While driving and taking the off ramp, a Kosovo driver decides he was ok to blast through a yield sign, forcing the van in front of me to hit the brakes. I barely missed him and was forced to go around him. The little car just kept going. Just a typical day in Kosovo

Senda and I arrive in a small coastal town in Western Italy.


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Steve and Senda who uses YouTube to document their time together, have come to realize, Google, Twitter, Apple, and other big tech companies are censoring and banning NON Alt-left channels. Though our channel is a family channel, we both believe in free speech and felt it was time to look for another platform and slowly remove our footprint from those mentioned companies.
We now use Firefox, deactivated our FB accounts, and as our phones die or need replaced, we will no longer use Apple or Google as our operating systems. We were told about BitChute and how they allow anyone on their platform. No censoring, and no banning.

We upload videos of us and how we have a good time, and yes, the challenges of being in a committed relationship.