This is my personal take on Religions, Cults, and Cliques. Remember, no one group or organization has the 100% truth. Knowledge is infinite, so it's always good to research everything and learn as much as you can.

Also, beware of Group-Think. Think for yourself and always come to your own opinions based on your own research, evidence, intuition, and experiences.

These are Rants that I recorded secretly while I was at work doing 12 hour shifts, so if I say anything incorrect, please, forgive me, lol.

These are just my personal thoughts about children and relationships.

Good law-abiding people should take the initiative to enrich themselves in knowledge and skills. Simply just being a good person is not enough in this current day and time.

Having pride in your appearance isn't vain or superficial. Mature adults maintain their outward appearance to be presentable.

It's always important to keep an Open Mind!

My personal thoughts about the Mysteries of the Universe.

Leftists see so-called Minorities and Women as Victims and Not as Human Beings.

The Hispanic/Latino population has surpassed the Black population in the United States. This maybe old news for some, but surprisingly most Blacks are still clueless of this fact.


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