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"The foothills of the Himalayans with Shi Jinping travelling 17.000 miles as a vice president."

What is the limit to how clowny a world can be? Is there one? When will we reach Peak Clown? And what happens then? Also, is that a freemasonic gesture at 0:07? Serious questions, my friends.



Example comment on the original video:

"I can verify that these lockdowns are 100% true. We've video chatted with my wife's cousin over WeChat, where she is currently locked/ up in the school where she works and hasn't been allowed to leave to go home to her family (5yr old, 7yr old kids) in over 2 weeks. The government doesn't care that she has kids to care for at home. If there is 1 positive case in the whole city, the ENTIRE CITY is forced to shelter in place/lockdown, regardless if its at work, at a business, or friend's house. There are road barriers placed on the streets and police patrolling to catch people trying to escape the lockdown on foot. The supply chains in Shanghai have been so disrupted by the lockdowns that there isn't enough food for people to buy at grocery stores. Hundreds of people are lined up outside to get the new grocery deliveries at stores, even though there isn't enough for everyone. We've watched videos of people fighting each other over produce and meats. The CCP really doesn't give a damn about the people. They just need to have their 0-positive case track record so that they don't lose face and look weak in front of the world. Thank GOD my wife's entire immediate family is living here in the USA now. In California, we went through some pretty rough times with small businesses suffering from the shutdowns enacted in 2020, but at least people had places to get food or have food delivered to their homes. The CCP is absolutely insane!!!"

Mike Adams with a great, very cleanly expressed message.

Original title: "This is the great awakening!"


What in the heck is going on with the Foo Fighters?

"Studio 666" (story by Dave Grohl):

First it looked like another covered up jab death. Then things appear even more sinister. What. The. Heck.

Video source (Hugo talks):

Is it true? The COVID rabbit hole is very deep either way. We all know we've been lied to on a grand scale. Thankfully vaccination rates are winding down massively.


This "vaccine" simply kills more lives than it saves.

This short clip is the juiciest excerpt of Steve Kirsch's testimony about the Pfizer trials before the Pennsylvania state senate. Twitter suspended The Vigilant Fox directly after they posted this video. Steve Kirsch has also been banned from Twitter at an earlier point. The last resort of the bastions of lie is censorship. It is literally impossible to call Steve Kirsch an idiot or demagogue, he is super thoughtful, honest and thorough in his methodology. That's why his opponents just block him and decline any offer for a direct debate with him. (He has offered a million bucks for this - no takers!)

Full video:
Steve's substack (very recommended for subscription - there is a free and a paid tier):
Shoutout to The Vigilant Fox:

Their agents are everywhere... thankfully they list them on their site:


Next prime minister?! :)

A few days ago someone circulated rumors that she hanged herself in her cell. I was skeptical and didn't repost the video. Thankfully it turned out to be fake news, she is alive and well after spending almost 3 weeks in jail.


The Deep State is not a conspiracy theory. It's fact. But who is the Deep State? How do they control things? It's simpler but more sinister than you think...
The speaker in this video is software mogul, Presidential candidate and conspiracy realist John McAfee who supposedly committed suicide last year.


Clear winner in this new speedrun category. From ORF 2 (Austrian TV). I know I shouldn't laugh but damn

End screen says: "Good morning Austria" (Name of the show) - "We'll resume shortly. We will try to the reestablish the connection as quickly as possible" (I guess they haven't made an intermission screen for presenter collapses yet)


An encouraging personal account about alerting people to the police state around them. There are rallies with 500k participants in their area and they have not even heard about them.

Survey to help approach people -
Volunteer here -

Great podcast as always. I often find him a little on the depressive side, but boy does he give us inside knowledge. Very enlightening every time (he does this weekly).


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The Sheep Are Building Their Own Prison

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They should download the list of present and past Young Global Leaders from the WEF and indict them all (yes Putin is on there too - it's one big puppet theater)

From "We got a problem" -

For some reason he still likes himself though.


You will own nothing and you will be miserable...


Cancelling Russian cats and digital Russian soccer players will win this war!


These are the guys who claim they want to "force peace talks" in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. And we are actually paying them for this travesty.

March 1 2022, Source:

I thought it makes an interesting counterpoint to the usual narrative.


Finally we're allowed to say it!


It's only been shown to happen in a Petri dish so far... but it doesn't sound good


Twitter and TikTok are apparently just as full of fake news as the MSM

Source: /

I distance myself explictly from Germans like Klaus Schwab. Our country has definitely had some really shitty exports.



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