Double One Piece and double Naruto after FLCL: Grunge September 16th on Toonami. There will be no immediate replacement for Dr. Stone.

Attack on Titan will air part 1 of its finale on September 9th at 12:30 on Toonami. It will follow the debut of FLCL: Grunge.

FLCL: Grunge will debut on Toonami September 9th. It looks like all your favorite characters from the original will be there. Will the animation be too distracting for viewers?

Toonami is getting a new anime with the director of Adult Swim classics Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Space Dandy. Did David Zaslav save Toonami from the cutting room floor?

FLCL (the original one) will be returning to Toonami this July! This almost guarantees that FLCL Grunge will be airing in late August on Toonami!

Toonami has a weird week with Dr. Stone doing great while the rest of the block lags behind a Food Wars rerun. I also go over some unfortunate news regarding the future of Toonami Ratings videos.

Toonami has a really bad night in terms of ratings. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal drags down the Food Wars finale, and One Piece cries in pain watching the trailer of the live action movie.

Toonami has a poor night likely due to the odd length of the Unicorn: Warriors Eternal episode. I also talk about TLC, short hair Lois Lane, and Max.

Dr. Stone has a rock solid first night back on Toonami along with a good outing from Food Wars.

Toonami will be seeing a familiar face in Dr. Stone on June 3rd. In the meantime, we will get a Memorial Day weekend marathon of Unicorn Warriors Eternal.

Food Wars has a great night due to (likely) good numbers from Unicorn Warriors Eternal. Will Gundam Witch from Mercury be the new show announcement?

Gundam Witch from Mercury is the frontrunner to be the next new show on Toonami, but Bleach's new season, and Attack on Titan may have something to say on the matter.

Toonami will wait three weeks to announce My Hero Academia's replacement on the block. Will it be Gundam or the new season of Bleach.

Food Wars beats My Hero Academia for best ratings on Toonami for the night. What show will replace MHA?

My Hero Academia leads Toonami again while Food Wars dropped its hot pocket on the floor and is crying in the corner.

I rank all the episodes of Season 26 of South Park from worst to best!!!

Toonami has an okay week led by My Hero Academia and Food Wars. I delve into WBD's misleading statements regarding ratings, and I kinda review the new Adult Swim show Royal Crackers.

South Park ends the 26th season with Mr. Garrison clubbin' in Myrtle Beach, and Stan just wants to play Warhammer. Randy hangs out with Andrew Tate, and Mr. Garrison restarts MAGA momentum.

South Park will end its 26th season with "Spring Break." Will Mr. Garrison resist the temptation to run for president in 2024? Will Donald Trump win the mudwrestling match with Ron DeSantiis?

Butters funds Cartman's pet project, a hot dog Casa Bonita, on this week's South Park!

South Park will try to bring back a Colorado staple in this week's episode entitled "DiKimble's Hot Dogs." Will it work or will Butters put his money in Silicon Valley Bank?

Toonami has a somewhat disappointing week with quite a few people tuning out during the double My Hero Academia block.

South Park deals with ChatGPT and girlfriends in this week's episode. Did a boating accident in Switzerland crash this episode?

Food Wars Season 5 will air on Toonami starting Mach 18th at 1 AM. My Hero Academia will also have a double airing at the start of the block.

South Park will tackle ChatGPT and other AI based technology in the episode "Deep Learning" on Comedy Central.


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