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Working out and eating organic is considered to be a mental disorder? Could we be facing a time where re-education camps become a thing. Perhaps to indoctrinate us to eat gmos and to take anything they want us to take?

Officials Declare 'Eating Healthy' a Mental Disorder in an attempt to curb the mass rush for food change and reform, psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa,” defined as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” In other words, experts are moving toward saying that our demand for nutrient-dense, healthful food is a mental disorder that must be treated.

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FOUR #British Airways #pilots have now DIED after receiving their #COVID #vaccine , including three in the last week alone.

BA management are in crisis talks with the UK government to see if #vaccinated pilots should be banned from flying…..approximately 85% of BA pilots are already vaccinated.

This could also have ramifications globally for vaccinated truck drivers, couriers, delivery drivers, train drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, ships etc effecting food, transport and supplies worldwide!

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I caught the coronavirus Whitehouse briefing and the National security advisor did a Freudian slip saying the #vaccines will help reduce the lifespan of the virus but in reality they are reducing human life. Being critical of the Fauci got my Facebook account banned. He is as deep state as they come and only 1 of many thousands that should be tried in the new Nuremburg trials. Ignorance is not a worthy defense.

Taking a walk through a pine forest. A substance banned in the USA is found in pine needles called suramin. My heart had a bad reaction after being exposed to people who had the #vaccine from #pfizer I been making an effort to talk to people face to face about the dangers of taking an experimental vaccine from known liars. My neighbor passed away then his wife told me that she got her vaccines so probably her husband did as well.. See my content on minds I post videos here also

A great interview between Judy Mikovitz and Jeff Rense can be found at Judy says Fauci killed millions of people even before covid19. Now half the united states is in danger of lifelong side effects and early death.See my content on minds I post videos here also

I have been rather concerned about the experimental Covid vaccines that are being rolled out at a rapid rate. The leader of the World Economic Forum, Claus Schwab, (author of the book, “ The Great Reset”), has declared that; “No one is safe, until everyone is vaccinated.” This intention has been echoed by many world leaders.

All previous coronavirus vaccine research following the SARS epidemic in 2002/3, in creating RNA or DNA vaccines against coronaviruses ended, because great harm was seen in the animal trials.

But with the appearance of COVID-19, the same technology was rapidly revamped, with different delivery systems. However this time, animal trials were not done, and the experiment was taken directly to the population at large, after limited short-term trials. The vaccines have been rolled out, with absolutely no long-term safety data. This is a global experiment, on the entire world’s population. Senior NHS Board Member Warns: Stop The Genocide Or Our Children Are Next
The senior NHS Board member warns that the government is now controlling the NHS, and it is the government that is actually dictating what the NHS should do during Covid emergency measures. She states that the result of the government's enforced Covid and vaccination policies can be described as genocide. Government messaging to her senior NHS colleagues is removing their capacity for rational thought, and they are effectively being mind controlled to implement policies which, in more rational moments, they would challenge as wrong. Fear prevails, and she and her board colleagues are being expected to toe an unwritten policy line, set predominantly in conference calls with no written record. She warns that if her privately troubled colleagues do not speak out, "your children will be next".

Please help me save these baby Mockingbirds. A couple of strict people on the board of directors in the association have decided they do not like my trees. I have tried to appease the association by cutting several branches already, some over a foot in diameter. I have gone well beyond cutting 25 percent of the canopy in a year! Yet still getting several warnings from the association to continue cutting away bird habitat! Nests be damned! They do not care for the well being of our flying friends. The association is forcing me to break a federal law for which the fine is $15,000 dollars and 6 months in jail. VALERIE CAPRONI, United States District Judge: It is not only a sin to kill a mockingbird, it is also a crime. That has been the letter of the law for the past century.

