From Telegram - The Kabul event is the book-end to 9/11. Like many recent military operations, they contain black magic and mockery.

The Taliban was created by Western intelligence services by stoking Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan. Then the 9/11 attacks happened, which were orchestrated by the same intelligence services and blamed on the Taliban in order to usher in the global security state. On that day in 2001 victims in New York plummeted to their deaths. Now we have a war plane in Kabul with a number 11/9 on it with Afghans plummeting to their deaths from the plane.

Those put on the planes are members of a Taliban fundamentalist fighting force that our governments are flying to the West to carry out new terror attacks. The US government have left thousands of their own citizens in the region, but are shipping these military aged men immediately for God-knows-what and lying to us that these are desperate refugees.

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Busting the myth often peddled that that common law is weak, powerless and had 'no teeth'. IT IS in fact, the principle according to which precedent is created everyday in the UK courts. The Common Law CAN and DOES overturn *any* legislation.

In this interview Nick discusses lawful excuse and how to exercise our rights to lawful excuse against anything unlawful - namely something that is using unreasonable, excessive force in the face of a non-emergency situation, i.e. The Coronavirus Act, passed 3 days *after* Coronavirus was *downgraded* from a HCID. And considering that the increase in deaths in the UK from 2019-2020 was a just 0.14% we have excessive force being used against us to strip us of all our inherent rights and liberties.

Common Law is:

- Powerful enough to change people's minds in a positive direction
- Simple enough for a child to understand
- Effective enough to change the world

Nick St Clare is a leading UK Common Law Activist and Teacher of the Common Law with over 40 years of active voluntary service to his credit. His site has an enormous amount of resources and facts that you can use, right now, to help eradicate the effects of this alleged pandemic upon us. Visit (please also make a donation to this site as Nick is giving away all he does for free)

Glasto 12th June


MSM Resistance GB

Journalism exposing the death of journalism. The legacy media is at the point now where all they're allowed to do is parrot the exact same script... except The Express - we don't know what drugs they're on.

Feat. Sean Finch:

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Evening Standard:

The Sun:





Glasgow Times:


Daily Mail (youtube):

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The Sun (youtube):

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Green King Rebels
This phone call was after I had already spoke to 3 other NHS workers who put the phone down on me and one woman told me that the only ingredients in one of the jabs was alcohol and sodium!!!! Make what you want of it but they are clearly lying to coerce people and have no clue about anything, so why anyone would trust these robotic people who don't no anything except what they are told by their bosses is very concerning.
Its saddening to know that peoples due diligence and common sense is becoming rarer these days and they better stay away from our children with their experimental drugs. I've called numerous organisations in the past but have never made a video before. I'm just a passionate father who has had enough of the lies and corruption.
We have to stop this and change things for the better for our children's futures.

Paul Webster YT
Crazy scenes in Nottingham today pure mayhem the police 👮‍♀️ acting unlawful and assaulting the general oh and the people tried to preform citizens arrest 😂😂😂

Mirror from Emily Davies

This video is in no way here to give you any legal advice but to guide you to do your own research and learn the truth about the crimes of fraud, malfeasance in the office and terrorism to name but a few, being committed against you and all of humanity.

First things first, and it's important that you know the facts, clear of the smoke and mirrors which are being put up at every twist and turn to prevent you from learning the truth.

So some definitions and facts:

The Government in the UK is not a government elected by the people at all. It is private all for profit corporation called HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

A statute (or act of Parliament): A legislative rule which is given the force of law with your consent. NOTE: a statute or act of Parliament IS NOT LAW. It is a rule or regulation or company policy of the private corporation HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

It has been confirmed as truth and fact following due process at HMCTS tribunal that for a claim made u dear an act or statute to be valid, then first there must be consent of the governed. This must be obtained by way of a formal contract between HM Parliaments & Governments PLC and you. Please see the case where this fact has been proved by Baron David Ward here: David Ward v Warrington Borough Council. Exhibit B Case Authority. It is very important to note that this affidavit has never been rebutted and stands as agreed truth and fact after being served on circa 657 MPs, The Secretary of State, The Secretary of The Crown and many others

