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Donald Trump's decisive victory in the 2024 South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary underscores his enduring influence within the GOP. Garnering 59.8% of the votes against former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's 39.5%, Trump's win illustrates his stronghold on the party's base. The primary, featuring 50 delegates, almost entirely went to Trump, with only three for Haley, highlighting the challenge she faced in leveraging her home-state advantage. Detailed exit polls and voter demographics reveal Trump's broad appeal across gender, age, and education levels, particularly among conservatives, White evangelicals, and those prioritizing immigration and the economy. Despite Haley's efforts, particularly among independents and moderates, Trump's base remains solid, emphasizing his potential electability against Joe Biden. This victory in South Carolina, a key battleground, signals Trump's continued dominance in the Republican landscape as the 2024 Presidential Election approaches.

BREAKING: Rep. Ken Buck has introduced a resolution to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Joe Biden from office. What does this mean for Ken Buck, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

#Joebiden #kamalaharris #25thamendment

Kid Rock faced significant backlash and support for comments he made on the The Joe Rogan Experience. On with Joe Rogan he suggested that Israel's destruction campaign was justified.

#kidrock #joerogan

Trump meets Milei at CPAC 2024.

On February 22nd, AT&T, along with other major telecom giants like Verizon and T-Mobile, experienced a significant service disruption affecting thousands across major cities including San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. In today's video, we dive deep into the heart of the matter, providing you with the latest updates and dissecting the official statements.

🔍 What We Cover:

The scope and impact of the February 22nd telecom outage.
AT&T's official explanation and why it's raising eyebrows.
Debunking the solar flare rumors: What NOAA says.
The ripple effect on emergency services and other telecoms.
Speculations on cyberattacks and external threats.

0:00 Recap
1:30 Crazy Reason
3:00 China is trolling us

Dive into the tense Libs of TikTok and Taylor Lorenz interview, dissecting their clash over transgenderism, societal norms, and the pursuit of truth. This video critically examines their arguments, emphasizing the need for clear communication and understanding across divergent views. Explore the impact of ideologies on society and the importance of navigating sensitive debates with informed perspectives.

Explore the Google Gemini controversy over racial bias in AI image generation. Delving into accusations, AI ethics, and the tech community's response, this video unpacks the debate on digital diversity.

00:00 Introduction to Google Gemini
00:33 Testing Google Gemini's Bias
03:34 Live Demonstration of Google Gemini's Bias
08:35 The Future of AI and Recommendations

Dive into a real-time analysis and discussion as we explore the latest mysterious balloon sighting over the western United States. Join us as we break down news reports, military statements, and the potential implications of this event on national security and US-China relations. With live updates and a deep dive into viewer questions, this video is your go-to source for understanding the complexities behind the headlines.

00:00 - Introduction to the Breaking News
02:00 - We don't know a ton yet
03:00 - Biden is struggling to keep America strong

Donald Trump addresses revenge, focusing on 'success as my revenge' during the Fox News town hall with Laura Ingraham in Greenville, South Carolina. Unpacking his remarks on criminal indictments, Alexei Navalny, and his vision for 2024 amidst reconciliation with Fox News. A pivotal moment in Trump’s post-presidential identity and political landscape shaping. #DonaldTrump #FoxNews #LauraIngraham #townhall

00:00 Retribution: A Political Discourse
01:31 The Legal System: A Tool for Retribution?
02:23 Election Predictions and the Future of Retribution

"Russian sanctions joke #Fanning" #getmunch

John Oliver's unsuccessful attempt at humor, proposing to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an annual $1 million payment and a $2 million tour bus for his resignation, veers towards theatrical partisan tactics rather than genuine political critique. Oliver positions himself as a satirical commentator, leveraging this grand gesture to spotlight the ethical controversies surrounding Thomas, including undisclosed gifts and a perceived lack of impartiality tied to key Supreme Court rulings.

"Good Samaritan family finds hope." #getmunch

"Are they feds? Maybe not." #getmunch

Explore the 2024 UAE SWAT Challenge: Elite all-women teams from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chile, Belarus, Thailand showcase tactical skills, law enforcement diversity, and empowerment in a global competition.

