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In this episode the Daemons tries to release the devil's breath at the Grand Central Terminal unless Spider-man and Mary Jane have anything to do about it .

In this episode we chase down Morgan Michaels that was kidnapped by the Daemons from Sable's Men

Jeff continues to push through the Oriole's minor league system to get to the big leagues.

Jeff reacts to the news of Borderlands 3's announcement and release date.

Jensen checks out Versalife's vault, visits Koller, and investigates a murder outside of his apartment.

Jeff continues the story Phil HisGroin the catcher and his trek to move up through the Orioles' organization.

Jeff creates his player and begins the long process of taking them to the big leagues in the first episode of the Road to the Show livestream series.

Jensen makes contact with Janus and then breaks into Versalife's vault in the Palisade bank to secure the Orchid.

Jensen investigates fellow agent Vincent Black and why he suddenly has gone missing.

Jeff and his friend down a dozen shots of alcohol and play some Apex Legends. It goes about as well as you think it would.

IGN posted the 6 things they want to see in Borderlands 3, and yes a Battle Royale mode is one of them. Rant? Rant.

IGN "Article":

After a couple of annoying delays Jeff finally reveals the top 10 games he played in 2018.

Music: The Whites of their Eyes by Icon

Jensen uses the NSN to try and retrieve data that would point towards Jim Miller being involved in the Illuminati.

Jensen investigates the watch maker Nomad Stanek for his involvement in the train station bombing.

Jeff plays through the first couple missions of The Division 2's Open Beta.

Jeff gives his thoughts on the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield in the recent Nintendo Direct.

Reggie announced he is retiring from Nintendo of America in just a couple months, and Jeff gives his thoughts on the situation.

Jeff goes to finish up the quest for the Madam, but that is much easier said than done.

In this episode we do the first of many Task Master Missions

Jeff takes the new demo for the Nintendo Switch mech game Daemon X Machina out for a spin.

Jeff wraps up the Super Mario Odyssey let’s play by exploring more of Peach's Castle, and meeting a challenge that is more than a match for him.

Jeff begins exploring the special throwback Peach's Castle world.


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