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The Saint Petersburg National Offshore One Design races start this weekend.
We stepped Rob’s mast in less than a half hour.
They don’t always go so smoothly.

Play at double speed


Once again Saint Petersburg cops demonstrate that they are capable of parking their cars across the lanes of traffic but that’s pretty much the extent of their competence when it comes to emergency road closures.
After spending nearly 15 minutes to go three blocks on my way home tonight I decided to ask next cop I saw sitting in his car just why the hell no one was directing traffic. This was his enlightening response.

What do we pay these people for again?

Apologies to the amazing Paul Simon

I don’t bother trying to edit out my flubs anymore. I can’t ever seem to be able to play through a whole song without screwing up anyhow.

I also have decided to not upload to youtube any longer. For whatever thats worth.

As always, I extend my sincere apologies to the creator of this song, the great Steve Winwood.

My most sincere apologies to Leonard Cohen. May he sing in the presence of the Lord of song.

I realize how boring videos like this are, sorry, but I'm pretty sure that there are a few people who will appreciate parts of it. I have doubled the speed figuring people could slow down any parts they wanted to see at normal speed.
I'm happy to answer any questions or clear up anything confusing.
Such as which way to rotate the extrusions when passing the wire through to get it past the connectors. Hint, rotate it in the direction that won't unlay the wire. It really sucks when that happens. (please don't ask me how I know that).

This was the headstay on a IP 35". The wire size is 5/16" or 8mm.
The Harken(Turnbuckle) was turned almost all the down so I knew I needed to make the new wire a little shorter. As it turned out, I could have shortened it even more. However, the link plates on the bottom, which I noted should actually be terminated in a toggle, could be cut off, a new hole drilled and a toggle added sometime in the future. At that time, the modified or new link plates could be fabricated shorter in order to add some adjustment back.

This is a destructive pull test to determine what fails first. In this case, and to my mild surprise, it was the swage fitting.

Apologies to Neil Young

Larken demonstrates how to share the concepts of anarchy to statists at a Candles In The Dark conference.

I have found this mushroom growing in my backyard before but haven’t identified it yet.
I know that I’m not going to eat it though.

Whipping the lines you use is a mark of someone who has pride in their work and tools.

This is a demonstration of what I was taught is called a temporary whipping. As opposed to a needle whipping which is more durable.
But this simple and easy whipping is usually all that is needed in most situations. And it’s certainly better than what most people do. Which is nothing.

Wildlife cam inside the swarm trap

October Sunset Off Florida's West Coast

I bought this inspection camera at Harbor Freight today. The price was 65.00.
Because I work on sailboat spars, I have had many occasions over the years where a tool like this would have been great to have.
Since the price is now more in my range, and got to thinking how fun it might be to look inside the hive, I bit the bullet.

It works pretty good for the FlowHive knockoff. But there isn't a hole big enough for it to enter the Apimaye.
I might correct that.

Apologies to Steve Goodman

Meet Junior. All squirrel, part ham. Completely nutty, cat teasing, territorial mother with an insatiable appetite for nuts.
She seems to like this nut too.

My friend Stefano stopped by the shop treated us to a song.
Without even bothering to warm up.

I’m not envious. Really.

Making mistakes and learning in the process.

Apologies to Paul Simon

Apologies to Jackson Browne

Apologies to Steve Winwood

No Apologies


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I am a 62-year-old anarchist. One of my biggest regrets in life is that it took me over five decades to realize that I was, in fact, an anarchist.

If bitchute had a channel category called freedom and liberty, I probably would have chosen that.

One of the greatest joys in my life is finding ways to repurpose things that other people throw away.
I constantly strive to find ways of becoming more efficient, and perhaps someday, self-sufficient.

I am a lifelong sailor who has made voyages from California to Florida, across the Atlantic ocean and countless shorter trips.
So I know that the flat earth fantasy is just that. The stars told me.

These days I am passionate about gardening, composting and living in balance with nature.

I’ve been playing guitar since my teenage days but only in the last couple of years have I begun taking it seriously enough to feel as if I’m actually progressing.

I know a little bit about a lot of things but the only thing I am absolutely certain of is that I have a lot more to learn.