Europe (White countries, Australia, America, Canada etc) face a huge demographic threat. If the current trends do not change we will be a minority in our own countries by 2050-2060. It'll be even earlier for countries such as Sweden, Germany and Belgium. It's the duty of every European Man/Woman to fight the invasion of our homelands and hold our traitor politicians accountable for their crimes against their own people. Together we are unstoppable.

Every people on Earth love their own heritage as is normal and healthy. But many unsuspecting people of European descent have been taught to hate their own heritage and to applaud the rapidly shrinking numbers of Europeans in European populated nations. This video is message of love and beauty to the European people. Only a healthy and proud people can defeat the ultimate tribalists! European freedom in nations is vital for both Europeans and for the rest of the world suffering from Zio Globalism

Writing Europeans Out of Their Own History
Jay James YouTube - Mirror

For Human Freedom & Diversity

For Human Freedom & Diversity

18/04/2015 Logik Förlag in cooperation with Counter-Currents Publishing hosted a number of lectures and a book release in the city of Stockholm.
Prof. Kevin Macdonald's speech - The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession

Germany - 1930's

German Newsreel - 1930's

18/04/2015 Logik Förlag in cooperation with Counter-Currents Publishing hosted a number of lectures and a book release in the city of Stockholm.
Mark Weber's speech - Looking Ahead in an Age of Darkness.

Dr. David Duke's presentation at the Revolt Against Civilization seminar.
The current ongoing genocide of White nations and what to do about it.

Festive Nuremberg - 1937
(English subtitles)


(English voice over)

Institute for Historical Review

Mark Weber at The London Forum.
The destroying of the white race "officially called diversity"


12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Youth

There are few German formations surrounded by as much legend and notoriety as the Hitler Youth Division. There is very good reason for that. The 12th SS Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend” was one of the premier formations of the entire Third Reich military apparatus despite being composed largely of boys below the age of 18.

Wehrmacht - Tanks roll in Africa

Wehrmacht - From Finland to the Black Sea

Wehrmacht - The Watch on the Rhine

(English Subtitles)
Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil)

Blood and soil was the National Socialist ideology which particularly referred to the peasantry. After this half-religious basic idea of ​​the national socialism existed a unity between the racially defined national body (blood) and its settlement area, the home "floe" (soil).

Especially the later head of the Race and Settlement Main Office of the SS, Richard Walther Darré, preached this agrarian romanticism. The peasant life was idealized in contrast to the urban and made the peasantry the bearer of the National Socialist national community. The National Socialists envisioned the emergence of a new peasant nobleman, who was supposed to contribute to the restoration of a "pure", Nordic-Germanic "race".

Above all, the SS, but also Adolf Hitler or Baldur von Schirach, vehemently advocated for the blood and soil concept. Before coming to power it was of great importance that it be developed in rural areas.

Real History Conference 2001


Gregory Lauder-Frost (Western Goals Institute)
David Irving (Focal Point Publications).
Ernst Zundel (Canadian Special Guest)

Speak in London England 1992.
Topics include - The fake news, lying press, court cases, holocaust etc

Fred Arthur Leuchter Jr. is an American manufacturer of execution equipment.
Leuchter was commissioned by Ernst Zündel to defend him at his trial in Canada for distributing Holocaust denial material.
Leuchter compiled his report in 1988 investigating the feasibility of mass gassings at German concentration camps, specifically at Auschwitz.


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