Once more into the dragon's den.

That was a rough fight, I need more like that. Challenging fights help kick my brain into thinking.

Damn I just can't catch a break

90 freakin episodes! 90! Anyway partial success this time around, but close only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades.

well that could have gone better, but I learned something from it so not a total loss.

Honestly I don't like this episode. Mistakes were made, a lot of mistakes. Still the show must go on.

I knew the winning streak was too good to continue, still a great fight.

Damn those apprentices put up a damn good fight.

Just a few battles, nothing major.

Finally some more progress I hope it continues.

Been a while but I haven't forgotten about Pillars of Eternity

Damn I just can't seem to catch a break, I really need to rethink my team.

well damn that could have gone better.

Mini vacation is almost over, just a little bit of clean up left.

Pulling back from the siege of Cragsholdt and doing a little run on Od Nua.

Ok so this video was supposed to go up on youtube, but it didn't. anyway i hope to be back after COPPA is struck down, but for now I'm on a break.


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Just a let's player who is starting to migrate away from youtube. Also I tend to swear a lot while gaming, thats why I tag everything nsfw.