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Truly a special moment.

Consume, for this is a special time.

We did it...mission accomplished!

You're going to taste every inch...and like it

Buy our product. Eat our product. Consume. Consume our product.

You will never understand happiness. You will experience life. You will never understand happiness. Experiences will continue throughout what you consider your life. Nothing will matter. No one cares. No one will defend you. No one cares.

Further proof that only black people can make good music

Nature and shit

Disco & Doggos

This is what beasts do

The world is doomed, this is the channel that proves it.

He has no legs...but he has my heart...

Call now and start some shit, bitch.

Buy food you 70's era bastards, or the ultimate soundtrack to ones life.

Calories Fill The Void Of Loneliness. They Will Never Abandon You. Not Like People do...

A guide to staying sexy at any age

I Own Many Records.This Is The Gayest One I Have Ever Owned. I've Never Been Able To Find This Full Record Anywhere Online, So Now I Gift The Internet Something You Never Would Have Experienced Otherwise. You Are Welcome.
0:00 All American Boy
2:50 You Won't Be Waiting Long
6:19 They Dont Want To Hear Us
9:51 I'll Call You Lover
13:32 Two Men Dancing
17:24 He likes Me
20:17 Brief Encounter
24:50 Tons Of Vinyl
28:23 First It's A Dream
31:21 Take Good Care Of Yourself

Were you expecting anyone, dear?

A Powerfully Intelligent and Important Joe Rogan engages in a Powerful and Intelligently Important conversation.

You don't need looks or talent to be on TV when your husband owns the Solo Cup Corporation and has the cash to waste on whatever it is you want to do. Never forget, this production cost more than most of you will make in your lifetime.

Youtube doesn't care about Moon People

Because a children's choir singing "My Body's A Zombie For You" is perfectly normal. And yes child, that is Ryan Gosling on the right of the's his band.

And I liked it.


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