#SaveBabyBirds Please share this video

In 1916 the United States and the United Kingdom, acting on behalf of Canada, entered into the Convention Between the United States and Great Britain for the Protection of Migratory Birds (“Convention”). U.S.-Gr. Brit., Aug. 16, 1916, 39 Stat. 1702 (ratified Dec. 7, 1916). The Convention had the stated purpose of “saving from indiscriminate slaughter and of insuring the
preservation of such migratory birds as are either useful to man or are harmless.” Soon after, Congress implemented the Convention by passing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Pub. L. No. 65-186, 40 Stat. 755 (1918). Section 2 of the MBTA, as originally enacted, stated in relevant part:
It shall be unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take, capture or kill . . . by any means whatever . . . at anytime or in any manner, any migratory bird, included in the terms of the convention between the United States and Great Britain for the protection of migratory birds . . . .
In 1936 Congress amended the MBTA by, inter alia, moving the phrases “at any time” and “in any manner” to the beginning of the list of prohibited actions, adding the phrase “by any means,” and adding “pursue.” Pub. L. No. 74-728, § 3, 49 Stat. 1555, 1556. Section 2 has not been substantially amended since. Today, it provides: it shall be unlawful at any time, by any means or in any manner, to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take, capture, or kill . . . any migratory bird, any part, nest, or egg of any such bird . . .included in the terms of the conventions . . . .2AR” references are citations to the Administrative Record (Dkt. 88)

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Turkey Point Nuclear plant goes into Hot Shutdown MANUAL REACTOR TRIP DUE TO RISING STEAM GENERATOR LEVEL "On 08/17/20 at 2113 EDT, with Unit 3 in Mode 1 at approximately 92% [Rated Thermal Power] RTP, the reactor was manually tripped. This was due to a turbine runback caused by CV-3-2011, Low Pressure Feedwater Heater Bypass Control Valve, failing open, followed by rising Steam Generator (S/G) levels. Unit 3 reactor was tripped manually when the 3C S/G Level reached 78% narrow range. Unit 3 Main Steam Isolation Valves were closed manually in accordance with Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) network due to 38 MSR Main Steam Stop valve position indication lost. All other systems operated normally. Auxiliary Feedwater initiated as designed to provide S/G water level control. EOPs have been exited and General Operating Procedures (GOPs) were entered. Unit 3 is stable in Mode 3 at normal operating temperature and pressure.

"This event is being reported pursuant to 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) and 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A).

"The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified."

All rods are inserted, decay heat is being removed via S/G through normal secondary systems. The plant is in normal electrical line up. Lightning strike is believed to be the initial cause of the runback.

Miami-Dade’s Division of Environmental Resources Management and state wildlife officials are investigating the kill. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is also monitoring water with samplers that check water every 15 minutes, Silverstein said. And in the south bay, she said, agriculture and pollution from the Turkey Point cooling canals cause problems.

“It's likely a combination of all of those things. And as we continue to have record breaking temperatures and shifts in our weather patterns, I think it's very likely that we might see more of these types of events,” We are seeing Biscayne Bay die before our eyes right now,” she said. “We’ve got to change course to save the bay at this point.”

Florida International University also sent a team to collect samples and investigate. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is also examining water samples for evidence of harmful algal blooms, said spokeswoman Michelle Kerr. They hope to have results by Thursday.

Water pumps converted to oxygenate Biscayne Bay after thousands of dead fish found

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As Above so below Synchronicity points to an event to happen on 911 2020
Video from Montagraph

Large pillars of smoke seen by Panama beach Air Force Base. The so called controlled burn looked out of control.

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The Bruce effect, or pregnancy block, is the tendency for female rodents to terminate their pregnancies following exposure to the scent of an unfamiliar male. The effect was first noted in 1959 by Hilda M. Bruce, and has primarily been studied in laboratory mice (Mus musculus). In mice, pregnancy can only be terminated prior to embryo implantation, but other species will interrupt even a late-term pregnancy.

The Bruce effect is also observed in deer-mice, meadow voles, collared lemmings, and it has also been proposed, but not confirmed, in other non-rodent species such as lions[9] and "geladas" Bleeding heart monkeys.

Expand beyond your own #garden using #guerrilla #gardening methods
How to blend fruit trees into home owners associations and parks.

October 18, 2019, is the date Event 201 took place, where Bill Gates discussed the spread of the deadly Covid-19 super virus. The first case of Coronavirus in the United States was north of Seattle, in Snohomish County, Bill Gates territory. Bill Gates was starring in the newly released Netflix documentary, Pandemic. Further, his former company, Microsoft, recently released a video game “A Plague Tale”. Yesterday we discussed Rudy Gobert’s June 26, or 26/6 birthday, and the relevance of the number 266 in Kobe Bryant’s January 26th death, in light of the 266th Pope, Pope Francis. One day later, Gobert’s star teammate, Donovan Mitchell, reportedly has been diagnosed with coronavirus, 26-weeks and 6-days into his age.

