This new "price gouging law" is just Nixon's wage and price controls all over again. Gas will go from being expensive but available to being expensive and unavailable. Invest in a bicycle!

Chud buds, rejoice! One of our own, America's favorite Pharma Bro, is back on the streets! In other news, Elon Musk is voting Republican (very suspicious), and Wall Street appears to have rejected $SPX 4000! The crash continues! It is a day full of good news!

Polls are tight between Dr. Oz and Kathy Barnette, but I am happy to report David McCormick has no chance of winning! Get rekt finance bro!

There is no end to the bloodlust of the American bureaucrat. They can't even wait until the end of this great recession and economic crisis before killing more innocent women and children in Somalia.

Obviously we don't know much about the Buffalo shooter yet, but given the recent, and non-recent history of the FBI and other federal agencies, they have to be top suspects.

The Fed has barely begun hiking interest rates and the 30 year mortgage rate has already doubled from a low of 2.65% in 2021 to 5.3% on average today. As the Fed continues hiking rates, we will be at 6% very soon.

The second highest ranking member of the US House of Representatives has declared definitively that the US is at war with Russia. War between the world's two greatest nuclear powers is a threat to the entire human race. I cannot imagine a worse thing I could hear from the mouth of a top US official. God help us.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve appears to be implying he is willing to significantly hike interest rates from here and knowingly crash the US economy\asset markets in order to bring inflation back down to 2% from its current official rate of 8.3%. This is a blockbuster interview that seems to deny any possibility of a Fed flip flop in the near future. The crash is upon us.

Inflation is red hot, Wall Street is burning itself to the ground, and Baked Alaska is getting railroaded straight to prison!

The Fed's Waller gave a few words of reassurance to Wall Street today, but his words alone will not avert a bear market in the S&P 500 even if he did save 4000 for today. The big question is whether this is the beginning of the next great Fed flip flop or just a flash in the pan.

We're approaching the brink. We may look back on this week in the future and realize that we had already passed the point of no return. America's 40 year bubble could finally be collapsing.

So what is it this time? More Ukrainian propaganda? Or are Russkies really just so evil that they'd blow up a school full of their own people just for fun?

Nick Fuentes' "America First" movement appears to be a cult designed to lure in lost and vulnerable young men, isolate them from normal society, and make them into little more than yes men and pay pigs who serve at the pleasure of Mr. Fuentes.

Western leaders have formed a suicide pact. Rate hikes alone will not cure the cost of living crisis. We need oil. Until our leaders are forced to accept that, our standards of living will continue to plummet and we will never recover from this next great depression.

Now that the shorts have covered, the march towards the next global financial class shall continue post-haste!

Interest rates are up and the stock market's... UP? That's not how the song goes! Don't be fooled by a short covering rally.

So it looks like the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade... If the justices don't change their votes because of the outrage, and Alito's opinion wins majority support, this would be a fantastic victory in the ongoing war against the abortionist death cult. We still however would be a long way from eliminating infanticide in America.

The western elite are purposefully inflicting a great depression onto their own people, and a great famine onto the third world. No level of Putin derangement syndrome will ever change that. Our leaders have chosen to bring this pain upon us and the poorest people in the world, who will suffer more than anyone.

Deplatforming is making us dumber. When people are locked into internet Ghettos with people who agree with them, they get dumber and find new reasons to fight each other which are invariably stupid. Audiences too become segregating and cross pollination becomes non-existent.

The Russians are claiming the upcoming Polish military exercises are a cover for the build up of Polish troops that will at some point invade and conquer western Ukraine. While this is certainly possible, I am highly skeptical at this point.

If the Fed continues down its current path, America will spiral into the greatest depression in its history. If the Fed flip flops however, high inflation will continue and we may very well be officially in a recession anyway. The US economy is weaker and more vulnerable than ever, and there is approximately zero appetite for letting it crash so it may heal.

Poland and Bulgaria have started a movement which has the potential to completely destroy what is left of Europe. America will not bail out Europe. At the end of the day, Europe will go the way of Ukraine if they want to reject Russian energy.

Expanding the war in Ukraine to Transnistria, and therefore Moldova as a whole risks sucking NATO member Romania into the war. That would only serve the interests of Kiev, and not Moscow. Ukraine simps crying "false flag" need t explain why Russia would want this to happen.

Libs in full retreat as Elon promises to restore free speech to Twitter. Despite this however, Elon's statements still have me concerned for the future of free speech on Twitter.

We all knew this day was coming. Nothing was gained through this election, but was anything really lost either?


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