we escape the evil death battleship/tank thing

talk about a ridiculous wmd... cartoonishly evil

Oh Selvaria all is forgiven

Damn if this is chapter 15 i dread the rest of the battles

It's slow going but we are making progress
3rd upload attempt

well at least we aren't dead yet

Why does this map seem a little unfair.

despite the audio issues i think it was a decent enough episode

forward through shot and shell, here we go into the mouth of hell.

talky talky and then back into the battle

2nd upload attempt

Victory finally that map was such a pain in the ass

Well shit things seem to be getting a bit out of hand

as akbar would say "it's a trap.... send phyphor in first"

dude its so nice to have an advantage in a battle

well seems like everything is back to normal.. loss after loss

Victory on that god damn map

Well shit that went..... poorly

Some talky talky and then a run through what i thought would be hell

victory in bruhl, we have retaken a shithole yay

back to bruhl man what a shithole

Well we won the battle... in a cheesy ass way but we won

that could have gone a lot better... look forward to another d rank....

advancing further into death

spreading the fog of war... sort of


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