I credit Professor D. Cajus Fabricus for the information in this and the following video. Integration of Church & State; Liberalism rejected; Religious liberty; Anti-Jewish.

Needed continuance of part 1. Race, blood, and soil; Effectiveness is paramount; Aggressive approach; Science.

The original Christian understanding of divorce and remarriage; modern ideas, annulments, invalid marriage transactions.

Needed continuance of part 1. Valid marriage transactions, Church & State, sacrifice, history, solutions.

Most people are unhappy with the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments. So I have my own, much improved list.

Needed continuance of part 1. Here I examine the Nine Satanic Statements and eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.

Our world's problems are like a giant mythical nine headed hydra. But with Herculean effort, we can defeat it. Head 1- feminism; Head 2- chauvinism.

Needed continuation of part 1. Head 3- government as surrogate husband/father/God; Head 4- alternative sexuality; Head 5- multiculturalism; Head 6- globalization; Head 7- Capitalism; Head 8- Communism; Head 9- psychobabble.

I discuss the newly claimed conversion to Christianity by famous rapper Kanye West, husband of Kim Kardashian. I also discuss Kim K.

Hear what the other side has to say.

What is the best way to treat other people? Is it the so-called Golden Rule, or is there another more appropriate way? A) Introduction and explanation; B) Brass rules

Necessary continuation of part 1. C) Cooperation or competition; D) The hippie rule; E) Prerequisites for following this rule

Necessary continuation of parts 1-2. F) Four General Types of People (explained thoroughly)

Final section in my 4 part series. G) Parodying and mocking the Golden Rule; H) Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I give detailed explanations as to why politics in the United States has been failing for a long time.

I explain the difference between men's and women's sex drive, and the consequences of it.

Necessary continuation of Part 1.

Intro to my topic. A) Detecting gayness; B) Dishonest Right wing tactics

C) Dishonest Left wing tactics; D) Loving committed couples and same-sex romance

E) Sexual orientation and fluidity; F) Animals and homosexuality

G) Same-sex marriage and adoption

H) Biological determinants; I) Evolution?; J) The Emperor's New Clothes

K) Lesbianism; L) Extreme distortion; M) A brief timeline

Last video in this series. N) Further explanations; O) Final truth

Is seeking love from the opposite sex or brotherly/sisterly love from others a good idea or bad idea? I explain.


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