Disneyland shuts down due to coronavirus concerns, March 12, 2020
Disneyland closes by the numbers, March 12, 2020. 3/12/2020 = 3+12+20+20 = 55 Don’t forget Disney first opened in 1955, emphasis on ’55. As we know, 55 connects to Satan. It all starts to make sense when you think about Disney’s history of hiding sexual imagery in their their animated films.

Tom Hanks & wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus, Tom Hanks, of Sleepless in Seattle, has the ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’

Coronavirus outbreak causes Biden & Sanders to cancel rallies,

Head of NY Port Authority, Rick Cotton, diagnosed with coronavirus, same day New York’s cases rise to 142

Israeli expert says China’s biological weapons program might have created coronavirus,

Human populations where samples were available were categorized by risk in obtaining a dangerous version of the virus. Most ill may not feel more than a common cold, for others Coronavirus can be fatal. According to this preliminary study the risk of obtaining the virus:
High risk 90%-99% Japanese in Tokyo, Japan

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Large mass burial site detected in Iran. It looks like large amounts of lime are put into position to cover the bodies. I have been really sick with the flu for the past week and just started to feel better. I went to the Dr. yesterday and since i did not have a fever the Dr told me to go back to work. I asked him if he would write a note to give me a few extra days just in case i might be contagious and he refused. So now i'm stuck having to work. Even though i feel better i would have preferred self quarantining for another week.

I went to the biggest clinic in my city. The Medical staff is not taking this seriously none were wearing protective gear or googles to protect themselves from the coronavirus. They will not test you for corona virus unless you say you came in contact recently from a traveler from China. Also the covid-19 tests are not accurate, They sent out contaminated tests. They were charging people over $3500.00 dollars to be tested in hospitals while south Korea has free drive through testing.

It seems the powers that be would rather not find out the true numbers so they can report low numbers to keep people from panicking. Now is not the time to play games. I don't see the problem in self quarantine for up to 30 days as long as they drop food and water at our doorsteps.

Learn which weeds are edible

Liar liar nuclear industry pants are on fire! Only 1 other government on earth is worse than the united states when it comes to covering up for the nuclear industry and that is the Canadian government. They will do or say anything to protect there uranium mining industry.

Here in the states we get incident reports from the NRC usually buried in between notices of hospital equipment not giving correct dosage of rads. But if you dig you can find incidents at various nuclear plants but not in Canada they just say nothing happened go back to sleep.

False alarm my ass something happened at Pickering nuclear plant and after getting a phone call from some higher ups in the nuclear industry they are now walking this back and retracting to protect the nuclear death cult.

There is no cause for concern, but whatever is occurring at the plant has us concerned enough to send this emergency alert to everyone, which we know will cause concern” What incident could be big enough to warrant
this message but small enough that there is truly no cause for concern?

I looked all over the internet for some radiation monitoring stations in Canada and i could not find any good ones now why is that?

I heard Pickering nuclear plant had an electrical panel fire while
restarting a generator? Could that have been a backup diesel generator? Why would they need to start a generator? In my opinion the operators of Pickering were in a pickle for a few hours and they felt enough concern to
warn the residents until they brought the plant back into control. But believe the mainstream media they never lie. False alarm! Remember this is the same media that told you Jeffery Epstein killed himself.

Xenon 133 detected Pickering

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Japan appears 2 new blood types. Could it be related to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe? It is reported that experts cannot find a more accurate reason at present. Scientists believe that the impact could soon spread across the globe.

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Researchers speculate that more than a dozen new blood types may emerge in the future. The new blood types are called Langereis blood types and Junior blood types to distinguish them from traditional classifications. According to scientists, this phenomenon is related to the leakage of radioactive materials caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Gene deletion; single nucleotide deletion and sequence duplication, which introduce reading-frame shifts; nonsense mutation; intergenic recombination between closely linked genes, giving rise to hybrid genes and hybrid proteins;

