The Neocons, Saudis, and Israelis are furious that Trump called off the strike that would've led to a war between the US and Iran. Since then, many measures, including cyber attacks, have been carried out to substitute for the aborted bombing. Can the war party still lure Trump into war?

11 Republican Senators have fled the Oregon State Capitol to deny the democrats quorum and prevent the passage of a new Cap and Trade scheme. The governor has since ordered the state police to hunt down these republicans and return them to the capitol so that the democrats may pass their bill.

Trump put the kibosh on a Pentagon plan to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Trump was interested in approving a proportionate response to Iran's downing of a US drone, but the pentagon's plan would kill 150 people and would represent a dangerous escalation which may lead to war.

Iran has shot down a US drone. It is unclear at this point whether the drone was flying over Iranian airspace or international airspace. The US is claiming the drone was never in Iranian airspace and views this as an act of aggression. Will this be what finally sparks the war John Bolton has desired for so long?

Two news outlets are reporting that the Pentagon is considering conducting a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities as soon as early July. Will this be the first shot of America's new war in the middle east?
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The impact of today's FOMC meeting will likely send a shockwave through the market for better or for worse. Even Powell's very position as Fed chairman is on the line today as the US economy teeters on the brink of recession.

Mike Pompeo this week is sounding increasingly like Colin Powell during the lead up to the Iraq war. Pompeo's campaign to urge the "international community" to condemn Iran suggests that the US is seeking a war with Iran sooner rather than later.

Tweet using #unsuspendelintnews to show your contempt for Twitter's crackdown on those who challenge lies of governments around the world.

Hong Kong Chief Minister Carrie Lam has announced the suspension of the despicable extradition bill which would allow Beijing to throw Hongkongers into the gulag. Leaders of the protest movement however are not satisfied as of yet.

Two key economic indicators, business sentiment and oil demand, are taking a turn for the worse at a time when the US stock market is hovering around all time highs. Business sentiment is the lowest it has been since 2008. It would seem, despite equity prices, that business leaders are anticipating a slowdown in the near future.

Two oil tankers were attacked overnight in the Gulf of Oman, and you'll never guess who's getting blamed! There are multiple parties who may be responsible for these attacks, but surely it will be Iran who takes the blame. But is there any validity to such a claim?

This new extradition bill has the Hong Kongers more riled up than ever! But how long will this continue? Can they actually win against Beijing?

The Conservative Party in the United Kingdom is looking for a new leader. Undoubtedly, Brexit is the issue of our time and how the next leader handles this issue will determine whether the Tories remain one of the two major parties in the UK, or whether they fade into obscurity.

Ever since Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made his big speech signaling a rate cut in the near future, US equities have gone through the roof. With stocks near all time highs however, as a result of Powell's jawboning, what excuse does the Fed have to cut rates?

Philip DeFranco, Milton Friedman, and Lauren Southern. What do they all have in common? They all lead helpless young men down the path of becoming Alt Right or Far Right radicals according to the New York Times. 'Big if true', to borrow a phrase from the twitter journos.

Details are finally starting to emerge regarding the latest rounds of negotiations between the Venezuelan Government and opposition parties. Reportedly, Juan Guaido has refused to continue talks in Norway.

The Media and the Blue checks on twitter are dragging Trump for speaking ill of John McCain. However, McCain was a blood thirst war hawk, in defending him, the media show their true colors as dedicated war propagandists.


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