Stop the police harassing me


-> Deep state does not approve of this video

So we just upload them to other platforms.

British Telecom. Stop the cyberstalking, laptop, phone, and tablet hacking.,that%20they%20have%20been%20banned. Sometimes they will sneakily try to hide my whole channel from YouTube search. Email US senators. They used to stealth censor and take my channels down all the time until I started emailing politicians. They still stealth censor me a little, but not my whole channel and they no longer close my channels. To targeted individuals in Australia... Are you listening? Start emailing US senators. Because I can't be arsed having to update links all the time.

Remember I uploaded about this? Well I filed an appeal. 0:45 What nudity and sexual content? They falsify reasons to censor opinions they dislike. So essentially I get a strike for saying shootings are real? Censorship is getting out of control. It's getting you're not allowed to think and correct morons brainwashed by these companies. These are psyops by CNN to create conspiracy theorists out of morons. To paint all gun owners as mentally unstable.


verb (used with object), gas·light·ed or gas·lit, gas·light·ing.
to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation:
How do you know if your partner is gaslighting you?

Watch his videos He isn't the only one. Google hides channels. They want you to see Alex Jones/David Icke following morons instead. That and cute animal videos.

CBS and hospital caught faking coronavirus patients.

Having a channel like this on YouTube or Twitter would get me banned on both sites right away,

You shouldn't need subtitles, though. It isn't even close to sounding like "Gone". And 0:47 listen to him introduce the people to his left as "Grave gentlemen" but the subtitles fails to pick this one up. There's a shadow government.

My YouTube channel -> Stop the stalking, stop the hacking, stop the internet censorship.

Mainstream media caught yet again airing footage of an Italian hospital when doing reports on coronavirus in their country/state.

Go to her channel (read the description)


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Stalking, cyberstalking, computer, phone, tablet hacking. And internet censorship. Alex Jones, David Icke, chemtrail, 5G, flat earth, anti-vaccine retards will be blocked.