Jesus didn't save.

RIP Herman "Sugar" Cain, Patriot, Capitalist and weeb. You will never be forgotten... boss nigger.

*The need for Yayo intensifies

Horses! Horses everywhere!

This is an exclusive upload since it was taken down by the faggots at jewtube for supposed "hate speech".

cyka blyat

Want some cupcakes? Then don't forget to tip The Pet Mexican Foundation!

raw footage of streamer "Corrine forever" saying it. Just archiving...

Tought times were the 80's for lil' Ghost and his yayo addiction...

Damn Corringe is a nice nickname to adress this thot ... good god.

Today's Tinfoil hat topic: Demons, Satan & other evil beings origins.

Ghost commentary on our fellow brother Bathrobe_Dwane yet again.

original video:

Courtesy of yah boi @Riversails 1 ^

I really can't belive i did that video...
Turns out i did LOL

Keith is Happy, Hope you are happy too.

The return of a legend Asho now "transicioning" confirms the theory that Ghost's Satanic spells
do turn people in his own community "Trans". Beware folks, you could be the next one.

If contacting with Satan mid show is not a prove for someone being satanic then, wtf is?

It is a dark time for
The Ghost Show Streams
as the satanic magician
known as Ghostpolitics
wants to end the fun
with his spells and turn
everyone into a trannie.

But the Rebellion of Trolls
will never be destroyed
and this will remain true
until the end of times
comes for us.

Today's Tinfoil Hat Topic: "Backmasking"

Do i really need to repeat myself saying Ghost is Satanic?

Wtf? "i hate you anime watchers!" btw...

"Whip me Harder Daddy/ Pappa/ Massa !" says the chat as Ghost gets his whip ready for a second round...

Original video "Badgers Bathrobe Dwane" can be found here:

Faker than ghost's granny LOL


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