Here's another attempt at a DoAX3 video, this time with audio from the actual game. Since zooming in too close in-game will cause the girls to freak out, I did it at points with my editing software. I applied anti-aliasing to make the zoomed footage less grainy, but if you don't want me to do that again, then tell me now.

Mega Man 4 is generally considered to be one of the weaker entries in its extensive franchise. Is it really, though?

This is my very first attempt at a video game review, and I'm afraid to say it shows. The scene transitions and audio mixing are rough in spots, and the narration is less than impressive. I'm sure I can improve on those things with more experience, and I welcome any feedback and criticism. So please comment!

Here are Yukari's shower scenes from Persona 3 edited together and set to music from Persona 5. I made some snippets for time, but all of the substantial bits are present. Promise ;)

This is my attempt at a restoration of the bike chase scene from the fabled Robotech: The Movie that I put together using a VHS rip of the movie and a Bluray rip of Megazone 23. I ripped the audio using Adobe Premiere Elements and synced it up to Megazone as best I could. I don't think the audio matches perfectly, but I guess it's as good as I can make it given my lack of editing experience and tools. At any rate, I hope you guys have fun watching this.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is one of a handful of quality licensed games on the Super Nintendo. Although short and on the easy side, Power Rangers packs a lot of action along with a bitchin' soundtrack.

Another game from my childhood, this time from Rare. This game combines top-down shooting with third-person arcade shooting, and boasts a faux 3D graphics style. It's not always the easiest to play, but it's still a standout game on the NES.

Here's another NES playthrough, this time of Batman. This is one of the best licensed games it's era, and it has the great graphics, sound, and challenge that creator Sunsoft was known for.

This is a full playthrough of Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The footage was captured using retroUSB's AVS system, so use of savestate's weren't possible.

This game is damn hard, so I did have to use a continue at the end. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite games of all time.


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