happens everywhere there are niggers

One and Only You

This white man obviously earns his pay every day

Changes his mind

Manheim Twp. Pennsylvania August 3 2019
We must separate from these creatures - peacefully if possible

It could be argued that this way is better than here. Here you are slowly choked to death by Usury an age old practice established and run predominantly by Jews. The debt slavery is widely adopted to the point that all the masses in the west fall prey to it. Over there the message goes out real quick and culturally the practice of usury and collection is deemed dark and horrible and to be avoided.



These creatures really need to live in their own space (jungle)

another beaner body - More beaners livestreaming

Looks like a white kid who has had it with illegals and he is hunting beaners on the border maybe

Beaner records dead bodies around walmart on her cellphone

Shooter previously ran for governor - pleads 'Not Guilty' citing 'Stand Your Ground' Statute

Remember to have gratitude to our forefathers since we owe them the very blood that flows in our veins. The gave no quarter. They asked no quarter. If we don't rekindle that spirit we may well perish from the earth they dared to conquer for us.

The American Negro is the greatest natural enemy of the American Negro

In 1937 the National Socialists stood up against the terrible Jewish influence in Art. In Munich from 19 July to 30 November 1937 - The exhibition presented 650 works of art, to show the people how the Jews were corrupting the culture and moral fabric of the Aryan peoples. I wish we had one of these today. The art is six million times worse today!

A Palestinian living in Germany with a false identity (Syrian) slaughtered his roommate, a German-Kazakh, with a sword in the street in Stuttgart -in the Fasanenhof area of Stuttgart - it's residential.

Another Jew posing as (((White))) explains how there can not be white dating sites. Whites don't have the right to seek out other whites. It's too racist.

We Miss You Adolf
There used to be a tribute video on JewTube that got shoah'd many times. It was my favorite. I got tired of searching for it. Decided to recreate it as best I could remember. Shout Out to whomever made the original.

Literally painted white

Evolution F A I L

Without a wall and without an end to Immigration desperate souls will seek out DIY solutions to immigration.
Many are understandably tired of waiting. Let's do this in a humane non-violent manner. Build That Wall !!!

Unprovoked -- Cop Clobbers Defenseless Female

Neo Wants The Truth


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