Keep in mind that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds crime syndicates owns the four largest oil corporations on the planet including petroleum based Big Pharma and they want Russian energy but they will not get it without a fight.

Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu's Trial and Execution, a most excited crime story.
Every Marxist/Communists/Bolshevik (Leftists/Marxists/Neo-Bolshevik) needs to be executed before they gain power or else they will slaughter us all.
Communists Dictators are always the same mass-murdering psychopathic shitbags and they are still doing it today in every White nation. Let them know we know and no dictator shall ever find peace.

You took the jab, wore and face diaper, stayed at home now you support the Ukraine?

Something we've all known since Trumpsteins announced Operation Warp Speed.
Now she says Vaxx is dangerous. It must be hard for the dying to admit the jabs are poison and they fell for the scam.

The "operator sounded like she works from home and seemed surprised anyone called. Bet she makes 100K+ for nothing.

This is a right in every state under the Bill of Rights, but only in Florida will the Sheriff say it in the media.
Sheriff Says, "we offer classes to shoot better" in other words, Kill the criminal invaders, don't wound them. Florida is awesome!
well, except the heat and humidity in the summer.
April 27, 2022
A Florida sheriff invited a homeowner who shot would-be robbers and to attend a police gun safety course to 'learn to shoot a lot better' and 'save the taxpayers money.

Time laps of NATO Expansion. NATO is a western military agency working for world government.

Brave Doctors Stand Up For The Truth.
TN House Health Subcommittee HB1871
When will Americans wake up from this nightmare and fight back?

WWIII has begun. Janet Yellen Gives Ultimatum! Banksters need to loot Russia for the money to keep their scam going.
Yellen is serving as the 78th United States secretary of the treasury since January 26, 2021. A member of the Democratic Pedo-Party, she previously served as the 15th chair of the "'Federal Reserve'" from 2014 to 2018.

School systems are no longer safe spaces.
Notice the Leftists Perverted Pedophiles were ALL hiding behind masks? With the exception of a three or four none of the Anti Pedophile rally attendees were hiding behind masks. Anyone wearing a mask today looks like they are hiding something to me.
These perverted Leftists/Marxist sociopaths use the term fascists'? Lmao. That term will never work again.
Theses Leftists-Pedophiles use grooming techniques to harm children psychologically. Either get the perverted leftists Marxist teachers out of the school systems or get your children out. No child is safe in there as long as Leftists/Marxists are allowed to be so-called teachers.

Excuses For World War III And Milestones Of Ukrainian Conflict
Everyone should subscribe to Southfront, absolutely the best unbiased coverage of latest news and analysis from the front lines of wars around the world focusing on the major conflicts.
I have been following Southfront for ten years and I have never felt let down. One of the first channels ban from YT.

Radiation in little retarded kids gonads with a half tank of gas? You God Damn Right!
On behalf of the International Jewish Conspiracy. Joel from WTV brings up a good point "Mulder DIDN'T say ''Zionist'' conspiracy or ''Globalist'' conspiracy or ''Illuminati'' conspiracy or ''Elite'' conspiracy or ''New World Order'' conspiracy" no, none of that, Mulder says 'International Jewish Conspiracy'. I guess the writers didn't think it through, or maybe they did.
Edited for Satire

Awesome presentation! Dr. Paul Thomas Blows The Lid Off The Conventional Vaccine Narrative—Incredible Statistics

Full PDF Stats

Did the fake Covid pandemic expose the so-called vaccine industry for the frauds they are?

I had a tetanus shot 30 years ago and I could tell right after that something was wrong.
I have not and will not ever take any jab again, EVER!

NEVER EVER take any of their poisons or allow them to poison your children.

Rep. Massie: Let's Not Let The FBI Label Mothers "Domestic Terrorists" For COVID Vaccine Opposition.
The War is not in the Ukraine, the real war is the criminal Anti-American Congress who has silently declared war on all Americans. Few in Congress will stand up to jewish power forcing their kill shots on the public using lies and disinformation.
There is no virus, there never was a pandemic. Only a massive psychological operation against Americans of European descendants, Europeans and Australians.

Vice President George H. W. Bush tours Monsanto's research facilities in 1987, 9 years before Roundup Ready Soy Beans were first sold. Hear him state in his own words "call me, we're in the "dereg" business, maybe we can help." This video snippet is from the film "The World According to Monsanto".

