This kid has been put into place as a distraction.This "Crisis Actor" is being played like a fiddle and so are the masses. Coaxing, scripting and deception is rife AF.

The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is synonymous with 99% if not 100% of the High school shootings. THEY'RE STAGED!
Watch some Research presented on the Guttenberg Family. Oh yes, Jesse Guttenberg's profile picture is 5 years old. Not 8.

Content with in this video is for research purposes and is being used under "FAIR USE."

It's very important to have critical thought. The "Mainstream" and "Alternative media are lying and deceiving the masses. Lying to propagate fear, programming and controlling the mind on all levels of pretty much every individual.

A small checklist to see what extent the matrix is conditioning you.


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