Stellerex - YiFF LIVE 11/27/2019 (Breaks mix set) (Pre-Bassgiving bash)original2:00:39
Stellerex - YiFF LIVE 11/27/2019 (Breaks mix set) (Pre-Bassgiving bash) by Stellerex
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Well this mix set was super fun tonight :D
Purchased a few new tracks and it lead the way with the peeps.
Thank you so much for listening to this mix. Without you I have no purpose to even post these.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your friends/ family.

Downloadable @ 320kbps for maximum bump! :DD
Link here:

Thanks again for all those who tuned in for this weeks mix set. Was super fun. Opened on a classic and 2nd was a new release from Joel aka deadmau5. If the track is thumpin than I'm rocking it!

Without you I don't exist :D
Downloadable as always @ 320kbp for maximum bang!
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What a super spontanious set for 4 hours last night :D
First two openers were New Retro Wave and Trance but moved quickly into Breaks the entire rest of the set.
Thank you always for your support and keeping the vibe alive.
Was hell of a trip.
This is a continous mix set. Enjoy the ride :D

Downloadable FREE as always @ 320kbps for max quad
Download link here:

The stream server died at the last 15mins but! That doesn't stop me from mixing and recording it live to post here :D
I was so happy to throw down some Trance last night. It owns me as much as Breaks do. That's why 50% or more of my Breaks collection is Trance Breaks.
So sorry for those tuned in when the server died for the peak ending.
I hope you got to enjoy most of it though.
Nothing but love as always for your support. Thank you beyond words can say.
Without you I simply don't exist or have a reason to keep mixing.

Downloadable @ 320kbps for maximum boom :D
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Played the night before Halloween so threw in a zillion of Spoopy tracks :D
Ended out the set on Aphex Twin - Xtal from 92'
Thank you all for your support always and keeping the vibe alive.
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Honored to have been asked to play this very night. It was a fun time indeed.
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as everybody did.
Thank you for the continued support!

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This was a super fun night. Went 4 hours last week. I have an alternate download to my Dropbox for this exact mix in 320kbps.
Thank you always for your support and especially to the artists and keeping the vibe alive.
Much love :D

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Almost fucked it up this week Jim >;3 Had a small slip up.. you'll hear it and than hear me catch it.
Was going to go the full 4 hours but maybe next time eh? :D

Thank you for tuning in and jammin. It was hella fun.
Halloween tracks coming next week in the mix set. Be ready for it!
Thanks for your continued support. Nothing but love :)

Downloadable FREE in 320kbps as always for maximum bang!
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This week was 1000x better than last week's garbo mix set. Lack of sleep and drunkess fucked up last weeks post. Funny how one bad week of disappointing yourself and the people who support you can tighten up your game.
I hope you all enjoyed this mix set.
Thank you always for your support. You keep me going at it weekly long as I'm putting smiles on those faces :D

Downloadable @ 320kbps for maximum bang
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Another week, another beat :)
Fun set this time around. Always trying to switch a majority of the mixes up with other tracks and various flows.
I do have my few favorite back to back plays/ combinations I do which again it can be repeatitive sometimes but what ya hear is what you go.
I think the very first mix I posted 2 years ago I mentioned that in the description.
Though I'm always up to try anything that bangs.

Downloadable @ 320kbps for maximum POWAH :D
Download link below:

Thank you for all your support and love. Shane/ Steller

Another wild set :D Everybody seemed to have enjoyed it and raised hell with exciment in chat. Such a damn fun time as always.
Thank you all that tuned in and listened and all listening to it as we speak.
Much love to you all. Without you I have absolutely no reason to keep recording these and sharing them

Downloadable @ 320kbps for maximum bang
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Took a month away from mixing. Was a nice break away to refresh my head. Anyways, I'm glad to be back at the weekly mix set journey :D
I hope you guys enjoy this mix. It's a bit of both worlds with Classic Trance and Miami Bass. Fall/ Winter season always calls out my inner Trance head. Besides I love to give a journey with the tunes. If it thumps than I bump it.

Thank you for all who went out your way to see if I was okay while I were away. Means the world to me.
Let's continue to enjoy these weekly trips eh?
Much love to you!
Shane/ Stell

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Last mix for about 2-3 weeks. Taking a break away from it for a bit.
Theres plenty of mixes up there to occupy your time and ears though.

Thank you again for all your support for the last almost 2 years of posts.
See ya on the flip side! :D

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This weeks mix set was pretty fun. Completely random and spontaneous with tracks. Mixed on 4 half hours asleep and was a bit drunk on top of it :P

Enjoy this mix set.
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