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The Greek Debt Crisis Explained.
Andreas Antonopoulos explains the crisis in Greece with unparalleled clarity.

Published on Jun 30, 2019
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Andreas Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator and one of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

He is the author of four books, including Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, and travels the world advocating greater privacy and freedom in our financial lives.

His hugely popular talks combine economics, psychology, technology and game theory with current events, anecdotes and history.

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Stone Sour House Of Gold & Bones Part 1
All those times before
When I was just another face
Among the others
Keeping secrets to save myself
I could blend into the background
And savor the unknown
I could practice preservation
And hide behind this shell

But my god's unleashed
On a world that is falling down
My call is a beast that will not
Let me give up now
I know I'm all or nothing

Giving my illation
A little something to relax
All the others and decisions
Will make me go mad
There's no time to hear the arguments
Or simply close my eyes
I believe this confrontation
Deserves my full attention

When my god's unleashed on a world
That is falling down
My call is a beast that will not
Let me give up now
I know I'm all or nothing
I'm all or nothing

I can see why nothing has happened
Promises strain
I'm writing this down as I run
Take all the examples
And what have I learned?
Nothing can heal you
And everything burns

My god's unleashed on a world
That is falling down
My call is a beast that will not
Let me give up now
I'm all or nothing
I'm all or nothing

[The road to hell (part 1)]

Stood still on a highway
I saw a woman
By the side of the road
With a face that I knew like my own
Reflected in my window
Well she walked up to my quarterlight
And she bent down real slow
A fearful pressure paralysed me in my shadow
She said 'son what are you doing here
My fear for you has turned me in my grave'
I said 'mama I come to the valley of the rich
Myself to sell'
She said 'son this is the road to hell'

On your journey cross the wilderness
From the desert to the well
You have strayed upon the motorway to hell

[The road to hell (part 2)]

Well I'm standing by the river
But the water doesn't flow
It boils with every poison you can think of
And I'm underneath the streetlight
But the light of joy I know
Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows
And the perverted fear of violence
Chokes the smile on every face
And common sense is ringing out the bell
This ain't no technological breakdown
Oh no, this is the road to hell

And all the roads jam up with credit
And there's nothing you can do
It's all just bits of paper flying away from you
Oh look out world, take a good look
What comes down here
You must learn this lesson fast and learn it well
This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway
Oh no, this is the road
Said this is the road
This is the road to hell

Representatives of the two major political parties headline a PSA about the future of politics in America.

Silver Report Uncut
Published on Feb 24, 2018
You don't own your house and your Deed Proves it. What us allodial title? My guess is most people have no idea and that it means they don't actually own their property. Don't worry there is a way to apply for allodial title but it will cost you.


the Truth is stranger than fiction...

This video is mirrored from C. Ervana and is made and owned by C. Ervana. I don't own anything ! It's under Fair use with purpose to educate and inform the public.

Is the US goverment rulling by Constitutional Laws or Lincoln's Orders No. 100 Martial Laws
General Orders No. 100 : The LIEber Code


the Truth is stranger than fiction...

A closer look at the phenomena referred to as "Earthshine, which claims to explain why the "shadow side" of the crescent moon can sometimes still be visible... (also sometimes referred to as "planetshine", as it supposedly occurs with other planets/moons as well...)

trouble about

Whose Nightmare?
I live in a world of zombies
Sleeping people in motion
Walking dead
Legally dead
Eyes open
Minds closed
Creators of the universe
Slaves to their own creation
One by one we shall wake them
Fill them with light to shine within
Like sleeping beauties
They shall awaken from their slumber
Like hansel and gretal
Following a trail of information
I create what i speak!
by Jillian macey

Nairobi (KENYA) Nov 27, 2015 - "I am going to tell you something private. In my pocket I always carry two thing: a rosary to pray something which seems odd, this is here is the history of God’s failure, it’s the way of the cross, a small way of the cross, as Jesus suffered and when they condemned him right up to where he was buried with these two things I do the best I can. And thanks to these two things, I never lose hope."
These are the words of "pope" Francis to a lost youth living in Nairobi (Kenya) on November 27, 2015.

There is not much to say about these senseless words declaring "Christ's Way of the Cross" to be a "failure". They (those words) speak clearly on their own and must become an alarm-bell for every Catholic living today. Declarations such as this one should only raise some very serious concern about the Church's destiny while being controlled by her very enemy: False Prophet "pope" Francis.

President John F. Kennedy's final book, A Nation of Immigrants
When it was first published in 1958, A Nation of Immigrants articulated an ethos of cultural pluralism that was regarded as a truism of American historical experience; the concept was—and still is—believed to be as old as the nation itself. In fact “a nation of immigrants” is a twentieth century idea and one that became embraced by the mainstream only after World War II. But, its simplicity and putative timelessness give it a protean character, so it is easily invoked by diverse interests in contemporary immigration debates. I suggest that by historicizing “a nation of immigrants” as a concept produced by cold war and civil rights politics, as an archetype of twentieth century racial liberalism, we gain access to an understanding of how the modern regime of immigration policy was constructed. The political force behind Kennedy’s publication A Nation of Immigrants was the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, one of the leading Jewish civil rights organizations in the United States. During the 1950s, the ADL engaged in a vigorous campaign to eliminate all vestiges of anti-Semitism in American society. Although increasing numbers of American Jews after World War II enjoyed middle-class status, they continued to face discrimination in the housing market, in higher education, in the professions, and in other walks of life. The ADL considered immigration policy particularly repugnant, on account of the blatantly racist quotas that were imposed on immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe in the 1920s.


From the moment we come into this world our birth certificate is signed by our parents and a bond is formed to the federal reserve. It is even printed on bond paper. Most are unaware that once the certificate is signed we are viewed as dead soulless beings and this has an integral role to play in the courts as well as in understanding the corruption of the cestui que vie trust
these probably dont work but ill post them
Cestui Vei Que Trust
Birth certificate
Civil Registration Act
The cult of Cybele
How to cancel your social security number and birth certificate and become a sovereign citizen

i dont agree with all this but i agree with more than i dont

Studies can get so boring... until a talking frog is yammering law at you that is.


admiralty law, common law and the sovereign

I am posting this for educational purposes only. Our society is run by lawyers, our politicians are lawyers, they write our laws. Our judges are lawyers, our presidents are lawyers. They are above us, do you suppose they want you to understand the law? These are the witch doctors of the current age, ruling over us with their lawyer speak that we could never understand. We do understand though that this requires sacrificing the individual for the "system". In order to understand how to resist what is being forced upon us I think it is imperative that we educate ourselves to the multi-faceted system that is the source of our oppression. So many things we sign, and by doing so waive our rights as natural persons and willingly submit ourselves to this admiralty law. Do you think the lawyers with the contracts and the power over us are going to let us know that.

world government magna charta freeman natural person strawman statutes laws acts regulations sovereignty reclaiming your sovereignty


So the more people they CAPITALIZE on the more corporate equity they have, you are equity, like a car, your certificate of birth is a title like a car has, are you property of the corporate govt? Or are you your own? You decide.
I have read supreme court rulings about statutes and their application, it is said that statutes have no judicial backing and any acting as judge in a case where a statute is heard or enforced is not acting judicially but administratively without judicial power. If you would like a copy of any affidavits, more blacks law definitions or any kind of info I can supply I will do my best to share the info, I am not a professional I am not a lawyer and this is not LEGAL ADVISE, if you want legal advice seek out a foreign B.A.R. associate and give up your rights.



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