God damn this fucking game there's rats and they're on glow or some garbage I dunno.
Plus we fight some bosses!

The best friends take the 4th and final plunge deep into Samus Aran. Goddammit.

I'm really good at videogames and Matt is retarded for not remembering the dodge move. Also Streetwise has awful saves.

Babies babies everywhere, and not a single one to kill!

Samus, Matt, Woolie, Adam, Pat, and the BABY! Round 2.

The Best Friends take a trip to Japantown and meet Guy and some ninjas! Then some dumb bullshit happens!

Matt, Pat and Woolie plunge deep into Samus Aran. Wait, no.

The Best Friends continue their journey through metro city, and end up finding an old adversary.

The world of Best Friends Brawl explodes onto the battlefield that is Worms Armageddon! Will Pat ever win one of these epic showdowns!?!?

The Best Friends go see a fortune teller and then run into the greatest elected official of all time.

Best Friends are back without Woolie. He's too busy training to get his ass beat. Anyway, the Best Friends continue to try and find Cody, running into a bunch of bullshit in Little Italy.

The Best Friends continue to fight this fucking piece of shit boss god damnit this boss is fucking stupid garbage.

The Best Friends(and Woolie) continue to fuck up prostitutes, dogs and drug addicts in the worst hotel ever!

Nothing can prepare you for the amount of smashing, cussing and confusion that will ensue when Matt, Pat and Woolie duke it out in the entire Smash Bros franchise!

The Best Friends (and Woolie) fight some cars and ride the subway! Metro City is the worst.

Metro City turns out to be a real hive of scum and villainy as the Best Friends (and Woolie) encounter cockroaches and sleaze kings.

Here we go again! The Best Friends (and Woolie) get stuck in Metro City, will they be able to navigate through the endless hobos and hookers?

The first episode of SUPER BEST FRIENDS BRAWL has been unleashed on the unsuspecting masses! Join Matt, Pat and Woolie as they tear through the gauntlet of local multiplayer gaming! Who will come out on top to be the king of shit mountain?

Will the Best Friends escape Silent Hill? Find out in the conclusion to Silent Hill Downpour!

The Best Friends are nearing the final stretch! But first! Scary license plates and badly framed cutscenes!

Pat fucks up a puzzle, and the Best Friends encounter a new, even LESS scarier enemy type.

The Best Friends continue their journey to freedom, encountering a stupid mirror, tons of files and one unexpected guest!

The Best Friends meet an old friend and fight one of the dumbest boss fights in recent memory!

The Best Friends recover more pieces of the Rhyme, and finally run into something resembling a villain!

The Best Friends continue their journey through a big dumb church looking for little girls, and end up seeing the worst childrens play ever.


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