A Contract or agreement: A formal written document which lays out terms offered and accepted by the living parties, which offers full disclosure and is signed in WET INK by all parties. In the instance of a company being one of the parties, either a director in the presence of a witness or two officers of the company must sign in wet ink, and you. The contract must be entered into by all parties whole heartedly and willingly, without coercion, not under duress or under the threat of loss or harm and full disclosure must always be given if these clear requirements for a contract are not adhered to then the contract is null and void from the start. Although it is claimed that verbal contracts stand, nothing can be proved from verbal contracts. Over time, details can be forgotten by the parties and witnesses or the truth can be bent on purpose for whatever reason so they must be recorded in formal documents so there is no doubt.

Signing in wet ink: Literally means a living being must pick up a pen and sign with his own hand.

Your Signature is everything. It creates the agreement (contract) and the liability and it also creates all funds.

So unless you and the circa 64.2 million other living flesh human beings who live on the land known as the United Kingdom have signed a contract with HM Parliaments & Governments PLC agreeing to adhere to and be bound by all their acts and statutes, then any claim made against you under an act is fraud by default, including Council Tax which your liability is claimed under The Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Knowledge is power. With the knowledge you acquire, apply it only for truth and knowledge for the benefits of others and yourself.


David Avocado Wolfe

David Avocado Wolfe

This is the Nutrition Protocol to Prevent Damage from Spike Protein and Derivatives due to Quackccination and to Protect from Viral Shedding:
• Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
• Vitamin D3 ( (
• Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)
• Iodine ( (
• PQQ ( (
• Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) There are toxic pine needles, be careful! When drinking pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too!
• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: These are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid (which is known to neutralize the spike protein)
• C60 (1-3 droppersfull per day): One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product is made by yours truly ( ( and the C60 SuperConcentrate is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons ( (
• Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day): Charcoal is the pre-eminent detoxifier and when taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a blood purification process known as “interstitial dialysis”. Our Kohlbitr product is the premier activated coconut charcoal in the world ( ( and we also now offer the more gentle birch charcoal ( (


June 9-24, 2021 (plus 3rd bonus week until June 30th) Summer Solstice Cleansing Group Detox!
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Cymbiotika D3+K2+CoQ10
Cymbiotika D3-K2-CoQ10
Nourish your Immune System with the world's most potent epigenetic substance: Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 turns on over 3000 genes associated with healing. Vitamin D3 is most importa

Seen this in the local park today 🙏✌❤

Original Video:
Youtube gave me a second strike for a unpublicized Mask video. I am now transferring everything to Odysee dot com under my name, Ron Vaillant. If this channel gets book burned I may start another Youtube channel, but the good stuff will be at:
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The weak find contentment in the consensus of ignorance. Seek and speak truth unequivocally. Get right with the Father, he loves you.​​​​​​​​​​​

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Higher Nature · MC Xander


℗ 2018 MC Xander

Released on: 2018-09-18

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Watch the latest edition of The REAL Question Time showing now featuring
Justin Smith your genial host with guests
Professor Dolores Cahill
Anna de Buisseret
Mick Stott
John Smith
We are concentrating on hot subjects of the day.
Please send your questions for the panel to the contact page on our website
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In my local park


"In a world that tells us science has been settled,
we tell them, the journey has merely begun".

Starring O.D.D TV, Dave Murphy, Santos Bonacci,
Tanner Stewart, Johnny Giampapa, & more!

Narrated by Eric Dubay | Music by O.D.D TV
Directed by Sean Hibbeler of Hibbeler Productions

I want to personally thank Eric Dubay, O.D.D TV, Tanner Stewart,
Dave Murphy, Santos Bonacci, and Johnny Giampapa!

A special thanks to all the true earthers and all of the hard work over the
years, continuing though today and beyond! Keeping those cameras rolling,
studying NASA's trickery daily, and all of those balloons rising high without
fisheye lenses! None of this would be possible without you!

