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Whether it’s Amazon in North America, TaoBao in East Asia, or MercadoLibre in South America, every region has its large online marketplace.

These companies have provided a valuable service and expanded consumer choice, but they all share a set of flaws.

They limit who you can sell to and how they can pay.

They have too much control over who sellers can reach and what buyers can find.

And most of all, those platforms are not ultimately built to benefit the users, but to benefit their own bottom line. All too often, this means anti-competitive behavior like undercutting their own merchants.

We live in a global world. We need a global marketplace that is designed to allow everyone to buy and sell anything to and from anyone where ever they may be.

That’s Safex, the first truly global and truly decentralized marketplace infrastructure, powered by the blockchain.

With Safex, users can sell services and goods freed from all limits. Buyers and sellers can discover items and opportunities not previously imaginable.

Importantly, Safex is a protocol, not a company, which means there is no centralized organization with an incentive to interfere with activity on the marketplace. It’s just sellers, buyers, and the software.

The system is simple and organized around two tokens. The Safex Token is used to create new accounts as well as to initiate marketplaces. By allowing people to be rewarded for marketplace activity, it also serves as an investable asset, providing incentives to help the network grow.

Each sale on Safex is charged a flat 5% fee - a massive reduction compared to the 15-40% taken by centralized marketplaces. This fee is distributed automatically and regularly to those who lock in their Safex tokens.

Safex cash, meanwhile, is the ultimate global marketplace currency, allowing users to transact with each other from anywhere without restriction.

Unlike many coins, Safex cash has built in Privacy features to protect buyers, such as obscuring balances to protect users from being the target of theft.

The currency is also designed to follow the rate of adoption with the aim to provide steady growth in value over time, enabling more people to adopt Safex as they discover it.

Safex is the world marketplace; a marketplace for a new era.


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