Steel Midnight

Created by Incogman. He brilliantly uses a 1930s German documentary with modern references, to expose the greatest deceit of the millennium. Follow the rabbit hold from any direction and it always leads to the burrow of one of these people. Coincidence? Do the research and you will find that its anything but. And a great place to start your journey to the truth of our enemies, and the hostile occupation and subversion of America by these foreign entities, are rare but honest sites like or Stormfront.

A brilliant video created by a true American patriot "Incogman". Check out his website at

I found this video I had in my drive from a couple of years ago, created by a true American patriot, Aaron Kasparov (full credit for this video is his) and after watching it I realized it is more relevant today then it was when he made it a couple years ago. Morale is half the battle, and they have demoralized our people long enough! America is ours, bought and paid for in the blood of our ancestors, and just anyone calling themselves an American is an insult to our ancestors. An insult psychologically inflicted on our people by Zionists! But all things are eventually revealed. If we are to be free, we must first be honest with ourselves and dodge the PC sword that seeks to lay us low and cut us down!


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