Russia is moving to fill the vacuum left by the US in Northern Syria after President Trump at long last ordered American forces to withdraw from that hell hole. Russia looks poised to check the Turks' aggression. The media could not be more enraged to see 'Russia in assent and America in retreat' but I say Putin and the Russians are the real losers here. They've just inherited all the problems the US left behind! Maybe Putin will take back Afghanistan too?

I am no supporter of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, however the media has completely blown this story out of proportion. In their effort to make the Turks look as bad as possible, the media is not content simply reporting facts which make Turkey look like a villain, they also feel the need to just make things up.

"Phase one" of the much anticipated US-China trade deal appears to amount to little more than a stalling tactic. Not only did the two sides fail to put any "deal" in writing, the only real agreement between the two sides seems to be to continue talks in the future. This does not even amount to a ceasefire in the trade war, as US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has confirmed that tariff increases are still set to go into effect this December.

Turkey's "Operation Peace Spring" continues as Turkish backed jihadists hunt down and murder every last kurd they can find, even civilians are acceptable targets to these "freedom fighters."

Trade talk optimists were given a shot in the arm on Friday when President Donald Trump announced that he and Chinese VIce Premier Liu He had made substantial progress in trade negotiations and had completed "phase 1" of a larger trade deal. As usual, it seems as though Trump is way overestimating the significance of what has transpired and it doesn't give me much hope that an end to the trade war will come anytime soon.

Iran is claiming that one of its tankers, the "Sabiti," was attacked in the Red Sea and leaked out quit a bit of oil before the leak was eventually stopped. Blame for the attack seems uncertain so far, with various Iranian sources blaming Saudi Arabia, Israel, as well as no one in particular. The story so far to me seems overall suspicious, and we will certainly need a bit more information before drawing any conclusions.

Every country from Israel to Iran has come out to oppose the actions of Turkey in attacking the Kurds in North East Syria. Erdogan, the President of Turkey, is defiant in the face of international pressure, threatening to unleash 3.6 million Arabs on Europe if they label his government's an "occupation."

Turkey has officially begun their assault on the Kurdish controlled region of northeast Syria. The Kurds are now scrambling to find new allies after the US abruptly deserted them. Thankfully for the Kurds, the Assad regime and the Russians appear to be willing to fill the void left by the US. Will this turn into a war between Syria and Turkey for Rojava?

After a rather "difficult" call with Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson apparently feels that there is little chance left for a Brexit deal to be struck between Britain and the EU before October 31. It seems as though the issue of Northern Ireland will never be solved, that is, unless the UK hands Northern Ireland over to the EU.

US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appear to have reached a deal which allows the US to withdraw its troops from the highly volatile and landlocked region of north east Syria. The Turks plan to invade Syria and wipe out the Kurdish-led US Client State there and create a "safe zone".

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Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, decided that banning protesters from wearing masks to conceal their identities will help deter protests. Boy was she wrong! Within minutes, people were in the streets again to show their disapproval, triggering yet another weekend of protests.

The first new round of talks between the USA and North Korea since the peace process was sabotaged by John Bolton have apparently ended on the same day that they began. Echoing their response to the first day of the ill-fated Hanoi summit, the North Koreans again accuse the Americans of being unreasonable and bring nothing to the table.

The Protests in Iraq continue to escalate and its estimated that 100 people have died so far. To make matters worse, today snipers were spotted on the rooftops of Baghdad taking aim at civilians and Iraqi military alike. The government claims these snipers are not their troops, so who are they?

Stocks have sold off sharply this week. While it seems as though this sell off was triggered by an abysmal ISM manufacturing number, the market was actually primed to fall already and the ISM index for this past month only served to confirm existing negative sentiment.

Protesters are out again in Hong Kong. This time its to show their contempt for China's National Day which celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Communist China in 1949. Things have already gotten violent, and one protester/rioter has been shot in the chest. This clearly is no longer a protest movement about an extradition bill.

The Federal Reserve is still struggling to suppress the recent surge in the overnight repo rate. This seems odd to me considering that the banking system is still sitting on a mountain of excess reserves. The only answer I can come up with is that the banks holding excess reserve see the banks in need of overnight funds as too great of a risk at the 2% target rate set by the Fed.

The Houthis held a press conference today where they showed off video of what they claim is their battle in najran and of some of the POWs they captured during the battle. This is obviously a major embarrassment for Saudi Arabia if true, and they have refused to comment on it so far.

The Houthis are claiming they have won a massive victory against Saudi Arabia and have captured "thousands" of enemy troops during a raid inside Saudi Arabia!

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Whistleblower turns out to be a total gossip monger. No first hand account of any wrongdoing. Lots of "sources say", but no real Trump-Ukraine collusion. Ukrainegate is now just as dead as Russiagate.

The Saudis and Houthis have agreed to a limited ceasefire in Yemen that may very well lead to a potential peace. The Saudis seem eager to de-escalate the Yemen war after the recent increase in tensions with Iran.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi house announced the beginning of an official impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump over the new Ukraine-Gate scandal. This however does not appear to be an altogether new scandal, but rather a continuation of the failed Russia-Gate conspiracy theory.

Boris Johnson's hopes of stalling parliamentary efforts to stop Brexit appear to have been a complete failure. The Supreme COurt has ruled his prorogation unlawful and Parliament will be back in session as soon as today! Is all hope lost?

The question as to whether or not there will be a war between the United States and Iran will likely be decided at this week's United Nations General Assembly in New York. Each side is going to make their case to the members of the "international community", and if the US feels there is popular support for retaliation against Iran, they may very well invade soon after.

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32 farmers are dead after the latest US airstrike targeting "terrorists" in Afghanistan. The US claims that these were "undercover ISIS" fighters, which is absolutely ridiculous. Not only did the US massacre 32 people and destroy their families, but now they are dancing on their graves. Despicable.

Protests erupted overnight in multiple cities in Egypt. People could be heard chanting "leave Sisi, leave." With protestors taking over Tahrir Square in Cairo, these events bear an eerie similarity to the Arab Spring protests that brought down Hosni Mubarak. Could Trump's favorite dictator be in trouble?


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