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Nov 2023
The Mentor community is mourning the loss of a fighter, Jack Sawyer.

The 17-year-old Mentor High School student passed away on Sunday following a long battle with Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive and rare form of bone cancer.

Early Sunday morning, Jack's family announced his passing in a Facebook post.

"The time to pray for a miracle has ended. Jack has taken his last breath on this earth, and there is no more pain. The time to celebrate the miracle named Jack Bennett Sawyer is now upon us," said his father Matt Sawyer.

Mentor Public Schools Superintendent Craig Heath and Mentor High School Principal Jason Crowe released the following statement to students and parents following Jack's passing.

"It is with great sadness we write you this letter. We learned this morning our student Jack Sawyer passed away overnight at home following his extremely courageous battle with cancer. Jack was 17 years old.

Jack’s positive attitude, warm smile and kind, compassionate spirit touched the lives of many. Throughout his 18-month battle with cancer, Jack has been an absolute inspiration for us all. He handled all of the ups and downs of his journey with incredible strength and grace, and the way he brought the community together was like nothing we’ve ever seen."

The Yomiuri Shimbun

15:59 JST, October 24, 2023

Atsushi Sakurai, vocalist of the rock band Buck-Tick, died Thursday of a brainstem hemorrhage at the age of 57. Sakurai was rushed into the hospital after taking ill during a concert in Yokohama, and passed away later on that same day.

Sakurai hailed from Gunma Prefecture, and joined local band Buck-Tick, which made its major-record label debut in 1987, and had hits such as “Aku no Hana (Evil Flower)” and “Just One More Kiss.”

Sakurai wrote many of the lyrics for the group’s songs, which presented an aesthetic view of the world.

Tragic Passing of Michaelhouse Pupil Zanda Cele Shakes Community
By: Israel Ojoko
Published: November 4, 2023 at 12:08 pm EST
Condolences are pouring in after a Grade 8 pupil from one of the country's top private boarding schools, Michaelhouse, collapsed and died on Thursday.

According to a message from school director Antony Clark which was shared on the school’s Facebook page, Zanda Cele died on Thursday morning.

Clark said Cele, who was listed as a top academic achiever in the school's newsletter, went to the school's medical facility on Wednesday afternoon with “mild flu conditions”.

He said Cele was treated in consultation with school doctor Dr Stuart Poole and stayed overnight at the medical centre with no complications reported.

Clark said early on Thursday morning, Cele was “up and about”, but as he was feeling no better, arrangements were made to take him to the nearby Hilton Life hospital.

“Before that could take place, he collapsed and CPR was applied, to no avail.

The 16-year-old was a rising star in Germany's Gymnastics Federation and an Olympic hopeful. Reports in Germany say the cause of death is currently under investigation. However, a sudden cardiac arrest is suspected.
Died: Age 16 (November 20, 2023 - Germany)

She was only 16 years old. Mia Sophie Lietke from Berlin, who has been training at the Federal Rhythmic Gymnastics Base in Fellbach-Schmiden since the beginning of this year, died suddenly and unexpectedly.
Mia Sophie Lietke, 16 years old, from Berlin, who has been working at the Federal Base for Rhythmic Gymnastics in who trained died suddenly and unexpectedly.

8 Nov 2023
Talented Australian film and television writer, director and actor Simon Elrahi, described as 'a wonderful soul', has died suddenly sparking an outpouring of grief.
Mr Elrahi, a father with two sons, was best known for his roles in Last King of the Cross, Deep Water and The Combination: Redemption, worked in Australian television for 30 years.
A graduate from The Actors Centre and Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney, Mr Elrahi won recognition at home and overseas for his work. Kriv Stenders, who made the hit movie Red Dog, led the heartfelt tributes on social media. 'Utterly shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Simon Elrahi,' Mr Stenders wrote.
'Simon was a beautiful actor who I had the pleasure and privilege of working with on a number of occasions over the years.
'I'm just gutted that I will never get the chance to collaborate with him again.
'Simon ... you were a wonderful soul who was loved and will be missed by so many.'
Actress Victoria Ferrera said she was 'devastated to hear' he passed away.
'I'm sorry I didn't call often and catch up with you. Just want to say how much of a pleasure it was working with you.
'You were so kind, you treated me with so much respect. I had so many great memories with you and I am sad I can't experience this again.
'I miss you.'

