Fly electrocution device

Destroying an old CRT television set.

The method of destruction was decided to be execution with an air rifle. The model used was an SMK 208, a Chinese clone of a Diana 34, in .22 caliber.

The ammunition used varied in grain weight between 8 and 16.05 grains per slug/bullet and consisted of these types :

1 - H&N SPORT Coppa-Spitzkugel copper coated lead pointed diablo - 16.05 grains
2 - H&N SPORT Prometheus steel 'armour piercing' bullet - 9 grains
3 - REMINGTON Thunderbolt zinc alloy bullet - 10 grains
4 - RANGE RIGHT Exterminator lead bullet - 16 grains

The telly was hit the first two times using the H&N SPORT Prometheus steel 'armour piercing' bullets @ 9 grains, both of these bounced off, the third & fourth where the REMINGTON Thunderbolt zinc alloy bullets @ 10 grains which popped holes straight through the glass. In my opinion, these are the most effective type of air rifle ammo for punching holes through hard things, but they tend to fly off after 30 yards or so and can be a danger when they ricochet.

After those it was 2 of the heavy lead bullets & a mixed bag after that as the glass was, by then, well and truly wrecked, as evidenced in my video.

So, there we have it.

The damage inflicted to an old telly by shooting it with a 12ftp air rifle and four different types of ammunition.

The Festival Game promotional video

An entertaining new board game based on a rock music festival weekend adventure which will be available to buy from the website in November 2018 for the very reasonable price of £50.00

Just in time for Christmas :)

Repairing a scratched camera lens with a dremel using toothpaste, chrome car paint cleaner, lens cleaning fluid/water and cotton bud sticks


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