The durability and longevity of auto window tinting film depends on a variety of factors. Thus, choosing the right product, having it installed correctly by the professionals, caring for the film properly, and avoiding certain environmental conditions will be paramount in ensuring your film performs well and lasts for years without issues.

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Interior vehicle cleaning is when the interior components of a vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and restored. Areas of the interior that receive attention during this process are vinyl, leather, carbon fiber plastics, fabric, natural fibers, and plastics. A complete professional detail gets every nook and cranny, including in and around areas such as the center console, buttons, door jambs, and controls.

Deep cleaning methods are also employed like gas dusting, steam-cleaning, and vacuuming. Professional detailing is a great way to protect your car, schedule your interior detailing today!

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Did you know that failing headlights may put you and others at an increased risk for accidents? There is a solution that is affordable and practical: headlight restoration.

This procedure is much more affordable than total replacement and effectively restores headlights to their original condition. Restoring your headlights can provide many important benefits.

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Consider saving yourself precious time and aggravation by hiring the professionals to complete your car’s window tinting. You can Avoid the Dreaded Bubble, Dirt, Pests, and Debris and Consider the Law governing window tinting.

Taking your car to a reputable company to ensure your car’s windows are tinted to perfection, all the while remaining legal in your state!

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Vinyl wrapping can also be a great choice as it is easily removeable unlike traditional paint jobs. This allows you to change up colors and logos with ease as frequently as you like.

When you choose to add a custom vinyl wrap to your company vehicle, it will be manufactured from a quality vinyl material specifically designed to adhere to your original paint.

The vinyl wrapping company will also take into consideration whether you are having a complete or partial wrap installed, what type of wrap you choose, as well as the specific customized design features you have installed.

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When cleaning your tinted windows for the first time, make sure enough time has passed since application in order for the tint to be properly cured. Always clean your tinted windows with care. Be extremely cautious around the corner edges as to avoid catching the corner of the tint and pulling it loose from the window.

Keep your windows sparkling clean and in great condition, for years to come with these great tips!

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Auto window tinting has continued to gain in popularity as it provides your vehicle with a little extra sophistication. Window tinting offers many practical benefits, such as privacy, heat reduction and protection for your interior.

It is important to thoroughly research factors, such as different brands available, if a warranty is included with the product, the cost of the product, and what kind of quality the product has. Choose the right window tint that fits your needs and wants.

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Headlight restoration is a process in which damaged headlights are repaired using a combination of materials and techniques. The goal of this process is to restore headlights to an optimal condition so that they look like new again.

Headlight restoration is worth every penny. Ensuring your headlights work at peak performance, is an investment in yourself, your family, and others.

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Road salt is very damaging to vehicles that are consistently exposed to its harsh qualities. Here are the best ways to protect your vehicle from damage resulting from exposure to winter conditions.

* Prep for Winter
* Keep Up with Washing
* Don’t Neglect Scratches
* Have Your Vehicle Professionally Detailed

These skilled technicians can prepare your car for winter with a trained eye to ensure every inch of your exterior is properly waxed and sealed before the first snowflake falls!

Call the experts at a reputable detailing company.
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Paintless dent repair could be the perfect option for a pesky dent in your car! Paintless dent repair is a process that removes dents without impacting your paint, eliminating the need for costly repainting and difficult matching of your paint. Call the professionals today to discover if this quick, easy process could save you time and money!
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Installing a clear bra can add much need protection to your car’s exterior, preventing against knicks and other damage that occurs from stones and other road debris repetitively hitting your car.

A clear bra can also offer superior protection against paint damage sustained due to bugs. Protect your bumpers, grill, headlights, hood, fenders, and side mirrors from the long-term damage acidic bug splatters can do.

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Vinyl wrap is a popular option for those wishing to upgrade the exterior appearance of their vehicle as it can be done quickly, is extremely affordable, and is long-lasting.

Vinyl wrap affords so many advantages to its users. In addition to covering a lackluster paint job, it can also be used to fully customize any vehicle.

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Protect yourself and those who ride with you by adding window tint to fight against glare. Not only, is direct sun light full of UV rays that can damage your eyesight over time, it also can impair your ability to drive. Window tinting can absolve this annoying and dangerous problem.

Shield and protect yourself and your car with protective window tinting for your vehicle! Consider if tinting your vehicle’s windows could be the perfect investment for your family’s health and well-being!

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Ceramic Pro is the most advanced car coating system. It’s permanent; it bonds to the paint surface when it cures, forming an extremely durable protective layer. It’s chemical- and water-resistant. It provides your car with a very slick surface that makes it much harder for dirt to attach to, so it will require less rigorous washing, and you will never need to wax it.

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Your “one stop shop” for car cosmetics including: Car Window Tinting, Clear Bra, Vinyl Wrap, Headlight Restoration, Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement, Paintless Dent Repair, Hail Damage Repair, Car Detailing, Interior Car Cleaning, Car Paint Repair and Plasti Dip.

We strive to provide as many services as we can to our customers. “There’s really no comparing our quality work, when it comes to making your car stand out from the rest.”

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How dark can the car window tint be in Colorado? To determine darkness of tint Visible Light Transmission percentage, or VLT% is used. In Colorado, VLT% is the percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window.

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When it comes to keeping your vehicle looking the way it should, there’s no better option than having it detailed at Superior Auto Image, where we take automotive detailing personally.

Here at Superior Auto Image, we offer an unparalleled attention to detail. For our auto detailing service, we use the finest techniques and products to protect your vehicle.

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We are generally considered a "one stop shop" for car cosmetics, including: Car Window Tinting, Clear Bra, Vinyl Wrap, Headlight Restoration, Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement, Paintless Dent Repair, Hail Damage Repair, Car Detailing, Interior Car Cleaning, Car Paint Repair and Plasti Dip.