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Sometimes what you're fed is not what is good for you.

Out on the Bruce Trail (filmed at Mt.Nemo, Nassagaweya Canyon, and Spencer Gorge), "It was then I realized....I need new algorithm"

This is a short song from the album "Upland" by Ontario artist, musician and film maker Steve Welch.
"Upland" available on all major platforms, Summer 2021.

Part of an upcoming video series "End to End, Hiking the Bruce Trail" : Season 1 starts Fall 2021.

The ultimate location to film a video for this new snappy version of the song "Silent Stream" is the World Biosphere Reserve and 700 km long Bruce Trail in Southern Ontario, with it's incredible vistas, countless waterfalls, cliffs, and rolling hills. Filmed on sections between Niagara Falls and Hamilton, the video captures the inspiration for the song : a deep love an appreciation for nature and the gift of life, and the healing and strength that comes when you experience nature as a form of meditation.

A journey in Algonquin Park is a metaphor for life.

The song "Upland" sprung like a geyser from the film "Algonquin Park Western Uplands Trail Top Loop Jam", one of four instrumental musical outdoor adventure documentaries released from the summer of 2020.

I put some words to the music to try to capture the joy and hardship sandwich that tripping in the wild brings.

"Heading Upland where we go, with a plan..."

"The survivor looks and learns..."

This song emerged from an instrumental documentary film "French River Jam" (Also on BitChute). It turned into a song of it's own.
"Seems So". its a celebration of living an adventurous life, with the Earth (mother) as your guide, inspired by the French River, Georgian Bay, and my brother Dave.

This video combines original footage from the Quinnault Rainforest in Washington State, from Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada, and the Valley Of Fire in Nevada with open source video clips to tell the story.
"Love Travels Far" is about love. Love, like light, travels far and wide once released into the world.
The light from a star travels across the universe and sometimes outlives the star where it came from - just like how love travels here on Earth.
Once released, it goes on and on and on and on.
Love Travels Far is an original song and video by Ontario musician Steve Welch.

"Things Are Happening" is a song about hope for the future. No matter how bleak the media presents the world to us ("they talk and they talk and they talk and they talk - always on the verge of disaster, searching the world for death and destruction, but never the reason"), good things are always brewing in the background, things that are often not noticed or talked about, until they yield their fruit down the road. Things Are Happening. Always.

"More Time" is a song I wrote a couple of years ago in Kawartha Lakes Ontario, but recently recorded. While filming the video along the shores of the mighty Speed River in Guelph, a Bald Eagle took flight into the gently falling snow. Nature keeps on giving.
It never ends.

Before the flood comes in of things you have to do, do you have a chance to open your eyes and see the new day through?
As you're walking do you have a chance to see the way the clouds are rolling and to hear the rustling of the leaves?
There is a very fine thread like a spider's web that we use to connect with what's real.

Video courtesy of Lake Ontario

Documenting a 4 day journey through Algonquin Park in the fall - featuring a section hike of the Western Uplands Trail. This short film is a musical tribute to the great and beautiful land of Ontario Canada.

Canoe tripping in Ontario Canada
A musical tribute to this great land
French River to Georgian Bay

Experience five days in the Ontario backcountry by canoe. A short film crafted with great appreciation of the land and water, with an all original organic earthy musical score. Take a journey to Kawartha!

A short film chronicling a seven day backcountry canoe trip in the Temagami Region of Ontario. Including a hike to the Maple Mountain Fire Tower - one of the best hikes in Ontario - but only accessible through a 40 km canoe and portage in the Canadian North. Original music accompanies the film.

A new song recorded May 2020 about Freedom, moving forward and not living in the past.

This song and video were inspired by Lake Ontario first and foremost, then by all the wild lands and waters that ring of the same spirit. Joy comes in waves, like waves come to shore, There is joy coming regardless, like in the sound waves of a song.

Relax those aching muscles
Relax those weary eyes
Let your worries fall right through

Contentment is so elusive, but it fills me up now.
It happened but I don't know how...

Cranking up the electrostimuli
And pounding out more pollution
The subtleties are dying
Who's winning this game, who's losing?

The old Speed River rambles on
and the people can't help but sing the song
of an ancient land, the drumlins and the cedars all aglow

Humble Yourself
and Bite The Bullet

Going to set up camp
and share whiskey and stories and watch the stars go by

A song by Kenny Phelps

Long distance runner what you holding out for

I take a moment to appreciate the coming of the day.

Seagulls fly across a pink sky back to Lake Ontario



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Ontario based musician and artist inspired by the great land, the sweet Earth, the big sky and the water both flowing and frozen.