Berwick, M., Armstrong, B. K., Ben-Porat, L., Fine, J., Kricker, A., Eberle, C., & Barnhill, R. (2005). Sun Exposure and Mortality From Melanoma. JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 97(3), 195–199.

Blue light wakes you up - so how can you stop it from ruining your sleep? In this video, I'll talk about how blue blockers (blue light blocking glasses) may be the answer to your sleep troubles.

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Secrets of diabetes and obesity you've never heard before.

Don't let your lifestyle bring you down.
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Be well.

Blue light is linked to many chronic diseases - you can stop blue light from ruining your life with blue blockers.

How cold exposure can improve cognition and affect mood disorders.

Is it pesticides? Logging? Wild fires? I am concerned that it is wireless technologies that interfere with their navigational abilities.

Light shapes life. Light controls our neurotransmitters and hormones, which means that your light environment can have a major impact on your mood.

Here I discuss dietary tips for beating depression.

How I believe quantum mechanics will explain why endocrine disrupting compounds create greater effects at lower concentrations.

Indoor air pollution can cause something called Sick Building Syndrome or Building Related Illness, which may impact mood and cognition.
Outdoor air pollution changes light on earth, which changes hormones and neurotransmitters in living things.
Your air quality matters.

How altitude, latitude, and population density affect depression and suicide.

Why I'm wary of hormone replacement, birth control pills, injectable birth control drugs, and more.

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What causes anxiety and depression? I discuss these two important problems in this series of videos.

I break down a recent report of diet in rodents, and explain why I rarely if ever draw conclusions from these studies.


Nature pays deep attention to size and shape. Structure and function are linked in quantized fashion.

Bariatric surgery is not without its problems. Why I'm skeptical about a new procedure - gastric artery embolization.

The science behind these rose colored glasses.

It's about optimal timing of pregnancy and delivery.

Poor sanitation altered their microbiomes.

Psoriasis is a disease strongly associated with vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin is necessary for normal skin function and development.

Weird, I know. A people living their traditional lifestyle who don't have modern diseases.

A brief (and by no means complete) list of diseases with low vitamin D levels. If you have one of these, you might want to get your vitamin D level checked.

The key is land and water use. Wildfires will get worse until we bring back beavers to our ecosystems.

It's definitely cellphones, wireless technologies, tablets, and other sources of artificial light.
Thoughts and prayers are with those in California and those everywhere suffering from the fallout of these events.


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