We are a team of three, not four, so the fourth will always be left behind, nut this time it was a little mean.

The Cat, Lizzy, Has been getting up close with the camera lately and its been funny. This time she wanted to show off her back end which is not very nice. ENJOY!

This is from so many years ago when we were just starting to stream and didnt have any viewers so we made our own fun. turns out we bothknow the words to a lot of the same songs. Take it away Toni!

Our Cat is really starting to like the camera, so much so that she took a minute to sniff it and see what its all about. Have you followed us yet?

its out third new years streaming and we take a moment to enjoy the trip its been

we dont win often in fact ever so we took this victory and enjoyed it

Lizzy, our fur baby decided to get up close and personal with the web cam. Shes a beauty queen.

I got a little box of chocolate from work and ill be damned at how bad it is.

Lets talk about what it means to be a good friend, how you show support, encourage them, and when its reciprocated the friendship grows. But that didn't happen this time.

It time to find your better half!
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Verbs become people

its just like real life, double eam

sometimes getting words wrong makes things way more funny

there are a lot of thing im good at, this is not one of them

sometimes the giggles just get you

Mom sat in with us for a stream when she was vising. she knows about some of our good friends but wasn't sure about how well the microphone was working

Lets talk about growling up and being one of the cool kids

Our Boi Treeman Sings that classic jam and i added a free flowing music to go with it btw this took forever to do

Sometimes people do mean things to my car.

Lets see how friends help each other.

Every year i do this, some extra way to remember you, show that we miss you, and leave something that we can come back to. While your guitar has moved owners, its still making beautiful sounds, sadly i could never make it sing the way you did but its still making mom smile. Miss you and happy birthday.


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