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I Will Rescue You


A tribute to the millions of people across the world who have helped in the battle of Dark v Light. #HoldTheLine #DigitalSoldiers we are almost there. #EnjoyTheShow , #FightBack and #WWG1WGA.

The peoples President.

Dr Roger Hodkinson addresses the Edmonton Council Chambers regarding the Covid-19 mandates on lockdowns and masks.

Timeline of Joe Biden being bought off by the Communist Chinese.


So you think George Floyd's death and the people involved is 100% legit, huh? Well my friend, it's time to sit back and get deprogrammed from the Media's Matrix. This world is not what you think it is.

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Lawyer explains the results of his research as he plans lawsuits against many of the players responsible for perpetrating the CoV 2 hoax.

David Icke speaks to Dr. Andrew Kaufman about the dangerous levels of false positives on the prc tests and what that means for Operation Moon Shot.

A look into the dark history of the American medical industry and how it was manipulated to cause dis-ease not cure it.

Removed from YouTube.

Created by Spacebusters and Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

This video covers the worldwide pandemic coronavirus hoax that governments, profiteers and the media created to usher in their new world order.

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Ukrainian presser explaining the US involvement in Ukrane and Vice President Biden's involvement.


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