Here's my favorite twitch clips made by me and my fans in 2019. Last one is from 2018 but since it's a bonus clip thats ok. To check out all the clips head on over to my twitch page. Thanks guys!! :3

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We feed the koi fish at the school's Japanese garden.

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Otto in the garden

This is a version of the very famous salad olivier/salad olivieh/russian salad that is both vegetarian and kosher. Instead of cubed ham I decided to use BOCA imitation meat. The end result was very beautiful and delicious. Thanks for supporting my channel!

ингредиенты / ingredients :

картофель 5 шт / 5 potatoes
морковь / carrots
яйца 4 шт / 4 eggs
лук репчатый 2 шт / 2 onion
огурцы маринованные 4-6 шт / 4-6 pickles
горошек зеленый / green peas
поддельное мясо / fake meat
горчичный / mustard
майонез / mayo
лимонный сок / lemon juice
укроп / dill

My dog and his pal Zoe play chase

Hey guys, guess who's back. The not beauty guru myself almost makes a huge mess trying to paint my nails. Welp, it was an interesting time. I hope you enjoy?

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The end is here. Monika reveals her true b!tch nature so we end up having to delete her. What happens next you have to watch the video to find out.

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Guess what, this is possible. I know, wow. Never waste a piece of the buffalo my good internet friends. This quick recipe is super quick, super easy, and super delicious. Am I a cooking channel now, my pals? Only God knows.

My recipe:
Beet leaves (from 4 beets)
2 leeks
olive oil

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The end is here. Monika reveals her true b!tch nature so we end up having to delete her. What happens next you have to watch the video to find out.

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I show you all show to make my Grandma's recipe for cold borscht perfect for the summer. I got a lot of these ingredients from the Chaska, MN farmers market for about 10 dollars.


Свекла – 4 шт. \ 4 Beets
Картофель – 3 шт. \ 3 Potatoes
Яйца – 4 шт. \ 4 eggs
Огурцы – 3-4 шт. \ 3-4 Cucumbers
лук – 1 \ Onion
Укроп \ Dill
Сметана \ Sour Cream
Соль \ Salt
Уксус \ Vinegar

Music thanks to TeknoAXE

The next installation of my Doki Doki Lit Club playthrough I have been doing on Twitch. In this installation, we breeze through the latter half of act 2. We decide to go for Yuri, and she gets crazier and crazier the more she becomes attached to us until...well...let's just say she does some weird things.

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Hey hey, guess who's back. We have a continuation of Doki Doki based on popular demand. In act 2, I decide to go for Yuri so we will see how this all turns out. The game does not disappoint with the spookies.

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Hello my internet friends. I got a free sample for an anti-acne nose strip called "Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Nose Strip" and decide to see if it works. I obviously probably did not use the nose strip right because you know how I am with directions, but at least I got some footage of a rainstorm which I don't know why kind of excites me. Also I got triggered by Best Buy employees. Also excuse the camera struggling to focus.

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Music is thanks to teknoAXE.

WARNING: this episode of doki doki contains some disturbing concepts. will not be suitable for all to see.
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There's gonna be a contest in honor of me getting (over) 100 subs. Yes, just like the old days we have a subscriber special. Basically, you can enter to win a free art commission by me. I know, kind of a lame prize. And please don't overestimate me, I'm talking about like a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inches piece.
Da Rulez:
1) be subscribed to me
2) fill out my survey
3) if you want it mailed to you be from the USA or Canada, otherwise you will get a digital copy
4) fill out this survey monkey
5) You have a week from when this video is posted until I randomly pick a winner

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