11 Oct 2023 #9NewsAUS #NineNewsAustralia #9News
Stand-up comedian, writer and actor Cal Wilson has died, aged 53. Her agency has confirmed the news in a statement today. | Subscribe and 🔔:

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8 Nov 2023
Brooke Shields is one of the Glamour 2023 U.S. Women of the Year honorees! The actress told Access Hollywood how it felt to receive the accolade and shared that she doesn't know if her younger self would've ever believed she'd be on the cover of Glamour all these years later. Brooke also reflected on suffering a grand mal seizure earlier this year and how friend Bradley Cooper rushed to her side. When Access Hollywood asked if she and the actor were bonded for life now, she replied, "We've been bonded for a while. I said to him after – I said, 'You do realize that when I woke up, I thought maybe I had died, cause you were holding my hand.' I was like, 'I've known you for a long time, but you've never like been holding my hand … I was like, 'Really? Really?'" she quipped.

what happened in 1582 these days?
full video -
Today I’m honored to introduce you to someone I recently met that has inspired me so profoundly that I had to share him with you! Introducing medical abuse survivor, survivor advocate, voice for the voiceless, creator of Twitter Space’s safest space for survivor disclosure, and walking miracle, Dr. Kek.

I found Dr. Kek on Twitter when a mutual friend reached out and suggested I connect with him. I’m really big on referrals and love meeting great people in this community who are already connected with people I know and Dr. Kek was no exception. In addition to being a survivor himself, Dr. Kek has taken on a special role in the survivor movement by adding his voice to the advocacy side of the equation using Twitter Spaces. If you aren’t on Twitter - you really should be. Twitter has become by far my favorite social media app for general posting and it’s where I currently spend the most time connecting online when I’m not podcasting or publishing an article on Substack. There is an amazing survivor network on Twitter and the community has become really entangled and connected in a beautiful way. There’s a newer feature on Twitter called ‘Spaces’ where you can create a room accessible for anyone in the community to join in that acts similar to a group Zoom call without the video or like the live stream feature on Telegram. On Dr. Kek’s Twitter Spaces, he allows an open and safe space for survivors and whistleblowers to share their testimonies - often in front of a beautiful crowd of people who listen intently and avidly support the brave speakers who share their testimonies. Similar to my podcast, Dr. Kek puts no time limits on the person who is sharing and will often stay on Spaces for upwards of 6 hours helping to have these stories heard by people with ears to hear. It’s a really special piece of the community he has contributed to and I wanted to bring him on today to not only share about his advocacy work, but also to share about his testimony. Dr. Kek has quite a story himself on what he’s overcome and it segways beautifully into the work he now does bringing awareness to crimes against humanity and being a voice for the voiceless.

I’m excited for you to learn about Dr. Kek because his idea to take an unsuspecting feature like ‘Spaces’ on an unsuspecting social media platform like Twitter to do advocacy work really shines a light on the innovation available to those of you and those of us who want to positively contribute to this movement but feel low on resources or even creativity. We have so much opportunity in front of us with all the new features on social media and you can do meaningful work with little to no money now that can create a massive difference.

Today would have been Roman Astree's 21st birthday, but his life was cut short after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Just two days later he went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

Listen to his mom, Laurie remember her son and plead for help from the government that has abandoned the sick and bereaved:

9 Nov 2023 #cfsrecovery #mecfs #cfs
In this video, I talk about the possible link between vaccines and chronic conditions like ME/CFS and long COVID, sharing my own story and others' often-overlooked experiences, alongside the critical successes of vaccines and the efforts to support those who've had adverse reactions.


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The Rapper Big Sean was diagnosed with “heart disease” at 19…
Told he needed open heart surgery.
Then went to a holistic doctor who prescribed him magnesium.
The “heart disease” then magically disappeared.

"People were dying almost straight away after being injected.."
New Zealand Covid19 "vaccine" database administrator.


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