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Matt and Jeff speed through Stardust Speedway and meet their match in the returning Metal Sonic.

Jensen returns to Prague only to find the city in total upheaval after riots from Golem City have spread. Getting around is going to be a pain.

Eggman has constructed a new Death Egg robot that is incorporated with the phantom ruby, making it virtually indestructible. While the resistance tackles the clone army created by Eggman, the sonics and the rookie take on Eggman.

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Sonic and the resistance prepare to end Eggman's war at his base of operations at the Iron Fortress to stop Eggman and Infinite once and for all.

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Matt and Jeff play another one of the new original zones in Sonic Mania in Press Garden Zone, and Matt finally runs into a real challenge.

Jensen escapes from the G.A.R.M. Facility and returns to a Prague that is in the midst of riots that have begun since the death of Talos Rucker.

The defenses on the Death Egg are down, now classic Sonic can go and destroy the power source to the phantom ruby. Meanwhile Sonic and the rookie track Eggman to the metropolis where they find him and Infinite.

#sonicforces #letsplay #sonicthehedgehog

Matt and Jeff hammer on through the returning Flying Battery Zone from Sonic 3. Matt continues to make this game look easy.

Sonic and the resistance seeks information on the phantom ruby located on a database within chemical plant zone, metal sonic is spotted in the city, and a mission to disable the death egg's defenses.

#sonicforces #letsplay #sonicthehedgehog

Jensen somehow survives after being injected with the Orchid, and now has to try and escape from G.A.R.M.

Matt and Jeff push through the first new and original zone in Sonic Mania, Studiopolis Zone.

Classic Sonic and the Rookie meet in the Mystic Ruins following a mysterious signal coming from Eggman's Laboratory. In the meantime Sonic is reunited with the others and with the help of Shadow now seeks the phantom ruby, the key to Eggman's plans.

Jensen finishes up the investigation into the Harvester killing and then goes and meets Chikane and Miller.

Sonic travels to the Mystic Forest to assist Silver in fighting against a new foe named Infinite, classic Sonic and Tails chase after Eggman in Green Hill Zone, and the Rookie assists in rescuing civilians from Eggman's forces attacking the City.

#sonicforces #letsplay #sonicthehedgehog

Matt and Jeff continue on to the next old school Sonic zone in Chemical Plant Zone.

It's time to get back on the saddle! Jeff returns with Matt in a long overdue Let's Play of Sonic Mania on the Xbox One.

Jensen continues to investigate the Harvester killing outside of his apartment by exonerating the victim's husband.

The Sonic OG character, the rookie as he is known in game, is sent on his first mission to the Death Egg to rescue Sonic who has been missing for months. Sonic and the rookie then go and take out Eggman's factory that supplying his war effort.

#sonicforces #letsplay #sonicthehedgehog

Eggman attacks and defeats Sonic, this leads to the world being conquered and the only hope are Sonic's friends, allied resistance fighters, and a player created OG sonic character.

#sonicforces #letsplay #sonicthehedgehog


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