The goal is too, say love thank you, thank you love, love thank you, thank you love and then do that for as much as you can; have a great one all.

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Its a place that can give you and take from you if you let the powers that be have the power as simply to say because of the non+person’s = sovereignty = freedom< The Constitution that represents the Sovereign’s People Republic of the United States of America, that gives them, we the people=non+persons overstanding of/as the Country of Washington DC; it’s where George Washington(General at the time) came up with the brilliant strategy that it was a holiday or could’ve been New Year’s where everyone on both sides were celebrating a holiday and George Washington said they’re celebrating a holiday they’re not going to expect what’s going to happen if we go over there right now and so they hopped and through the cold.on our boats and they went and they went across the river and they surprise the enemy and that’s how we won our freedom and become common law=law of the land and that’s why/when the Constitution says person it’s we the people, as the sovereign that automatically inherited sovereignty from her or fathers the real founding fathers, The revolutionaries; so that’s why the courts say non+person as they have deemed it as “Common Sense,” that “We the People,” can be whatever we want as long as we are living life in a loving way with self growth for all….yet, when it comes to the law of the sea and the law of the air, those laws have to understand that the law of the land is always has the overstanding to be as to understand that the courts call people=persons, no matter their skin tone pigment that have varying degrees of melatonin; as the courts deem people as persons, then when you have law of the land=people as non+persons because The freedom of humanity comes from the law of the land and is celebrated for the Law of the Land as to brings peace to the law to the land to those that live on the land and yet The law of the sea and the law of the air is for anti-human qualitiesMaking a persons to be fictitious entities that don’t matter because they are as like “Lower class citizen ,” tell you reclaim yourself as a non+person using the law of the land.
< that’s why George Washington should be on the whatever bill that they are on and then on the other side we should have Martin Luther king Junior , For bringing balance and harmony and equalization to all bringing people with the people together.

And it’s all because of Black Lives Matter, Yelp is being this way; being politically correct and economically inclined is not always the best luck/look


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