Discover the religion that will unite all world religions under one god, One government and One Currency. A documentary that will teach the Biblical trinity and expose the agenda of a new damnable heresy that has crept into Bible-believing Baptist churches. The Bible warns of men who crept in unawares to draw away disciples with damnable heresy. The ultimate goal of Oneness is to damn others to hell. This documentary explains to who Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Ghost true nature, The Origins of Oneness, And the Religion of the Antichrist.

All Verses are King James Bible Only.
Narration: Phillip Millstead
Bible Narration: Kenny Jackson

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How people Got saved in the old Testament

His real last name is theon. He's mooched from people, told people that thought Doug was their friend that he only used them for his gain, lies and rails against his own pastor. Has a history of telling lies, railing and causing problems within churches.


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