Steve Welch

Steve Welch

Steve Welch


Relax those aching muscles
Relax those weary eyes
Let your worries fall right through

Contentment is so elusive, but it fills me up now.
It happened but I don't know how...

Cranking up the electrostimuli
And pounding out more pollution
The subtleties are dying
Who's winning this game, who's losing?

The old Speed River rambles on
and the people can't help but sing the song
of an ancient land, the drumlins and the cedars all aglow

Humble Yourself
and Bite The Bullet

Going to set up camp
and share whiskey and stories and watch the stars go by

A song by Kenny Phelps

Long distance runner what you holding out for

I take a moment to appreciate the coming of the day.

Seagulls fly across a pink sky back to Lake Ontario


Horses are supposed to know your feelings
And they run
oh yes they run

Sound and Music stir the dream
Recollections seem extreme
Emotional strings tied to the past
Waiting for the right scene to come at last

Gold is Ridiculous
Gladness Ubiquitous

Fire On The Mountain by Grateful Dead

Heavy Water in my brain
Sometimes I miss everything

Poor creative man walks through the heart of the city
No thoughts of his own, just redirected spam

A great song from an amazing songwriter : Mishka
performed by Steve Welch and Friends

This is culture
This is togetherness
This is open spaces
Where do we go next?

So much beauty that has not been seen
So much beauty remains hidden
Not for human eyes to see
So much beauty but it's not for me

He came in with a bang, and went out with a whimper
Endless modification didn't make his life simpler

Hang in There
Things will get better!

She gives me a life of inspiration

Earth bound walkers divided and surrounded - some still walk free
others still trying to find it.

Waves of Joy in my mind
Waves of Joy all the time


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Ontario based musician and artist inspired by the great land, the sweet Earth, the big sky and the water both flowing and frozen.