Toonami will have more original anime soon! Rick and Morty and Ninja Kamui will be coming in either 2023 or 2024 to the block.

Primal has a presumably good night on Toonami. The other shows display great retention as well. Will Yashahime be the show to replace Nagisa n' Pals when that finishes in a few weeks?

I bought a Backyard Baseball team. However, I only had enough money left over to buy the worst players in the league. Do I have what it takes to win in this league?

Toonami has an interesting night led by Nagisa n' Pals. Shenmue shifts to the back as a rerun, and we get Primal reruns next week.

Toonami has a solid ratings week led by the season finale of Shenmue and Nagisa n' Pals. Attack on Titan will also be leaving the top of the block until part 3 of Season 4 comes around.

Featured shows Shenmue and Attack on Titan are leaving the block and will be replaced by...a rerun of Primal. Could this be caused in part by cuts to former Warnermedia channels?

Toonami rebounds with a decent night led by Shenmue and Nagisa n' Pals. Lupin the 3rd Part 6 debuts on the block, as well.

Shenmue falls off a cliff while Nagito n' Pals and Made in Abyss season 1 finale keep things afloat for Toonami.

Lupin the 3rd Part 6 will be replacing Made in Abyss on Toonami starting April 16th after the one hour finale.

Shenmue has an amazing night on Toonami. Attack on Titan (the Neverending Story) has another poor rating.

Adult Swim glitches go crazy with Pibby and Bun Bun in this year's April Fools prank. No new announcements.

Made in Abyss will have its one hour finale air on April 9th. Shenmue has a poor ratings night, and Riko gets attacked by a Resident Evil character.

I sing the Hall and Oates classic "Out of Touch."

Toonami has a great week led by nostalgia and Shenmue. Nagisa n' pals beats Attack on Titan. Ozen is still hot.

FLCL will be back with Grunge and Shoegaze in 2023! Production IG will also be bringing us Housing Complex C, which is set to air later this year. Did Adult Swim deliver on Toonami's anniversary, or did it drop the ball?

Toonami has an kay ratings week led by Shenmue and a fall from Attack on Titan. Made in Abyss and Da Classroom hold decent ratings alongside Naruto.

Ozen is hot. Ozen is hot.

South Park will tackle more Tegridy and Credigree weed in this week's St. Patrick's Day special!

South Park tackles teenagers and airsoft rifles in this week's amazing episode!

Toonami has a bit of a down night led by Shenmue and Attack on Titan. Ozen is hot. Fight me!

South Park talks about teenagers and bruhs in this Wednesday's episode "Help! My Teenager Hates Me!" at 8 PM.

South Park tackles Russia invading the Ukraine alongside nostalgia for the 1980s in this week's great episode!

Toonami has a bit of a low week in ratings led by Shenmue and One Piece. I have a theory about Lyza's plan in Made in Abyss.

Butters will have to beat Russia in horse dancing if he wants Kyiv to stand. On South Park! Wednesday night March 2nd at 8 PM EST.

Toonami has a great ratings week led by Shenmue and Attack on Titan. Made in Abyss is still awesome.

South Park tackles city people moving out to the country. We also move into a hot dog in this return to form episode!


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