By Yoichi Shimatsu: #Greta #Thunberg family runs the Thunberg-Ernman Actors School Her father Svante Thunberg and her paternal grandfather Olaf are stage and film actors and her mother Ann Magdalena "Malena" Ernman stars in opera productions. What the mainstream media has not reported about Greta's family is that her maternal grandfather, Malena's dad Lars Ernman, is retired chief financial officer (CFO) of Sandvik, that manufactures steel pipes for nuclear power plants. In partnership with the French atomic energy giant AREVA, the Swedish manufacturer also produces drilling, tunneling and rock-crushing equipment for the global uranium-mining industry. #GretaThunberg family members have convinced themselves into believing that they are helping little Greta by making her an icon of the climate change movement. Greta worst enemies are the nuclear power industry, Sandvik, her grandfather Lars and her dishonest parents. The Thunberg-Ernman family are the cruelest type of self-serving monsters, "doing everything for the good of the children" by exploiting this innocent child and renting her out to the nuclear demon that deprived her of a childhood. In all statistical probability schoolgirl Ann Margarite Ernman, the 15-year-old daughter of the Sandvik CFO, suffered subsequent gene-damage to her ovaries immediately following the most intense phase of the #Chernobyl fallout.

AREVA is a major nuclear-technology supplier for TEPCO, including the melted pipes at the self-destructed Fukushima No.1 facility, which exploded and went up in flames in March 2011, and has been dumping radioactive water into the Pacific ever since. Read the entire article at Rense

Rense youtube channel

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Found a couple new #videos with some different angles of impact of the #Boeing 737 jet crash in Iran. A couple men are driving on the highway and capture the explosion of the airplane. The next video is a closeup security camera that captures the intense light and debris being flown through the air. I made a special tribute to the passengers that were lost on flight 737 towards the end of the video. Many of them were students. Rest In Peace.


I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 300 fruit trees last year in public places.
Help me plant more fruit trees!

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#Iran should shut #Bushehr nuclear power plant down because it's a clear and present danger to themselves. Bushehr is in a seismically active zone with #Earthquakes becoming more frequent. Could be impacted by tsunami waves. Saudis, Israel or the deep state may be tempted to bomb it.

Iran was struck by two earthquakes near a nuclear power plant on Wednesday after a chaotic day that saw the country launch missiles at two U.S. military bases in Iraq before a passenger plane crashed and killed dozens in an unrelated incident.

According to the Washington Post, a 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit the southwestern part of the country around 9 a.m. local time before a 4.5-magnitude aftershock struck a half-hour later. There were no immediate reports of casualties, local news outlets said. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the area less than two weeks ago.

Wednesday’s quakes struck within 12 miles of the city of Borazjan, located near the Bushehr nuclear power plant

I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 300 fruit trees last year in public places.
Help me plant more fruit trees!

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It is being speculated the plane could have been shot down by nervous Iranian defenders after the missile attacks. Airlines suspended flights over #Iran and Iraqi airspace shortly after the plane went down. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has told prosecutors to open criminal proceedings, and the #737 black box flight has been recovered.
The three-year-old #Boeing plane stopped sending data shortly after taking off. Rescuers rushed to the scene of the crash but could not get near the site because of the intensity of the flames.

I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 300 fruit trees last year in public places.
Help me plant more fruit trees!

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ALERT IN PROGRESS: #Iran shoots dozens of Heavy ballistic missile attacks targeting U.S. Forces at numerous bases underway in Iraq. Iranian revolutionary guards have taken responsibility for the attacks.

Trump said that the US would strike back without hesitation if one of its bases was hit. "We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World! If Iran attacks an American Base, or any American, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way...and without hesitation," the president tweeted.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps confirmed that it had carried out the missile attack against US forces as part of an operation named "Martyr Soleimani" and said, in a statement, that it was the first step of their retaliation for the killing of the Quds Force commander

We are at Defcon 2 One step away from nuclear war.

I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 300 fruit trees last year in public places.
Help me plant more fruit trees!

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The British speaker is Tony Benn, we should remember his warning. Benn was President of the Stop the War Coalition until his death in 2014

#IranAttacks #IranWar #WorldWar3 #WorldWar #War

I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 300 fruit trees last year in public places.
Help me plant more fruit trees!

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Over 180 arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.

The Shoalhaven fires were lit between July and September last year, with Kempsey recording 27 deliberately lit fires,

Police arrested 183 people for lighting bush fires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South #Australia and Tasmania in the past few months.

#outback #fire


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