How Dolores Cahill travels internationally without wearing a mask, signing in, quarantining or taking a COVID test...her response is utterly captivating.

-------CRITICAL Information for Business Owners and All Canadians-----
Did you know that in order to make a Declaration of Emergency in any province or territory in Canada, that certain “conditions” must be met first? This would make sense, otherwise, you could have mass pandemonium for nothing. Conditions are like the “safety” feature on a firearm. 100% necessary or else you could kill someone by accident.
However, this did not happen when each province and territory in Canada made their Declarations of Emergency.

In this presentation, "ER" goes over the following:
1. The role of the LG in the Declaration of Emergency and why she is responsible for any harms resulting from the subsequent Covid Measures
2. Declarations of Emergencies: Notice of Liability from 369 Media:
3. An overview of the Covid Measures
4. The Health Protection and Promotion Act of Ontario: how this has now become the supreme law of Canada, overriding the Constitution, Healthcare Consent Act, Emergencies Act, Patients' Rights Act, and the Human Rights Acts and Codes in all provinces.
5. Constitution Act overview
6. Criminal Code violations
7. Hamilton Mask Bylaw overview
8. Torture & Coercion
9. Duties of Enforcement Agencies: Police Services Act, Ontario; RCMP Act; duty to respect and safeguard the inalienable dignity, freedoms and rights of all members of the human family

ER's information document to police on criminal allegations:

ER's website:

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms document outlining the harms done by the Covid Measures:

Article on the harms:

More information on human rights, business rights, informed consent, etc:

Do you want to help?

Get informed, help raise awareness, empower others, and take action that is effective wherever you are.
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Freedom March Toronto Sat Sept 26/2020


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