meet the woman of your dreams. Sam Hyde fan edit - Hyde Wars 15.

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This song is the original version, Hey, Slovaks (Hej, Slováci), a Slovak patriotic hymn. It lyrics were modified to "Hey, Slavs" and adopted as the anthem of the Pan-Slavic movement and its lyrics translated into the other Slavic languages. This song was used as the anthem of Yugoslavia and is considered the unofficial second national anthem of Slovakia. The melody is based on the Mazurek Dąbrowskiego, the national anthem of Poland.

60 seconds of [RAW, UNCUT] footage of Rabbi Shmuel Heid sperging out.

My rendition of "The Beginnings", by Rudyard Kipling - also known as The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon. Happy Kwanzaa!

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Polish nationalist teenager, living in South Africa. I'm a big fan of vaporwave, historical speeches, sokker and MDE. Message me if you have any requests. I hope to grow along with you. Ek se. Cześć i chwała, bohaterom.