Horrrrrrible meme from a tossed video recording about the Dakotaz incident, anyways I edited this far into it before I gave up so here you go.

I tossed the garbage Dakotaz video so the full length one will be up in a few hours (the next day)

Canada has always been regarded as among the top 200 countries in the world. Here's why Please check this guy out, his artwork is awesome and I hastily nabbed it without realizing it until I saw the watermark (If you want me to remove it I will)

It'd be really awesome if you guys could subscribe this took like an hour to make hahaha

Funny video combining the whimsical Kylo Ren Swole meme with an SNL sketch pre-swole ben. They didn't know how swole he'd become.

Please subscribe, I need to pay my wife's alimony

Haha funny meme

Another filler shit, had complications switching over video formats so I won't have time to edit it before the day ends.


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