A Video discussing our work to hold certain masonic, financial and state / government bodies accountable for crimes against humanity. We Cover the Knights of Malta, England's Masonic Lodges, The State of Israel and Private Israeli Pharmaceutical bodies such as Teva Pharmaceutical industries. It is our hope this work will break up large established bodies that have demonstrated they do not have the appropriate degree of care for humanity.

Searching for truth about the tranny apocalypse. I start with a rational look at some of the causes of the Tranny con and then look at the deep dark motivations of the phenomena.

In This Video we discuss our court of light judgement against the Freemasonic order as depicted in Kubricks's Eyes Wide Shut. More info available at Http://

Tips on how to protect yourself from Black Magic including using herbs, studying your bible, cosmology and freemasonry and being creative and obscure. Magic is used in all parts of life including government and the business world and this video is designed to help protect you from people practicing dark magic.

In this video I discuss thoughts on practising Masonry and how many acts of modern day Masonry are not that effective as they entail beings stepping into the universe with acts of deception. Even though the people who craft these acts may have some positive intent we believe that the authentic initiate knows the forces of the universe and utilises them to make the world a better place. I talk about how works of consciousness, music, picture making can be more powerful than trying to manipulate the universe with false events.

In this video I discuss my experience disclosing the Australian Governments use of the Fake Queen who was used to tax, defraud and manipulate the Australian public for over a decade. I show the Image I used to disclose this with the image of Richard Branson and Nicole Kidman. I also discuss the reaction with obvious anger coming toward our enterprise from Government and corporate sources.


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Vlog channel of Sovereign Stuart Andrew. This is going to be the home of some of my personal Vlogs on Herbalism, Society and updates on work from our Court of the Decoded light.