time to meet the urquan

glitches... always glitches

meeting more aliens

getting there slowly but surely

messed up a bit in this episode but its fine

well makin some progress i suppose

and now we turn to the dark side

wow that fight was pretty easy....

Oh my god that was a helluva lot longer than I remember

Well shit I'm a hero after all

and so I failed to unlock the dark eternal champion... surprise

Making some progress

unlocking chin wo and zuni... a bruce lee wanna be and a monkey

Super Defiler is super floor stain huzzah

Ooooooh Thanatos.... clone of Xavier ... fuck Xavier

ok ok so things didn't go exactly as planned

a dog and a green beret

oh no the wicked defiler is gonna destroy the environment... we need captain planet

Hooter and surprisingly the eternal champion

and nothing of value was accomplished

Crispy crispy chicken

ugh still haven't raised Bonk... poor poor bonk

Failed to unlock a character but lots of cinekills this vid

Alas poor Bonk... I knew him Bob, a fellow of infinite smashing

Unlocking secret characters without the codes


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Just a let's player who migrated away from youtube, cuz of their bullshit. I used to tag all my vids nsfw but that apparently disabled comments.