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to donate and download your very own copy of LEVEL (2021) in FULL 1080P HD.
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Thank you for your love and support.
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More info will follow.


Now Banned for a week from YT

Mirror from UK Column News

Since Youtube decided to mess up the audio sync when we snipped the countdoun timer off the front of the video using their editing tool, here's a re-upload.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

00:27​ - NHS Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Policy

16:46​ - What Is The Justification For COVID 19 Mass Vaccination Program?


Telegraph Article: -​

UK Column Article: -​

ONS Mortality Statistics: -​

Royal College Of Surgeons Report: -​

Prof Neil Mortensen Statement: -​

Spectator Article: -​

Biometrics Paper: -​

25:08​ - Guardian Misdirection Propaganda


Guardian Article: -​

UK Column Article: -​

28:48​ - Vaccination Program Expanded


Matt Hancock Statement:​

29:39​ - Medical Censorship and Propaganda


BMJ Notice: -​

BMJ Original Post: -​

Article: -​

Lancashire CC:​

34:58​ - Sports Personality Harangued after Questioning Jabs


ZDF Interview: -​

43:09​ - Important UK Column Content


No smoke without Fire Part 3: -​

No smoke Without Fire Part 4: -​

MarK Anderson Interview: -​

Article: -​

44:34​ - Trouble Brewing in Nagorno-Karabakh


Eastern Approaches Podcast: -​

DO Article: -​

48:13​ - Constitutional Freedom


Dissident's Guide Playlist: -​

Not The BBC: -​

Not The BBC Newsletter: -​

Sheep Farm, Meet The Flockers: -​

50:31​ - Lt.General Sees The Deception Behind Lockdowns


CW Article: -​

55:09​ - Quarantine Inspectors


Government Announcement: -​

Mitie: -​

57:23​ - German Judges "Sensational" Ruling


Check the Evidence: -​

2020 News Article: -​

59:47​ - Philippines Question COVID Narrative:


Manilla Times article: -​

01:01:32​ - Spanish Police Officer Stands Up to Covid Rules


Elmundo Article: -​

01:02:31​ - Portuguese Police Stop Tree Planting


Article: -​

01:04:10​ - MP Presents Tree Planting Bill


Tree-Lined Streets Bill: -​

01:05:25​ - NHS Data Sharing Is Based On Good Practice Apparently


NHS Data Matters: -​

UKRI Report: -​

3KQ: -​

01:12:05​ - Daily Snail Review
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Mirror from Pandemic Podecast
We’ve been repeatedly told there is only one way out of the restrictions we’ve been living under since March last year and even though the goalposts are forever being shifted, this steamroller narrative keeps advancing on its global course.

"This medical intervention is safe and effective", we’re repeatedly told, and any evidence suggesting otherwise is a purely a matter of conjecture. No connection there, just a coincidence, nothing more.

But what does the data actually show us?

Join me today at 17:30​ when I will be taking a deep dive into official statistics from 10 of the countries where the steamroller first rocked up at the end of 2020 and on into this year.

I'll be sharing some additional anecdotal evidence that has been shared with me to support the data. There appears to be lot of dots to join…

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24.04.2021 #1MILLION​

With all the news regarding the V_pa55p0rtz and the V injuries, we need to send out a very clear and very strong message!



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I am now 57 and accept that I have been lied to all my life. Science, education, religion...are all control mechanisms and from an early age are used to program us all into a certain way of thinking. The proof of the power of these control systems is evident as it has taken me 55 years to realize what a load of nonsense the globe earth theory is...I feel totally embarrassed that I couldn't see it before, but that's how powerful the brainwashing was, and still is today.

“Not-knowing is true knowledge.
Presuming to know is a disease.
First realize that you are sick;
then you can move toward health.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Did you know the original meaning of the word "government" is mind control? Have a look at the website type in the word government and you will get the Hebrew word מֶמְשָׁלָה - copy and paste this word and you will get the English word government and the meaning of this word - to delude, to deceive, to raise false hopes.