"Is football becoming political? " #getmunch

Exploring Tucker Carlson's viral interview impact: Does staggering online viewership truly challenge traditional media's influence or merely echo within digital bubbles? Unpacking the real power behind digital engagement and its effect on public discourse.


0:00 Intro
1:30 How many Views?
2:30 What does a view on X mean?
4;13 Big Question which would you choose?

"Twitter spaces talk on war effort" #getmunch

Is a big rig rebellion brewing? Rumors are spreading that truckers in NYC may unite in defiance of Trump's ruling. Will they boycott the city? Join Truckers for Trump and stay updated on this developing story. #TrumpNYC #TruckersBoycott

Dive into the heart of the truckers' boycott of NYC, sparked by the $355 million fraud ruling against Donald Trump.

0:00 update on Trump ruling
1:50 trucker Chicago Ray talks about rumors
5:52 Patrick David comments but no solutions
900 how can we help?

"Roaches & jumping kids "

Explore the Trump-Willis case: Fani Willis, Nathan Wade's alleged romance and Fulton County DA's legal battle over election interference. Unpacking the disqualification hearing, misconduct, and taxpayer funds misuse in this deep dive into the political prosecution and legal strategies

"Children suffer. No rules. Israel. No support. Ukraine = Israel. Protect Taiwan? Not anymore." #getmunch

Dive into the heart-stopping Super Bowl 58 where Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their second consecutive title in a nail-biting 25-22 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers. From Mahomes' incredible plays to Kelce's key moments and the electric atmosphere in Las Vegas, get an in-depth analysis of the game that made NFL history.

00:00 Introduction and Catching Up
01:51 Analyzing the Game's Defense and Offense
03:00 Discussing Key Players and Game Strategies
04:13 Addressing Viewer Questions and Comments
04:23 Exploring the Impact of Injuries on the Game
05:55 The Influence of Culture and Politics on Sports
13:12 Debating the Greatness of NFL Players
18:01 Exploring Conspiracy Theories in NFL
23:37 Wrapping Up and Final Thoughts
35:32 Super Bowl Club Seating: A New Trend?
36:14 Celebrity Sightings at the Super Bowl
36:45 The Elon Musk Super Bowl Mystery
38:11 The Future of Super Bowl Seating: Hot Tub Seats?
38:35 Super Bowl Celebrity Gossip
40:54 The Black National Anthem Controversy
51:32 The Cultural Impact of Super Bowl Ads
53:33 The Role of Politics in Super Bowl Ads
01:06:20 The Halftime Show: A Cultural Analysis
01:10:26 The Influence of Tupac on Super Bowl Performances
01:11:51 The Challenges of Performing at a Football Stadium
01:12:03 The Unexpected Fan Invasion
01:12:57 The High Cost of Super Bowl Shenanigans
01:14:12 The Viral Moment: Travis Kelsey vs. Andy Reed
01:15:02 The Consequences of Losing Your Temper
01:18:48 The Influence of Celebrity Relationships on Sports
01:19:53 The Potential for More Celebrity-Sports Crossovers
01:20:02 The Impact of Celebrity Relationships on Team Value
01:29:00 The Speculation on Future Celebrity-Sports Pairings
01:43:19 The Final Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Exploring Tucker Carlson's viral interview impact: Does staggering online viewership truly challenge traditional media's influence or merely echo within digital bubbles? Unpacking the real power behind digital engagement and its effect on public discourse.


"It's everywhere. Jewish." #getmunch

Explore Trump's leadership vs. Taylor Swift's political endorsement risks. Delving into celebrity influence on elections, MAGA's stance, and voter implications."



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Flaws and all, I love my country, the United States of America. Political and financial interests constantly force fed us divisive perspectives from the far left and far right. Most people are led like sheep to the slaughter by either one of these partisan wackadoo agendas and pseudo-wokeness.

If you are an independent thinker... If you believe in love for your fellow citizen regardless of class, race or any other identity.... If you believe in bi-partisanship..... If you feel stuck in the middle between extremes... Please join me for common sense discussion.

~ Osiris