music and lyrics Steffan Rundquist

Music lyrics Steffan Rundquist
Swedish lyrics

Music and lyrics Steffan rundquist
Song in Swedish

Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist
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Artist: Steffan Rundquist
Song: Take Your Time and Heal Yourself
Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist

🍀Let's start 2020 with a new hit song! Yeaaah! ❤️
🌴Thunderstorm and Sunshine 🌴
Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist 🌞
Vamos a empezar 2020 con una nueva super canción: Thunderstorm and Sunshine (A bailar!)
(Tormenta y sol)
Letra y musica: Steffan Rundquist
Move your body and dance baby! ❤️
Thunderstorm and Sunshine available worldwide (Spotify, iTunes and Amazon etc)

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Music lyrics Steffan Rundquist
Video: dojpun
Steffan Records 2019

🍎New video! Videoclip nuevo! 🥭
🍌Walking the dirt road-Steffan Rundquist 🍓
🥦Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist 🍐
🥥Recorded live with one microphone 🍏
🌶I am playing tambourine with my foot. 🍒

We are all worth the same - Steffan Rundquist
Music and lyrics: Steffan Rundquist
Video by: Trustudios & Steffan Rundquist
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[email protected]

Sweet Lonely Mary Jane - Steffan Rundquist
Filmed/ rodado by: Julien, Bartolo, Esther and Steff
SR&P video production
Song recorded live with one microphone.
music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist

Filmed in Stockholm 13 feb 2019🌞
Rodado hoy en Estocolmo
Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist
Bright and beautiful like the sun🌞

Filmed this week in Helsingborg, Sweden.
Music lyrics Steffan Rundquist

Merry Xmas, God Jul, feliz Navidad!
Filmed outside Stockholm 23-24 december 2018
Rodado cerca Estocolmo 23-24 diciembre
Music Steffan Rundquist
from the album: 20 acoustic wild camping songs
Song recorded in a cave in Gran canarias

Song: Walking the dirt road Music lyrics
Steffan Rundquist Filmed outside Stockholm 16 december 2018
Rodado en el bosque en cerca Estocholmo.

I was walking around Stockholm today and I was singing some songs in the nearby forest because my neighbors where complaining yesterday.

Today in Stockholm, I pay 600euro (6000kronor) for a little tiny room that I have as an office.
Today the neighbors where banging on my wall just because I played acoustic guitar.

Video production: Juande.
Music/ Lyrics Steffan Rundquist
Solo guitar: Tomas "Tirtha" Rundquist
In the video: Didi Hristova, Cris Leito, Iratxe Pardo, Luca Kimmi & Steffan
Filmed in La Matilda/ Bilbao.
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One year ago in Gran Canaria.😊
hace un año en gran canaria🎶
Music lyrics Steffan Rundquist

Chimos vänkväll i Stockholm.
Rootquist Video presentation in Stockholm 2 november 2018.
presentation av musikvideos från Rootquist.
Presentación de videoclips de Rootquist
Jag träffade så många gamla kompisar och det var mycket glädje.???

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Music lyrics Steffan Rundquist
Movie recorded in the streets of Stockholm Sweden 2018

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Lettland (Latvia) by day!
Take it easy-Steffan Rundquist
Music Lyrics: Steffan Rundquist
FB Steffan Rundquist
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Walking the dirt road-Steffan Rundquist
Filmed today 1 november 2018
in the center of Stockholm Sweden
Rodado hoy el 1 de noviembre 2018
en el centro de Estocolmo Suecia.
Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist

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Normaly I am a busker (playing in the streets) but my old friend Chimo invited me to play live in Tellus theater in Midsommarkransen in Stockholm, Sweden.
It was an amazing evening for me and I was really nervous.
Every time I play at 'Chimos friends' in Stockholm (last time oct 2003) I change direction in my life a little bit to become more diciplined, focused artist etc.
Thank you Chimo.
(In the end of the video I shout: Thank you! You are the best! Chimo is the best!
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Song: Black Mountain
Artist: Steffan Rundquist
Music and lyrics: Steffan Rundquist
Inspired by the country Montenegro
I was in Montenegro playing music in a street festival and I got very inspired in a positive way.

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