Before Monsanto became the mega-corporation it is today, in the 1980's it struggled to get FDA approval due to stringent Safety Regulations. Today the FDA is controlled by major corporations.

The Reagan and Bush administrations annihilated those regulations making it possible for toxic GMO contaminated food to be sold to you WITHOUT labeling or warning. Most our food in genetically engineered. All corn is now one of the most contaminated consumer foods. Before GMO's, Mexico produced the best corn in the world. Today the GMO toxic pollen has contaminated all of Mexico's corn crops and may be the main reason why so many Mexicans and Americans are obese and suffer from unexplained illnesses.
Now Europeans, Americans, Australians, and others are being Genetically modifies through mRNA injections.

Israelis steal US military technology and use it against us, spy on Americans, have the most cybersecurity companies who conducts espionage against the US. Israeli's have infiltrated every government alphabet agency in the US. Israelis lie and trick American into believing Israelis are the good guys while working against us with impunity. Because all MSM is Jewish owned so Americans are remaining in the dark.
This was 2017. Today its 6 million times worse. Israel Controls the U.S (Former CIA Counter Intelligence Officer Phil Giraldi)
If Americans Only Knew!

Uncivilized Savage Sucker-punches White Kid Winning The Race In Florida.
TMZ reported:
Shocking video captured the moment a high school runner was sucker-punched by another competitor who ran onto the track after the two had an altercation before the start of a race at a Florida meet.

The video shows a pack of runners coming down the straight portion of the track in the 1,600-meter race when the attacker makes a beeline for the runner at the front of the pack during the Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee on Saturday.

Before the start of the race, a teen wearing black shorts and T-shirt had been told by the punched runner to move out of the way, according to TMZ.

Reports Of Panic Buying And Customers Fighting As Shanghai - New Covid Lockdowns?

No idea how true this is. The laugh in the middle is strange to say the least.

Child Abuse is a crime.
It looks to me like the White kid didn’t want to be pulled around by the black kid and I've seen this behavior before between two White kids, but the day care attendant appears to blame Whitey regardless of kids just being kids and only focusing on the White kid, throwing the White kid down twice.
The real bad behavor is the racist daycare attendent who should have assult charges brought up against her. Child Abuse is a crime.

An honest view point of the jabbed being the sickest people around. I agree when his assessment.
Personally, every person I know who got jabbed are ill in some way. A family friend, who couldn’t wait to get jabbed developed the nastiest, ugliest deep lung cough I ever heard after her booster shot and blames it on "Chronic Bronchitis", and maybe it is but the progression is worsening and who is to say that the jab didn’t make her “bronchitis” worse. Waiting for that call.
Mirrored from BNT

You are out of luck if you took the joozjab. In fact I would say you’ve been murdered but you just don’t know it yet.

Fanatical jews need you to believe jews are your salvation when it's the very opposite.
If a truce is made in Jerusalem its engineered for your slavery and death.
Fanatical Jews and Shabbos Goy are the criminals behind the engineered fake pandemic and now engineered war in Ukraine.
80+ million Evangelical Christians Fanatics are America's downfall who played into the hands of Fanatical criminal psychotic jews.

Company, Gathering Intelligence On You (Please Share!!)

A real nightmare in the making. Slavery beyond anything ever imagined in human history and they are not going to give up and go away or go to prison. They are playing an all or nothing game, meaning we will lose everything including our lives before they are convicted and sent to prison for their massive crimes against every living thing on the planet. Prepare!

Klaus Schwab, Hunter Biden, Ralph Beric, Dr. Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance, Victoria Nuland, Congress Members, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Jefery Epstine, Google, DARPA, Pentagon, State Department, Black and Veatch, the MSM, top level US Government officials, CIA, WEF's Young Shapers all Connected To Ukraine Bioweapons Labs.
Greg Reese nails this. Not an AJ fan at all, but Greg Reese is killing it!

Imagine all the bad actors not mentioned in this engineered war, these are same bad actors in the covid scam.
Who can stop these psychopaths?
What will these criminally insane psychopaths do to stay out of the electric chair? Nuke a few cities and blame White guys or the un-jabbed? They have totally lost their minds. They have declaerd war on the people with these actions.
Greg Reese nails this. Not an AJ fan at all but Greg Reese is killing it!


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