Stephen Clay McGehee

In a previous video, we looked at using metaphor to indirectly attack an opponent in order to avoid some of the problems with negative ads. So how do you call out the lies of an opponent without making yourself look like the bad guy? We're going to see how it's done, on The Art of Persuasion: The RIGHT Way.
Stephen Clay McGehee

A surprise ending is a very common strategy for a novel or a movie, and for good reason. It's effective, and it makes the story memorable. The same thing also applies to persuasive videos, and like anything else, it's the details that make it work. We're going to take a look at one example on The Art of Persuasion - The RIGHT way.
Stephen Clay McGehee

Using humor and mockery - an analysis of "The Donkey Whisperer" ad for Roger Williams in 2012. For more information:
Stephen Clay McGehee


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Influencing a culture is about persuading others to make fundamental changes to their life. In today's world, video is the most effective means to reach a large audience. This series of short videos is designed to help you make your own persuasive videos more effective.

ꔷ Not for our time, but for all time.
ꔷ Not for all people, but for our people.

The Civil Right ( ) is about traditional Southern culture, civility and stability, and the social/political system that results from it.

ꔷ Founder (1995) and president of a company that provides software and data services to political campaigns
ꔷ Speech writer
ꔷ Campaign staffer and Treasurer
ꔷ Convention Delegate
ꔷ Candidate for county-wide office (1992)
ꔷ VP and Newsletter Editor of local Republican group
ꔷ B.A. in Mass Communications (Advertising/P.R.)

Kentucky Colonel ꔷ Staff Officer - Military Order of the Stars and Bars