There is an online petition to storm the Secret Government Base known as Area 51 on September 20, 2019.

Link To The Facebook Petition:

The Epoch Times News Article:

Trump says he doesn't particularly believe in UFOs:

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories:

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Freestyle and off the top of my head my personal thoughts about the issue of Reparations.

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The Democratic Presidential Candidates were trying to hard to pander to naïve Liberal voters by speaking Spanish and promising "Free Stuff" among other things.

NBC News Video Clip of Beto O'Rourke Shares Economy Thoughts In English And Spanish | NBC News:

Julian Castro on Taxpayer Funded Transexual Abortions: ‘I Believe in Reproductive Justice’


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Researchers made the bizarre discovery while examining hundreds of X-rays of skulls, finding that about a third had bone growths because of Smartphone use.

Link to NBC News Article:


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Mysterious metal anomaly detected beneath the surface of the Moon's South Pole.

The SUN Article:

SecureTeam10 Video:

Scientists Discover Massive Anomaly Under The Surface Of The Moon:

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Creativity is a virtue, it is not a negative quality. Being creative is a positive quality that should be respected and not be looked down upon. The luxuries that we take for granted today such as household appliances all the way up to modern medicine wouldn't exist without the minds of people who thought differently from the herd.

[NOTE: Forgive me for how I talk and sound in this video. I recorded this audio secretly while I was at work.]

References and Sources:

1. Jordan Peterson - The Curse of Creativity [Video] -
2. The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful [Video] -
3. Proof of Real-Life Non-Player Characters [Video] -
4. Don't be an NPC [Video] -

5. NPCs & The Asch Conformity Experiment by Sunu Akkad (a.k.a. David Burt) [Essay] -

5% Nation Doctrine:

1. Five-Percent Nation [Wikipedia] -
2. Who are the 85%, 10% and 5%? [Video] -

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Black Conscious people's view of government is that it owes them a "paycheck", not realizing that when a politician promises them reparations, free college, or free healthcare it's really just shallow rhetoric, no different from a religious preacher saying Jesus will come back to save them or a fantasy eternal afterlife in a fairytale land.

For further reference, please refer to my blog on Word Press titled 'Question “Woke” Rhetoric' - LINK:

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I work nights, so when I get bored I record my thoughts.

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Basic terms to look up for the Normies still trapped in their limited social bubble -

1. MGTOW -

2. Incel -

Note: If you don't know what "Normies" means, that means you are one!

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Some of the wisest people I have ever met have been people from rough upbringings who beat the odds to become good hard working citizens of society.

Also, refer to my Essay/Blog Post on WordPress from May 16, 2017 titled "Responsibility and Values" -


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In this video, I went more into detail about the different generations.

1. The Greatest Generation 1910 - 1924
2. The Silent Generation 1925 - 1945
3. Baby Boomer 1946 - 1964
4. Generation X 1965 - 1979
5. Millennials 1980 - 1994
6. Generation Z 1995 - 2014
7. Generation Alpha 2015 - 2030

Here is the LINK to the Generations Chart I used in my video if you need further study -


The Millennial Generation will be disliked 100x times worse than the Baby Boomers, but there is a good sign that Generation Z will rebel against the current regressive culture of emotional insecurity and sensitivity.

Soph's YouTube Channel -

Buzzfeed Article -

The Generations Chart LINK -

Doomer Boomer Bloomer & Zoomer | Who Are They? -

NPCs & The Asch Conformity Experiment by Sunu Akkad (a.k.a. David Burt) -

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On the April 11, 2019 episode of Radio Free America, Turd Flinging Monkey made an excellent point when he said people on the Right should use the Left's symbols against them.

Here is the LINK to the April 11, 2019 episode of Hasley Live / Radio Free America - Radio Free America (Episode 300): Primate Studies:

LINK to Halsey Live / Radio Free America's YouTube Channel:

Turd Flinging Monkey's YouTube Channel:

Aydin Paladin's YouTube Channel:

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On April 25, 2019, The Satanic Temple announced it had been granted tax exempt status after being formally recognized as a church by the Internal Revenue Service.

I am not a member of the TST, but I do respect some of their views and their right of religious freedom.

The Video Clip used is from the video called The Satanic Temple LA 6.6.16 Pentagram Ritual, Lancaster - LINK:

Article Links:

Main Website of The Satanic Temple:


#TheSatanicTemple #TST #IRS

This is my personal take on the current 2020 Presidential Democratic Candidates. I have a strong feeling that it will be a Circus Clown Show, especially when the debates begin.


Senator Kamala Harris' efforts to appeal to African-American voters always comes off as mostly awkward and cringeworthy.

LINKS to the Videos:

Mood Mix With Senator Kamala Harris -

Senator Kamala Harris Has Her Eyes Set On Wakanda -

Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More - Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM - Feb. 11, 2019 -


Rules, Structure, and Discipline are not the enemies of being openminded. No matter how spiritual you claim to be, you still have to remain grounded in some form of traditionalism for the sake of your mental health.

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In this video, I will be reviewing some videos about some of my favorite philosophers; Ayn Rand, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Friedrich Nietzsche. In the end of the video, I will also briefly go over the Nietzschean concept of "Master Morality vs. Slave Morality".

The Complete Ayn Rand and Mike Wallace 1959 TV Interview:

School Of Life video on Machiavelli, "Machiavelli's Advice For Nice Guys":

Friedrich Nietzsche video:

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Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were against illegal immigration.

Recently, the Free Speech website, known as Gab, has been taken off the internet by the Silicon Valley overlords.

Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico was evacuated by the FBI for unknown reasons.

LINK to Local News Video -

UFO News Article LINK -

CNN News Article LINK -


Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson recently defended President Trump's Space Force on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He tried to explain to Stephen Colbert that the idea of a Space Force is not an unusual idea, and also is in fact an established fact that the Military has always been involved with Space.

Full Interview -

Link to my previous video about Space Force "Why The U.S. Space Force Is A Good Idea" -

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Why do easily offended people get into the Left-Hand Path? It's very strange how the Occult, which some it's core principles are Strength and Independence, has so many emotionally sensitive SJW types in our midst. How did they infiltrate? How can we weed them out?

Author Roosh V's books have recently been banned from Amazon, including his latest book, Game.

Roosh V's main website -

InfoWars article written by Paul Joseph Watson -

Wikipedia link -


Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones a day after he confronted Jack Dorsey in Washington, DC for the Congressional hearing on social media and internet censorship.

NBC News Link:

Alexa Link:

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True Rebels and Revolutionaries never beg for hand-outs and benefits. They create their own way!

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