Out cat, Lizzy, has a bad habbit of stepping on my nuts. Usually it doesnt happen when we are streaming, but this time you all get to be there when it happens.

Lets look back at a time when Rach Joined a Cult and didn't know it, but guess who did...This guy.

We werent having much luck, and somehow Treeman actually pulled off a W. What a champ!

We recently paid with a company called Drink Poggers, Mainly cause the logo is Pepe and you know we love pepe. Its a powered energy drink that is going to be massive competition for that shit Gfuel. One of the reps stopped by our stream to say hi and was greeted with some serious high T energy he was not expecting.

Talking about weekend dates, sad goodbyes, long weeks alone, and Sad Hotdogs.

We used to have a bad habit of mailing Waynecro terrible things, lots of creepy dolls. So lets take a minute to look at some of those items and bless your life. Sorry dood.

The Full conversation revolving a Virtual Wake Treeman attended, Starting him and a lot of relatives he didn't know.

We are making something similar to Pasta Carbonara, that is Pasta with bacon in an egg sauce. When you don't have everything you need on hand you improvise, and that's what we do today! With that said, Lets make some pasta!

This is really just a test of how this new setup works. Turns out it looks kind of good. This is my first go at a Chop Cheese sandwich, I've never had one and didn't know what to make of it. Will make again as well as a lot of other meals! So Stay Tuned for more Cooking!

I got to tell a story about some of the shit you see when you work in a kitchen. Lots of people doing crazy shit all the time.

This is new to me, its basically getting cucked but somehow different. I don't know what's wrong with people but Every day we fall farther from gods light.

Mom was in town and we decided to do a little remodeling and flip some houses. Bathrooms are always so boring so i chose to spice it up a little. and now you get to enjoy that.

We used to sing a lot more and now you get a little bit of those beautiful voice!

Talking about Music you want played at your funeral when one of the songs suggested turns out to tell a really strange story. Its Funky Cold Medina.

We had a good friend stop by for the stream, he was sitting off to the side and moved over when Rach took a call, upon her return she used the other mic to make some music.

Story time! Before bed i get crazy ideas that i see in movie form, this is one that i needed to write down. Lets go over on stream and see how well it translates. Its my crown Jewel.

Rach went on a little rant about the differences between men and women in tattooing, she has her view which is hard not to see once you see it.

After working tirelessly on the task of making an Alex Jones Action Figure, Our Boi Treeman was able to get his call through LIVE on American Journal, and talk to Harrison Smith about the Creation. Its a big day for him and by proxy us! See all Treemans work on and @braintreestudios everywhere!

Its always about the delivery, take the long road and youll be happy you did. Enjoy this set up and punch line. Its delightful.

Lets take a moment to have an impromptu karaoke session. Treeman sings back up for me as we cover the classic Death Cab for cutie song, I will follow you into the dark

We Learn about a movie called as the gods will, which seems to be the inspiraton for Squid Games in some ways. Anyway check it out and then go watch As The Gods Will. Follow Please......

Lets Test the upgrades on this game and really push back on the braindead, prion ridden, red deer. did you hit that like button yet? and if you did dont make the follow button feel bad and hit that one too.

As the mechanics of the game unlock we learn the best way to handle the vaxed zombies

The Braindead vaxed have taken over the bridge and its time to clean it out via bowling.

We finally started dying light, and its funny how much this game holds in common to real life right now. A virus, a cure, a pandemic, zombies, that Cock Sucker Faucci.


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