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Look up
Look up
Look up
Your empty head
You worry them
You're gonna drop dead
Like an old dog

Röyksopp, November 2022

It is time to take down Fauci and his clowns.

This leaked presentation shows how Pfizer allegedly developed tracking devices so small they can be injected intravenously. The devices attach themselves to a random piece of tissue inside the human body via a thermal curing process. That's why the injection liquid has to be kept at -70 °C. (Sound familiar?)

Pfizer tested this technology on 2739 of their "non-critical" employees.

3 of the participants died, but for reasons unrelated to the trial. One death was a suicide, another one a drug overdose. Good to hear that this great new tech doesn't seem to be deadly, but on the other hand employee suicides aren't the greatest look for a company either, eh.

So is this thing real? Could be. Looks quite professional and detailed for sure, and it includes pictures of silicon chips.


Now the sheep will wake up, right? Nobody can take that level of clownish seriously. Right? RIGHT??? TELL ME THEY WILL WAKE UP

Sorry for the pretty annoying music (and it got muffled too), the kind of channel that I stole this video from, they always use the same 4 tracks. Probably to let us feel the pain of living in clown world just that little bit more.


This appeared on a 550k subscriber channel on YouTube, the home of vaccination censorship, on September 4th 2022. I think they can't hide the truth anymore.

The next step of realization - to understand that the "vaccines" have NO positive effect at all, not even a little bit - well I guess that's still a bit off for the mainstream. But it will happen I'm sure.


Absolutely 100% genuine footage


Their war on carbon dioxide was irritating... but now they are targeting nitrogen too, and this shit really has to end. Otherwise they will kill farming and cause famine everywhere. See the Netherlands as a current example where farms are closed citing "nitrogen emissions". That's not science, that's democide.

Source: The Health Ranger Report (

Qualification? Not important. Being vaccinated is all that they look for in a nurse today. Ethics and truth have left these buildings.


Original TikTok:

Comment (by Jim Crenshaw):

I believe he may be telling the truth. Check out his scars. We know that young men have lots of heart problems with this crap. Before all of this went down I would have said no way could they cover up 200K dead people. But since they have been able to cover up tens of millions injuries and deaths, I believe they very well could have done just what he is describing.

And, they got exactly the results they wanted. Think about it. The trials they did with the animals that we know about were a joke. They were almost nothing as far as size goes.They really did not do enough to know how successful they would be at killing off people...unless they had already done some very large trials on human subjects over several years. They would need that test data to get the dosage right to not kill off everyone too quickly to give away what they were doing and planning to do. What he is saying actually makes sense.

Another thing that is interesting is that there were no pregnant women in the Pfizer trials. Could it be they were done during this test and they knew what the results were? This might be how this was done to us at "warp speed"...they had already tested it years earlier, had started manufacturing the clot shots and were waiting until everything was in place to go forward. Murdering bastards.

It looks more like it every day, doesn't it?


The pharmacist "didn't want to scare the parents" ... so they didn't tell them that the jab can cause myocarditis in children.

Then their son got the shot and ended up in the hospital with myocarditis.

This happened in New Zealand I think... but it could have happened everywhere their are giving these shots of evil.


I believe this video contains all the answers to some very important questions.

-How the original "COVID deaths" were manufactured in care homes
-How more elderly were killed later with Midazolam


Whistleblowing funeral director John O'Looney on Maria Zeee's channel with more truth and sadly, horrible revelations.

Source (thanks to Maria Zeee):

"Let the culling begin"


Bill Gates's German spokesperson is not convincing Germans anymore.

And the usual question - will this survive on YouTube?

"The foothills of the Himalayans with Shi Jinping travelling 17.000 miles as a vice president."

What is the limit to how clowny a world can be? Is there one? When will we reach Peak Clown? And what happens then? Also, is that a freemasonic gesture at 0:07? Serious questions, my friends.



Example comment on the original video:

"I can verify that these lockdowns are 100% true. We've video chatted with my wife's cousin over WeChat, where she is currently locked/ up in the school where she works and hasn't been allowed to leave to go home to her family (5yr old, 7yr old kids) in over 2 weeks. The government doesn't care that she has kids to care for at home. If there is 1 positive case in the whole city, the ENTIRE CITY is forced to shelter in place/lockdown, regardless if its at work, at a business, or friend's house. There are road barriers placed on the streets and police patrolling to catch people trying to escape the lockdown on foot. The supply chains in Shanghai have been so disrupted by the lockdowns that there isn't enough food for people to buy at grocery stores. Hundreds of people are lined up outside to get the new grocery deliveries at stores, even though there isn't enough for everyone. We've watched videos of people fighting each other over produce and meats. The CCP really doesn't give a damn about the people. They just need to have their 0-positive case track record so that they don't lose face and look weak in front of the world. Thank GOD my wife's entire immediate family is living here in the USA now. In California, we went through some pretty rough times with small businesses suffering from the shutdowns enacted in 2020, but at least people had places to get food or have food delivered to their homes. The CCP is absolutely insane!!!"

Mike Adams with a great, very cleanly expressed message.

Original title: "This is the great awakening!"


What in the heck is going on with the Foo Fighters?

"Studio 666" (story by Dave Grohl):

First it looked like another covered up jab death. Then things appear even more sinister. What. The. Heck.

Video source (Hugo talks):

Is it true? The COVID rabbit hole is very deep either way. We all know we've been lied to on a grand scale. Thankfully vaccination rates are winding down massively.


This "vaccine" simply kills more lives than it saves.

This short clip is the juiciest excerpt of Steve Kirsch's testimony about the Pfizer trials before the Pennsylvania state senate. Twitter suspended The Vigilant Fox directly after they posted this video. Steve Kirsch has also been banned from Twitter at an earlier point. The last resort of the bastions of lie is censorship. It is literally impossible to call Steve Kirsch an idiot or demagogue, he is super thoughtful, honest and thorough in his methodology. That's why his opponents just block him and decline any offer for a direct debate with him. (He has offered a million bucks for this - no takers!)

Full video:
Steve's substack (very recommended for subscription - there is a free and a paid tier):
Shoutout to The Vigilant Fox:

Their agents are everywhere... thankfully they list them on their site:



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