For thousands of years the fight for liberty was waged against dictators and tyrants seen as gods or descendents of gods. Today the benevolence isn't limited to a man and his lifetime, but to a system outlasting any one man's life and legacy. Can the ideals known as American exceptionalism and the system in place be utilized to bring about liberty?

Tommy spent a week and a half scouring articles for links between the Ukrainian impeachment scandal and Trump Russia. This is what he found.

Rape in South Africa has become a societal norm. With a rape taking place every 26 seconds women are living in fear. Tommy dares to look at the social causes that may lead otherwise normal children to grow into such monsters.

In episode 74 Tommy looks at the idea of a good and bad side to political theater. After Kennedy was assasinated Sam Giancana is credited as saying, "This proves, without a doubt, there are no white hats or black hats. It's all a game, and it always ends the same - death."

Tulsi.... If she were any more of a disappointment I'd have to call her son.

In Episode 72 Tommy takes a deep dive into the modern politic of America. The conservative elements of society have coopted the term red pill in an effort to propagandize the public into their idea of order and justice while coopting the progressive idea that government is all powerful, giving people access to inherent rights. As they giveth, so shall they take away.

In Episode 71 Tommy digs into the political reactionaries of the left and right. As new problems pop up in society neither Conservatives or Progressives interest themselves with causes. The typical response from both groups is to beg the state for solutions with no reflection of how this reaction has failed in the past.

In Episode 70 Tommy once again looks at the Ukrainian story. Given all the crimes the US has committed, and the treatment of whistleblowers what makes this different? Quid pro quo? Or business interests?

In Episode 69 Tommy digs into the CIA obsession with fascists since the defeat of NAZI Germany in WW2. Every time the CIA intervenes in another country's affairs it does so on behalf of a fascist insurgency.

In episode 68 Tommy looks at the latest news surrounding Hunter Biden, Trump, and the deployment of troops to Saudi Arabia to defend against the threat that is Iran. Tommy speculates that given the history of business interest and intelligence interest merging that the reason Trump is once again being threatened by leaks has to do with his unwillingness to stick to the protocol of National Security laid out before him upon taking office.

In Episode 66 Tommy looks at the National Security State. Fear is a powerful emotion. The National Security apparatus knows this better than anyone. Their goal is to keep citizens in fear in order to flex their power without question.

On the 1 year anniversary of Year Zero, episode 65, Tommy looks at the effects of 9/11. Given all the lies told by the US government surrounding 9/11 It's easy to see why the truther community still grows and thrives. So much so that one must wonder if the conspiratorial angles were intentionally inserted to keep that truth secret. While these narratives are being debated Bin Laden is victorious peacefully in his grave.

In Episode 64 Tommy looks at the negotiations between the Taliban and the US. In light of the negotiations breaking down, and Trump's desire to keep 9,000 military personnel in Afghanistan is it possible that Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail was another politician talking peace for votes?


In Episode 62 Tommy looks at the assassination of Frank Olson, a CIA scientist killed in 1953. Eric Olson, Frank's eldest son, has spent the last 66 years searching for answers. In 1994 forensics showed that Frank was murdered, and to this day the CIA has escaped justice.

In Episode 61 Tommy gives an overview of updates in the Epstein death. Was he murdered? Did he commit suicide? Either way the system is either grossly incompetent or extremely corrupt.

In Episode 60 Tommy looks at the evangelical left and the evangelical right fighting for dominance over the politics of the US. In his assessment he determines that though people are using the same words they're speaking different languages. He encourages all anarchists to distance themselves from the binary thinking of statists, and ally among themselves to combat present and future tyranny.

In Episode 59 Tommy explores the idea that there is no true left in America. He contends there is a left that is growing and underrepresented in the narrative. But the left is not what you might expect.

in Episode 58 Tommy looks at the mass shootings in America. He examines possible causes. Tommy ventures into the art of communication; the left and the right talking past each other and never being able too get on the same page, and how this contributes to violence used in advancing the control of the state.

In Episode 57 Tommy takes another look at immigration. The caricature of libertarians is that they are open borders. Tommy describes private property borders, property attained via natural law, and the government's land monopoly before spending a few minutes on the immigration underground railroad attempting to nullify federal immigration policy and help those that are in need of assistance.

At the 16 minute mark there's some static that lasts the rest of the podcast due to a call that rings in. I hope that doesn't ruin the fun.

In Episode 56 Tommy talks to his wife. AS boring as that may sound, they are truly interesting and entertaining together. Beatrix, Tommy's wife, was born in South Africa under apartheid and she witnessed the changes that occurred as a teenager, durimg her most impressionable years. Tommy and Beatrix discuss the way that the fall of apartheid changed the country, and the pros and cons that followed.

In Episode 55 of Year Zero Tommy gets into his reasons for becoming an anarchist.

Government operates as if it owns you and your existence is for its advancement. Tommy disputes this claim by decrying self ownership and natural rights. If liberty were the original state of nature any construct claiming dominion is illegitimate and criminal.

Sorry for the delay. I had issues uploading last week, and i didn't realize this episode had not uploaded until Saturday.

In Episode 54 Tommy looks at faith in the state and other ideologies. Blind subservience to any ideology is dangerous, and given the wedge within the nation I think the canyon between the belief systems is a strong indication that it's time the different factions divorce before there's serious violence on the strets.

In Episode 53 Tommy takes a page out of Thaddeus Russell's book, and looks into the culture's construction from a less than moralistic view. Prohibition is the policing of the body in order to serve the state. If you think you're an individual, or owner of self you want to tune in.

In Episode 52 Tommy recounts events and people from his childhood. The Democratic party is obsessed with convincing voters that they'd pursue reparations, but what would the results of these reparations do to the country?


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