Biden has officially bombed Syria for the first time since3 being sworn in as President. This should surprise no one since Biden ran as being someone who was far more hawkish than Trump. Trump bombed Syria as president as well, so I would expect for Biden to do all this and much more as his presidency drags on. On a more positive note, voters across the political spectrum seem to be equally enraged by this story now that it is getting some coverage.

Biden is reportedly going to issue some kind of executive order on gun control in lieu of some sweeping bill banning guns that probably wouldn't even make it through congress. Base on this article, the most likely thing to happen is some kind of ban on 80 percent firearms.

Rates are only going to rise because of inflation. Jerome Powell could not be more clear. He is Mario Draghi 2.0. He is a super dove.

The Afghan withdrawal agreement is pretty much dead at this point. The US seems to be making no plans to leave by May 1st. Its a tragedy that almost no American even cares about...

The new stimulus bill is too little too late to meet the expectations of Biden's voters. No sooners will this bill be passed than will people begin clamoring for more. This bill is already much less than the $2000 they were initially promised.

Bitcoin may be at all time highs yet again, but that is far from a confirmation of the Bitcoin hodlers long thesis. Bitcoin has in no way made progress in being adopted as an alternative currency. At this point, its rise in value is built purely upon speculation.

Consoomers gonna consoom. But what happens when they've conssomed all the goods in the store?

Rising bond yields is bad news for the Fed, the government, as well as most of Wall Street. I have always said rates were going to have to go up eventually, but why now?

The Biden administration is reversing a policy instated by the Trump administration back in January which blocked food aid for 70% of Yemen's population. This reversal however is almost meaningless in comparison to the death and suffering that the US continues to inflict on the people of that country.

People on both the left and right have their own reasons for not wanting to be apart of the old union any longer. Ive discussed the right wing perspective many times, but The Nation magazine just published an interesting article outlining the left wing perspective on the issue.

Tensions between Florida and the federal government are escalating! Jen Psaki confirmed today that the Biden administration has not ruled out a BLOCKADE of Florida and Governor DeSantis is not having any part of it.

In a surprise to no one, the World Health Organization has announced after only recently being permitted to begin their investigation in Wuhan that they completely agree with the official Chinese narrative regarding the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a really big topic to try and summarize in under 24 minutes, but hopefully this will help bring a few people up to speed.

Brady and the Bucs' win highlights Florida's win over the rest of the lockdown states and the media refuses to take the L.

Part 2 of yesterday's video covering how the the United States government will be unable top weather the coming economic collapse and will ultimately collapse as well.

Biden's new secretary of state, Tony Blinken, is again peddling the age old lie that Iran is "weeks" away from being able to build a nuclear weapon. Thankfully, not many people are buying the bs anymore.

The momentum has officially shifted to the downside for GameStop. Plus, an update on silver and the infighting over at r/wallstreetbets.


Welp, Melvin sure got rekt, but Blackrock is doing great! Will WSB never let up until Melvin is completely broke?


THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE! Today I read a very interesting article detailing the liquidity problems faced by Robinhood and other brokers in times of high volatility. Also, I preview a potential short squeeze in silver that is being discussed on r\wallstreetbets.

If retail investors really want to make the Wall Street billionaires feel some pain, then they need find a way to jack up interest rates just like the bond vigilantes of old.

Robinhood has unsurprisingly joined hands with the Wall Street establishment to CRUSH the short squeeze in $GME. Thankfully this has only made it more obvious to the ordinary person that our "markets" are completely rigged in favor of the well connected elite.

We are witnessing an unprecedented revolt of retail investors against the Wall Street consensus which unwittingly serves to also emphasize just how clownish the entirety of the stock market has become. Bottom line: the GameStonk phenomenon is far from anomalous.

Yep, Trump's not going to get impeached. I expect this will be the last time I will have to address this topic.

Billionaire Leon Black has been exposed as one of Jeffery Epstein's "clients." Black seems to have almost singlehandedly bankrolled Epstein's extravagant lifestyle from the time he got out of jail until his untimely death.

Biden's anti-fossil fuel policies may help him appeal to the young affluent urban left, but it also appears to be significantly hurting him with certain trade unions which endorsed Biden in 2020. Labor unions have traditionally always been part of the Democratic party coalition, however the rise of the de-growth left is slowly pushing them into the arms of the republicans, which could make a major difference in certain states in 2022.


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