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De Verenigde Naties rollen momenteel Agenda 2030 uit, met de beruchte "duurzaamheidsdoelen". Dit wereldwijde project wil elk aspect van het menselijk bestaan volledig veranderen: voedsel, seksualiteit, familie, werk, financiën, gezondheid, onderwijs, alles! Dit zal zogenaamd een einde maken aan armoede, honger, ongelijkheid, ziekte en andere slechte dingen. Een voormalig uitvoerend directeur die twee decennia bij de VN werkte, vertelt een ander verhaal. Hij legt uit dat de VN wordt gecontroleerd door criminelen die de VN gebruiken om zichzelf te verrijken en de mensheid tot slaaf te maken.

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The agenda of the World Economic Forum, explained by Yuval Noah Harari, is to create a new breed of humanoid cyborgs, that will rule over all of humanity.

The plan for a one world government is being pushed as never before, by globalist entities.

With evidence and testimonies from Trump and Hannity, saying that Biden is an imposter.

This film contains the most important message humanity has to hear, in this time.

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Let the CRY FOR FREEDOM go around the world.

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This is the most shocking and open hearted interview with Dr. Peter McCullough. He testified during a session with the Corona Investigative Committee, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. The interview was banned all over the internet worldwide, because of the disturbing revelations made b2y Dr. McCullough. Now it is back online, because what this medical authority says here, must be heard by the whole world. Share wildly please.

More about vaccines here:

Reiner Fuellmich gives an encouraging and inspiring interview with David Sorensen from He answers to the false accusations of his former colleague Viviane Fisher, and shows the way forward with a new committee that will have a much wider scope.

The New International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC - pronounce I see I see), to investigate and expose many more crimes against humanity committed by the globalists.

He also talks about legal proceedings that will come in the future.

Finally Reiner Fuellmich explains why we will win, for sure.

To view the historic Grand Jury proceedings, and download free evidence PDF visit:

Medical doctors all over the world are issuing a severe warning concerning the experimental covid vaccines.

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Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker explains why cures for covid are hidden by governments. He cured thousands with chlorine dioxide or CDS. Learn more here:

A beautiful animated documentary by David Icke gives The Answer on the question how they pulled off the pandemic. A clear answer about how the global cult of the 1% could create a plandemic hoax.

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Dr Simone Gold and America's Frontline Doctors expose lies about experimental vaccines, covid cures and pandemic. Spoken at the Stand with Rodney Howard Brown. More info:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a trial lawyer who has gathered all the evidence from 100 scientists that the covid pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. He is working with 1000 lawyers worldwide to sue all who are complicit in this crime against humanity. They are preparing a second Nuremberg trial.

They have the evidence that the PCR test is a fraud, unable to detect a virus. Also the lockdowns have no scientific basis.

To see all the evidence for yourself, go here:


Evidence, whistleblower confessions, and witness testimonies that the media and governments are deceiving you. Must see!

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With Julian Assange, Project Veritas, Charlie Chester, Udo Ulfkotte, and others.

Renate received several prophetic messages from God, one accompanied by a miraculous sign, to encourage us about President Donald Trump and our future. Be sure to watch till the end!

Even though there may be an inauguration of Joe Biden, here are 10 reasons why I believe Donald Trump will win this war and be the real President again.

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The evidence is here that indeed Italy - and several other nations - worked together to steal the 2020 presidential election and remove President Donald Trump from office. Why?

This may be the most important video documentary I have created so far.

It reveals with stunning confirmations from the highest levels in military, judicial system and election integrity organizations that NOT ONLY did the Italian military, government and American embassy in Italy steal the U.S. elections, but also OTHER NATIONS collaborated in a worldwide attempt to overthrow President Trump.

The question is: why would nations around the world unite in an all out war against America and President Trump?

The answer is given in this short but very revealing video, that shows the real threat to our world, and explains why we are experiencing today what is going on.

I deeply encourage you to watch this 15 minute video, and please - I repeat it - please share it where’re you can.

I included a download Lin, so you can post it anywhere you want.

Post it in Telegram groups, Whatsapp groups, on all free speech platforms, and especially… send it in emails to all your contacts.

I am beging you to wake up ad kick into gear because of this single reason:

All of humanity is in a very deep, deep sleep of tremendous deception, totally unaware of what is going on around them. Billions are being steered to an even deeper darkness and utter destruction, and they haven’t got the slightest clue.

WE - you and me and all freedom warriors - have been called, awakened and equipped to change this, by sharing critical truth.

This video is a major tool for all of us, to open the eyes of the sleeping masses. It is concise, full of evidence, and cannot be denied.

It is crystal clear.

This short documentary shows brilliantly what is TRULY happening in our world, and why the whole world wants to destroy President Trump.

It also reveals as clear as daylight why this election is of critical importance to the whole world, and will decide the fate of every living being on our amazing earth.

So again, even if you are very busy, please watch this short 15 min documentary and join the forces who are awakening the world.

Be a hero who does what it takes to ring the freedom bell and shine a bright light into this world.

Please do some real extra effort.

This video also relates entirely to COVID-19, and reveals to the point why the pandemic was set up, and what is being done to save the world.

May we all wake up and take action, to help open the eyes of humanity.

So once more: share it in Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other groups. Send it to your email contacts, post it everywhere you can.

This is massive truth that has the potential to awaken great numbers of people.

Ay it be a shout of victory for humanity.

All major social media platforms, and most Big Tech have blocked their very own president from the United States. Our homeland and the world is under full blown siege by globalist powers who want to silence everyone and overtake the world with their New World Order. They are loosing. God spoken very clearly to me that President Trump will be president for four more years. The war is however fierce and real. If the internet remains available, I will be sending critical updates to help you get through this. Stay calm, and rejoice for wat is about to be revealed and hap[en. His is not a fight between peolle or political parties, this is a all ot confrontation of the eternal powers of darkness and light. The light is winning and will; win. The world was created from it and is destined to become more and more light. So don’t fear. We have to expose the criminals massively, and judge them to the full. Just join the prayers of the ones wo love the ugh and stand tall. The future is bright and beautiful. Ou are called to join the world of love ruth and goodness, so step in with all your heart, where you belong.

Much love,

David Sorensen

This is the amazing message by Rick Martin, the ‘Judge Killer’. Presented by David Sorensen.

Een heldere uitleg die duidelijkheid geeft in de huidige crisis van de mensheid.

How to defend your freedom using the constitution. With Rick Martin.

If President Trump is for the people, why then is he pushing the vaccines with Warpspeed? Get an honest answer from David Sorensen,

​It's hardly possible to believe, yet we can see how horrible real it is in this video: the New World Order that ​is being implemented under the guise o​f 'Covid-19 measures' is ​nothing less than violent tyranny. German medical doctor Andres Noack is violently arrested in a totally illegal way. The police have no arrest warrant whatsoever, they don't explain why he is being placed in custody, but they break violently thr​ough his door, enter his house unlawfully and ​force him to the ground, while screaming like ​demon possessed madmen, ​pointing a machinegun at his head.

This is literally ​what ​happened ​during from the first two World Wars, when the N​azis did exact​ly the same: s​creaming aggressively, and breaking through doors, to illegally arrest innocent citizens.

"Covid is New World Order" admits Australian Health Minister

De Wereldvereniging voor Artsen verklaart dat er geen pandemie is


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