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For this special episode of the meme-cast, we are joined by a good friend, Boris. Boris is a graphic artist and a natural law student and teacher. He joins Andrew and Andy to go through a whole host of memes, thoughts, and hard truths. Boris and Andy have teamed up to host the Make Art Not Friends podcast, right here on odysee. For episode 1 and more info on that podcast, the link is below.

Some more fresh, spicy memes for the people from the Grateful Disobedient.

A 4-pack of fresh memes from the Grateful Disobedient.

A 4-pack of fresh memes from the Grateful Disobedient

A fresh 4-pack of memes from the Grateful Disobedient

The Grateful Disobedient Submar-Meme Cast Episode 003:

For full show notes and a mess of links and other videos, please visit the episode page:

As this and future deep dives are meant as much as a starting point as anything else, we hope to provide some resources that might be helpful next steps on your journey to truth and the discovery of your ability to use you mind to better your world! This by no means constitutes the totality of the information available, but like Morpheus told Neo, "I can only show you the door, you must decide to walk through it."

For the Full Show Notes and Related Memes, visit

-Trivium -

-Robert Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land -

-Grok -

-John Henrik Clarke -

-HL Mencken -

-Wag the Dog & Knowledge Differential - The Mechanics of Deception by Blackpilled -

-Marcus Aurelius -

-Oscar Wilde -

-Euphnotizm - hypnotism through euphemism (our definition)

-Citicism -- the manners of a cit or citizen (from
-- Those memes which reinforce the status quo aka the manners of the citizens at present (our definition)

Mommy, where do cops come from?

Lots of references and even more allusions and non-sourced material. That said, these are the show notes. They are meant to be a starting point for investigation and discovery.

Naturally, the clip up front (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 EMI Films) is used for educational purposes. #fairuse #screwyoutube

Etymology of Virus -

Dr Robert Young on Terrain Theory -

Germ Theory Versus Terrain Theory by Dr Merinda Teller -

Viktor Frankl -

The Information by James Gleick -

William "Devil Bill" Rockefeller Sr. -

Having the Psychopath Mark Passio on The Natural Freedom
League Podcast -

The Anarchist Handbook ed. Michael Malice -

King of the Britons from Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 EMI Films -

Use Your Words! - Larken Rose Video -

The Most Powerful Weapon Keith Knight talks about James Corbett’s article -

The Secret Life of Tim McVeigh A James Corbett Documentary -

AlfaCast Luminous Children & The Future Of Education w/ Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan -

Trivium Education -

Peace Revolution Podcast For more on critical thinking and the trivium method -

Trivium Notes and Guidance by Gene Odening for Tragedy & Hope Media -

Can the realization of a simple principle change the way a mind functions?

The Grateful Disobedient Meme-Cast posts new content (almost) daily

So, maybe we should just keep up with the counter-economics and stop with the idea that a libertarian would have any association with a political party.

The difference between Mafia and Government: The Mafia does not have a fifteen thousand hour system of indoctrination during your formative years to convince you its activities are something other than organized crime.

How can I give you something that I don't have?

Is the covid narrative a house of cards?

Have you heard about this mask-hack? For more, google 'Operation Paperclip'.

Are cops good people? All cops? Some cops? No cops?

In this episode, we look at why memes are important and how we can use them for good. This part is a call to action for everyone gathers and spreads memes. The call is to be cognizant of the memes and choose which ones we are actively spreading.

Andrew & Andy look at the memes, what they are and why they are important to think about and discuss.

Part 2 will discuss HOW the Meme-Cast will be looking at memes.

Short meme-casts (10min or so) will be released regularly to discuss individual memes.

What is the belief structure of authority built on? Does it stand on a solid moral and logical foundation or is it a structure that is destine to crumble?

What would a society-wide brainwashing look like and what would it take to pull something like that off? We take a look at this question and provide possible answers.
Thanks to all the image creators we borrowed from, and thanks to InspectorJ for the great version of the Brahms' "Creepy Lullaby" featured in the video. This video is for educational purposes, so please take it as such. for more info, links, podcasts, newsletter, and details. Take Care!

A look at the books The Politics of Obedience by Etienne de la Boetie (1553) and The Most Dangerous Superstition (2012) to see what these two thinkers from different centuries can teach us about freedom.

What do you do when the law of man contradict's Natural Law? Is it wrong to smuggle a Bible into a place like North Korea? Does the Bible have anything to say? Take a look with the Green River Alchemical Society at Romans 13 and Proverbs 1 as we try to gain some perspective.


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