see you sometime in May! Glad to be back on track!

Hope you enjoy! The next Invader Zim reaction should come out sometime this or next week!

I know this is actually episode 2! It took a while to find the right file for the episode and now I’m going to watch it and count it as episode 4 so I can move smoothly onto episode 5!

Next Invader Zim reaction is coming today as well!

So I finally found episode 2 AFTER watching this episode. That will be the next one I watch before I move on to the rest of the season regularly! Hope you enjoy!

⚠️ I know I got the episode wrong! This is actually episode 3, not 2! I will be reacting to episode 2 next time to make up for it! I’m sorry if I got it wrong. Please do not attack me over this!⚠️

The previous video had a problem so I had to reupload it!
This episode was quite disgusting but fun to watch either way!

Yay some new stuff! I had a lot of fun with this and I really hope to get more done! Be aware that I may not have caught everything because of my terrible hearing and audio. I will rewatch all episodes just in case.

So I had to create a new channel since I lost access to my last channel. I will link my old channel below if you would like to see my older Invader Zim reactions! Enjoy!

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My new Bitchute channel since I lost access to my last one. Check out my older channel if you want to check out my older Invader Zim reaactions!

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