How fleeting thoughts of an unusual nature can create unusual circumstances.

...and that goes for every single one of us.

Thoughts on the sharing of life's experiences.

Ref: ACIM Text. Chapter 27. VII 'The Hero of the Dream'.

"Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God."

A statement of affirmation.

Ref: ACIM Text Chapter 9.VIII.5.3

Anger in nature isn't 'evil', it just doesn't hang on to it.

Observations of a bird and his bath.

Awakening via the Holy Instant and dealing with guilt-laden 'attack thoughts'.

Ref.: ACIM text. Chapter 15. I. 9. 1 & 5 - 7.

Blessed Simplicity as opposed to chaotic complexity.

There is only One person in my/your dream.

"A very simple way to find the door to true forgiveness".

Discussion on ACIM Workbook Lesson 134. Paragraph 9.

A method of dealing with and ejecting sudden and/or lingering guilt attacks.

ACIM Ref: Text Chapter 11.VIII.12.

The lamp is empty; the oil is used up.
The tambourine is dead, the dancer lies down.
The fire is out and no smoke rises from it.
The soul is absorbed into the Unique, and there is no longer a duality.

Kabir - 15th-century Indian mystic and poet.

The whys and wherefores of our existence as stated within A Course in Miracles.


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