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A list of the worst to best episodes of Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2, my list, not everyone will agree with it, which is why I want to hear yours in the comment section below. Like, subscribe, comment.

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Amber Heard, abusive, toxic, and out to destroy men through pandering and playing the victim, while she fucks her way into every avenue of Nerd Culture.

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If you haven't seen the latest episode of The Mandalorian, the end credits tease the Boba Fett Spinoff series. We're gonna talk about it.

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#RayFisher #JossWhedon #WarnerBrothers

WarnerMedia has concluded its investigation into the Joss Whedon Justice League onset behavior. For most of the year, we've witnessed high school drama play out online between these, so-called "professionals", Ray Fisher and Warner Brothers.

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Actress Charlize Theron, who recently appeared in Netflix’s The Old Guard, took to Twitter to campaign for a lesbian version of Die Hard. A woke reboot? A reboot for the sake of being lesbian... Interesting concept...

This coming from a woman that let her 3 year-old decide to be a girl...
Like, subscribe. Comment. How many people actually want a reboot of Die Hard? How many want a lesbian reboot of Die Hard? And how many people think this woman should be influencing a three-year old's gender identity?

Clip taken out of my footage from Disney Investor live event.

Not my usual content, as I typically cover movie and tv show topics. But I found this to be a funny topic that directly affects me and youtubers I watch.

Youtube fully embraces racial, sexual orientation and gender discrimination, moving into 2021. Along with adds on un-monetized channels, and silencing opinions in regards to the 2020 election, whereas it previously had no problem the myth of Russian collusion. Yay!

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The recent controversy in China over the Hollywood film Monster Hunter, based off popular video game franchise, had a simple comment in the film, that authoritarian dictators got overtly sensitive about, because they're egotistical narcissist. Since then, the film has been pulled, edited and still isn't having any sign of being allowed back. Chinese influence, government relations, is making America more like China.

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Monster Hunter has been banned in china, because China is Twitter, the original Cancel Culture and censorship destination, for the egotistical and overtly sensitive dictators.

So let's talk about monster hunter, the new dlc based off the movie, the China Ban, and Hollywood working with the Chinese government to correct "hurt feelings" over a big nothing, while they repeatedly have spies outed on our soil, and not to mention they gave us the damn pandemic.

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So a Plastic Man movie has been announced or has it really? Because what I'm hearing doesn't like it's a Plastic Man movie. It sounds like something else entirely.

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#MeToo charity spent majority of donations on executive salaries, little on actual activism, but it's still stunning and brave, right?

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#EllenPage #UmbrellaAcademy #GinaCarano

Ellen has decided to become a dude, already adopting the trans victimhood as her own, in times where, Celebrities like Gina Carano are being harassed for not putting pronouns in her BIO. Fans of the Umbrella Academy might have a rocky road to season 3.

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Peter Dinklage has been cast for the reboot. Does anybody want a reboot? What do you think of this casting choice?

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I made a video talking about Disney+18 trailer leak, and it seemed so strange that hulu would just serve no purpose. So I looked up more, Disney+Star, and well they both seem to be the same thing, mostly.

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Huge, Huge, controversial news. The Mandalorian Season 2 has seen fit to kill off one of the most talked about characters, silencing a legacy. This is a real conversation and mood killer for Star Wars fans...

The House of Mouse always wins.

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Since Carl Weathers' directional debut blunder, that was actually an impressive directional debut, Jeans Guy (The Blunder) has been immortalized. We need to take this further!

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So the Pirates of the Caribbean is teasing to be woke feminist non-sense retreading of failures, starring Margot Robbie, and just seems like it'll be a Birds of Prey repeat. Now to be fair, stars usually give films a bad rep, by saying it'll be feminist, then film turns out to not be too in your face, however sometimes, it's really in your face.

Like, subscribe, comment. Do you expect a bad movie or a good one? I'm hoping it's a good one, but without Johnny Depp, it likely doesn't stand a chance of being great.

A new casting call shows us that isn't gonna be the Obi-Wan, it's gonna be Obi-Wan and friends, or more so, Obi-Wan and diversity matters. Kathleen Kennedy has seen to it, that Obi-Wan is overshadowed by strong female characters, and a mere afterthought. Like, subscribe, comment.

Get ready for comics to die, as they continue to embrace the silly non-sense reality that is twitter.

Andrew Cuomo has proven to be one hell of an actor! Gavin Newsom lines his pockets at the cost your childrens education. Hollywood continues work on movies, celebs making tons, while a lot of average working class individuals go unemployed due to the lockdowns.


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