How ? (in the twit like regions ... see last Vid ) the 'LGBT community' were fooled. Whatever your faith / belief ( inc the Trans-humanist religion) on the Demontech DNA & see 'Lost in Trans-humanism space 1' (last vid) it is beyond mad. Within the Vaccinations are human, monkey & baby fetus dna,mercury, aluminium,nano-technology,& cancer causing infertility chemicals.One giant Asshole of an idea is to produce also a new & 'gender-less society' as a next jump into trans-humanist space,as the 'AI singularity' for immortality consciousness amongst the stars, or is it just demented screaming queens controlling big pharma & big tech (again see last vid)

see also Dr Carrie Madej below "Human 2.0" below which is also a quote from the World Economic Forum who state the human experience will have to change 'The Very idea of Human Beings as some kind of Natural Concept is really going to change see 'What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?' from the WEF (or here available on Bichute )

Human 2.0 ~ A Wake Up Call To The World Dr. Carrie Madej warns of the nanotechnology used in the rushed vaccine

Starting off as a normal puff ...& 3 vaccinations later FINALLY ..your a Lizard... see "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert - Finally Sisters of Ascension" ( & .. the Transhumanist 'Titan' 2018)

Lost in Space 1960's & today Trans-humanism gone mad, then see 'Lost in (Trans-humanism) space 2' (next vid) to distinguish between them (good luck) Demented screaming queens and now screaming in trans-humanist space in the genderless covid 'technocracy'

How many genders are there ?? See also previous vid below "BRILLIANT: German Politician Mocks PC, Addresses Parliament in 60 Different Genders"

The Producers (1967) - Carmen Ghia's Lift here also on Youtube


"OFFAL MISTAKE Facebook accuses meat-lover of hate speech for praising butcher’s faggots"

The old queen, what a total slapper ...... The Vatican says Gays can marry ? but Heterosexual Priests cannot ?

Has Pastor Manning taken things too far without a Dual dialogue ?

Has Pastor Manning taken things too far without a Dual dialogue ?

** Warning ** on the coming transhumanist future and singularity in the authoritarian "augmented" gay genderless sustainable wonderland (technocracy) Sleeper 1973 full film

(SLEEPER) Gay Robot Reagan - video Dailymotion

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert - Finally Youtube

Parallels ūüé• THE TITAN (2018) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

Also on Youtube Gay Daleks part 6 (perving over Prof. Stephen Hawking)


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