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URGENT WARNING to American Christians: Do you still think Donald Trump is going to make America great again when God is still opposing it's citizens? There is a "breach" in America. There is a "breach" in the so-called Christian church today. It is a long-standing "breach" and God has had enough. We have pushed the bible aside, refused correction, and embraced new fads and new philosophies both as a church and as a nation. Can the breach be repaired at this late hour? (NOTICE: Please share this video with everybody you know - This is a "MUST LISTEN" for anybody who still has an "ounce" of sanity left). This is a Straitway Life Ministry production. Copy and repost as much as you like all over the web for the deliverance of souls.

The foolish virgins will run out of OIL and the foolish builders will watch as EVERYTHING gets WASHED AWAY in the FLOOD. Oh my. In today's teaching video we will look at the parable of the wise and foolish virgins and the parable of the wise and foolish builders. ( This is a Straitway Life Ministry end times video production - Feel free to share far and wide for the deliverance of souls )

Is the "fear" of man ever justified for Christians? Is a fear of "change" in order to conform to God's rules and guidelines acceptable? We know and understand, that we who are on the road of salvation, are to have a fear of God and overcome. That is a given. But how about the uncertainties and things of this world? Should we be afraid of them? Should we be afraid to confront sin and wickedness? Should we be afraid to confront darkness and call it out as such? God says we are NOT to be anxious about anything. Right? Can the Holy Spirit conquer our fears? Does perfect love cast out fear? Can Christian "cowards" overcome irrational fears and be bold as a lion in these perilous times? Are you tormented by fears and worries? This video is for you if you need to be healed of this wretched condition. ( This teaching video is a Straitway Life Ministry production: Feel free to share far and wide for the deliverance of souls !!! We only ask that you do not edit the video in any way. Thank You and God bless. )

Does God lack power over anything? Does the Almighty have "absolute rule" in the affairs of men? How "hands on" is he in the affairs of men? Can anyone or anything thwart God's purpose and will? Is the Most High orchestrating all of human history and everything in it? Is anything left to chance? Does God cause evil? Does evil deter God? Is God trying to regain control of something that went haywire? If God is all powerful and if nothing happens apart from His purpose, why is there evil? What should a Christian's response be to all the wickedness in these last days? Should we fear what man can do? Should we try and fight against the evil in the natural? War in the flesh? Let's get some understanding. ( Straitway Life Ministry w/ Dante 37, Feel free to share this teaching video far and wide for the deliverance of souls )

Oh no !!! The Baptists have been "triggered" by my teaching on the "corrupt" Christian churches including the Baptist denomination which teaches a false easy-belief / no works type of salvation. I really hope and pray that this denomination changes their views on salvation to conform with scripture because they are sending souls straight to hell. But I am not going to hold my breath. Just yesterday an angry Baptist trolled my Straitway Life Ministry BitChute channel offended that I dared to expose the rottenness and evil present in their religion. I will continue to maintain that ALL of the major protestant denominations ( both liberal and conservative ) are a counterfeit brand of Christianity. I invite you to tune in now to this teaching as I respond to the "Baptist Troll" who was triggered by my preaching of the Word. I will review the "vomit" that he left in the comments section under my video on the "corrupt modern Christian church" and then I will refute his Baptist talking points. Let's get some understanding.

Why are there so many Christian churches and denominations? Also, I see so many people going to a church building and coming out the same way as they went in. Carnal as hell. Carnal Christianity is all that I see among the denominational system of churches. How many believers are being defiled by today's organized mainstream churches? And how many of these assemblies are sending souls straight to hell? Church worship services and fellowship are important but getting to the "right" ones is even more crucial. And the problem that we have today is that the "right" ones are in scarce supply. There is a famine of the "hearing" of the word of God today. For those genuine believers in Jesus Christ, who are on fire for the Lord, and who desire to live a "righteous" and holy life, you just can't go around strengthening the hands of evil doers in the corrupt church system. Right? Nor do we want to be defiled by it. Right? So what is the solution to this? Where do we go for fellowship in today's church environment? How are we supposed to do "church" in this dark age? Let us get some understanding. ( Permission GRANTED to share this Straitway Life Ministry teaching video far and wide for the deliverance of souls )

Song Title: God Is Good All The Time ( Lyrics Included ). Audio & Video quality upgraded and improved. Sing a new song to our worthy wonderful Creator. Offer up the sacrifice of praise from the depths of the soul. Because He is good all the time. Oh Hallelujah !!!

Over in Psalm 73:1 We are told that "Truly God is good to Israel. To such as are of a clean heart" and Luke 18:19 says "Jesus said to him, Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God". Saints of God, you are Spiritual Israel in this new covenant church age and if you have a clean heart you will find God is good ALL the time. Through the darkest night His light will shine. He is sooooooo Good. Let us praise Him now for His goodness with this uplifting spiritual song. Oh HalleluYAH !!!

