American Catholic bishops are holding a high-level meeting this week in Baltimore in an event that was supposed to break ground on the church sex abuse crisis, but then there was an abrupt change of plans. Protesters gathered outside all day Monday, and they are angry. U.S. bishops were about to take steps to combat the church sex abuse crisis until the plan was commandeered, ostensibly by the pope.

Hitler BANNED chains of stores & he supported small business in a BIG WAY! The same problems we have in 2016 are the same ones the Germans had 88 years ago. The war is between White Labour and Jewish Money/Capital. In 1928 Dr Goebbels said that Germans only buy from Jews. He chided the Germans for buying from and supporting the glitzy Jewish Department stores. I discuss the economic problems of whites and why it is that the Jews managed to get control of our economic systems. I discuss the history of whites in Africa where we dealt with low-skilled blacks & why Colonialism was a massive economic success. Colonialism was the only time in Africa's history (except for Roman times) that Africa was a net exporter of food. Hitler revered farmers and did not allow big business to take over their farms. I discuss the critical importance of farming to white civilisation historically and why white farmers in South Africa are targeted for murder. I explain how BIG CAPITAL and Blacks teamed up in 1994 in South Africa and how it flopped & why unemployment in Africa is at unbelievable levels. I give my views on why PEOPLE are the most important asset any nation has and I contrast the Japanese versus the Blacks.

Southern Israelite
Published on Jul 10, 2018

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We have had this video posted at project for over five years. But never has its message been clearer or more appropriate than it is today. Laugh if you will, but this short video certainly is an accurate and well-presented depiction of the Jewish treachery against all White nations which has been unfolding over the last two hundred years. However we have faith that in the end, the results of such Jewish treachery will turn out quite differently.


The only way to improve society is stop supporting government. We did, by officially refusing to finance their evil enterprises - sent them our declaration with refusal to pay property taxes & any other "dues" they impose.
More on that & aftereffects - on our blog:

Published on Sep 20, 2014
In an excerpt from a 1990 C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb, Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, authors of the book Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community, describe how the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office officially refers to its subordinate organization “the Mossad” as the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service,” or ISIS.

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Hemp vs. Fossil Fuels Pyrolysis facilities can use the same technology used now to process fossil fuel oil and coal. Petroleum coal and oil conversion is more efficient in terms of fuel-to-feed ratio, but there are many advantages to conversion by pyrolysis. 1) Biomass has a heating value of 5000-8000 BTU/lb, with virtually no ash or sulfur emissions. 2) Ethanol, methanol, methane gas, and gasoline can be derived from biomass at a fraction of the cost of the current cost of oil, coal, or nuclear energy, especially when environmental costs are factored in. Each acre of hemp could yield about 1000 gallons of methanol. 3) When an energy crop is growing, it takes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, and releases an equal amount when it is burned, creating a balanced system, unlike petroleum fuels, which only release CO2. When an energy crop like hemp is grown on a massive scale, it will initially lower the CO2 in the air, and then stabilize it at a level lower than before the planting of the energy crop. 4) Use of biomass would end acid rain, end sulfer-based smog, and reverse the greenhouse effect. Hemp Produces the Most Biomass of Any Plant on Earth. Hemp is at least four times richer in biomass/cellulose potential than its nearest rivals: cornstalks, sugarcane, kenaf, trees, etc. Hemp produces the most biomass of any crop, which is why it is the natural choice for an energy crop. Hemp converts the sun's energy into cellulose faster than any other plant, through photosynthesis. Hemp can produce 10 tons of biomass per acre every four months. Enough energy could be produced on 6% of the land in the U.S. to provide enough energy for our entire country (cars, heat homes, electricity, industry) -- and we use 25% of the world's energy. To put which in perspective, right now we pay farmers not to grow on 6% (around 90 million acres) of the farming land, while another 500 million acres of marginal farmland lies fallow. This land could be used to grow hemp as an energy crop.

Our media, education and power structure induces trances upon us to have us worry about our comforts and disregard our rights, even our personal security. In this trance, we forget the dangers of providing our identities and personal information to strangers, "authorities', marketers and public forums. This video provides some perspective on some of the overlooked issues of privacy in modern societies which now have massive surveillance infrastructures.

Most of us don't realize that our actions and attitudes put us unintentionally in debt and uncompensated servitude as we blindly attempt to conform to external agendas promulgated by media, government and corporations. This video exposes some of the mechanisms of mass control. This video challenges men, women, workers, managers, executives, consumers and debt slaves into examining their most fundamental presumptions about their place and purpose in society.


The Curvature Hunter

i dont know what this video is saying i still thought it was interesting

Published on Jun 16, 2012
- And it's all by design...

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"God Is Dead?" lyrics in full HD! This song is the first track in their album "13", I personally think this song is very good!

In 1619, because hemp was such an important resource, it was illegal not to grow hemp in Jamestown, Virginia. Massachusetts and Connecticut had similar laws. During the 1700's, subsidies and bounties were granted in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, North & South Carolina, and the New England states to encourage hemp cultivation and the manufacturing of cordage and canvas. Unfortunately, these actions failed to establish a permanent hemp industry in any of these states.

Published on Jul 27, 2009
The meaning of life is problem solving!

This is how they control the people daily. They solve the basic problems of food, clothing & shelter by providing you with jobs. Every two weeks they pay you in debt notes & within ten days you have given it all back. You don't even know it's not real money & that the nations are all under bankruptcy & everything is prepaid. You are so conditioned you can't believe it, you deny it & you continue to go along with the corporate central bank tax scam. That leaves you free to solve more pressing problems like cash or charge, wine or beer, window or aisle, smoking or non, Oprah or American Idol Worship. You work all day in a corporate sweat shop. You pay taxes to the corporation of [your country name] then you watch Corporate news scare you to death with terror, murder, rape & corruption. You watch some sitcom Friends lie & cheat on each other for a laugh then you finish off the evening by witnessing some Criminal Minds plot & commit murder


How Will I Laugh Tomorrow · Suicidal Tendencies How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today ℗ 1988 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Released on: 1988-09-02 Composer: M. Muir Vocal: Mike Muir Guitar: Mike Clark Guitar: Dean Pleasants Engineer, Producer: Mark Dodson Engineer: Mike Bosley Drums: Brooks Wackerman Bass: Josh Paul


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