Have you experienced God's presence in your life to the level you would like? How about His mercy and goodness in your life? Have you experienced it to the degree of being completely filled with God's glory? If not, perhaps your lips are not offering up a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord on a regular basis. Giving praise and thanks unto God is so vital to your spiritual walk that if you are negligent in it, your fellowship with God will be anemic. In this video I share with you a thanksgiving message from God's word on how to bring God's transforming strength, power and might into your life through thanksgiving. Let us get some understanding. ((( A Straitway Life Ministry w/ Dante37 video teaching to share far and wide for the deliverance of souls !!! )))

Is there anything God cannot do? We know God is the Almighty. He is not limited in power in any way. Nothing is impossible with God right? But is there anything contrary to His nature that He cannot do? Is there anything that limits God because of who He is? There are guidelines that even God cannot step over. God cannot do wrong !!! Let us get some understanding. ( Straitway Life Ministry, Christian Healing & Deliverance w/ Dante37 - Feel free to share this video far and wide for the deliverance of souls ).

Saints of God, do you know why Satan wishes to destroy you? Do you know what prompted Satan and 1/3rd of the angels to rebel against God during creation week? The reason goes far beyond simple envy, jealousy and pride. The devil and the demons are OFFENDED by you for just being a human being; even more so if you are in the body of Christ. Why is that? Why would Satan give up his glorious position as an anointed cherub among the heavenly host? What is it about "YOU" that causes him to burn with hate and jealousy towards you? Why does he wish to destroy all "human kind" from off the face of planet earth? Let us get some understanding.

I thought that tonight I would go ahead and do a video describing the purpose, focus and mission of this new online Christian ministry. If you have listened to any of our prior teaching videos thus far, no doubt you can already tell that this Christian ministry is of a much different "spirit" from the others that are out there. And in this video I will explain why dear friends and saints.... Where to find the Straitway Life Ministry Christian teaching videos online: 1) or 2) ....( To send an email message to this ministry please contact the lead teacher Dante37 directly at [email protected] )

When Christians come into the body of Christ as newborn babes, are they considered by God to be perfectly righteous? And, is their declared righteousness set in stone when they ( at first ) come under the blood of Christ? Are Christians under any law at all in the new covenant faith or are they completely without any obligation to law keeping when they are under grace? Let us get some understanding on this important matter friends and saints. ((( A Straitway Life Ministry w/Dante37 Production ))). Feel free to share far and wide.

Does the word "faith" in the New Testament scriptures refer merely to a mental belief of some kind? Does biblical faith mean you just believe in the existence of Jesus? We better get the answer to this question right because our very salvation depends on it !!! What do most people mean when they say they are saved by faith? How are Christians justified or rendered righteous before a holy God according to scripture? Does faith need to be accompanied by works to be saved or is this concept legalistic? Does your Christian faith move you to action? Or is your faith an idle and passive type of belief? Let us get some understanding on this crucial topic. Our salvation depends on us getting this right.

Does drinking alcoholic beverages bring a curse that will invite evil spirits into a person? How many meanings for "wine" are there in scripture? Is drinking alcohol or fermented wine a sin? Does having just "one" drink or drinking in moderation offend God? Is drunkenness the only thing "wine related" that is sinful? Can wine refer merely to grape juice in the scriptures? Was the wine at the Last Supper fermented? When Jesus turned the water into wine, was it alcoholic or pure grape juice wine? Does fermented wine accurately represent the blood of Jesus Christ? Did Jesus Himself drink alcoholic wine or grape juice? Is the "new wine" described in scripture fresh grape juice from the cluster? Let's get some understanding.

How can a Christian be perfect? Is it even possible? Can Christians be perfect like Jesus and live a life of no sin? How perfect is perfect? Are you on the "path" to perfection ??? Did Jesus lie or mislead when He told His disciples that they must be perfect? ((( Corinthians 7:1 ))) Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us PURIFY ourselves from EVERYTHING that contaminates body and spirit, PERFECTING HOLINESS out of reverence for God. Let us get some understanding in this short video !!! Oh HalleluYAH.

Why do so many Christians remain infants "spiritually"? Why do so few grow up to maturity? Why do so few in the body of Christ go on to perfection? Have you ever noticed that MOST so-called Christians are unable to gain the victory over temptation and sin? And why do most Christians seem to have ALL of this world's problems? They stagger to and fro like a drunken man; falling into this ditch and that ditch. What is going wrong? Let us get some understanding !!!.


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I greet every last one of you in the precious, mighty, victorious and overcoming name of Jesus Christ. My name is Dante37. Are you looking for an online Christian ministry that will teach and preach the "uncompromised" Word of God without apology? How about one that will minister healing and deliverance continually to your soul until you are set free? I invite you to subscribe to my channel and follow my video teachings from the Word of God. If you are searching for a ministry that will teach the Word of God on "ALL" subjects and hold nothing back from you, well then, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Straitway Life Ministry. ((( Contact Us: [email protected] ,,, Find Us @ OR )))